Newish Wizard needs advice

The last time I played the game was maybe a few hours in 1.0.4 back when it first came out. I realize a lot has changed with the game since then, and it's taking me a lot of time to sift though all the information that's available now. So I was hoping some of the more experienced wizards out there could give me a little advice on what my first steps should be into 1.0.5.

As it stands, I know my current gear is crap and will probably all have to be scrapped. So let's consider this a fresh wizard with about 50 million to spend. Where should I go?

My goals are basically to play archon through low MP levels to get my paragon level up as quickly as possible. What sort of stats should I be aiming for with 50 million and what's generally accepted as the best archon build?


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