so D3 is 6 months now, still like it?

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well im playing this not consistently, sometimes play sometimes not, i feel dont care i feel nothing to lose if not playing it. still not like it

I am just waiting patiently for PVP.
I m not yet gear up and i leave it
I still have fun with it.

11/19/2012 08:12 PMPosted by MagusHenosis
I am just waiting patiently for PVP.

Same here.
Your question assumes people have liked it from the beginning.

Ill try out patches here and there and I have 100m gold to trade for upgrades in a few months when they hit rock bottom price.

Honestly wouldnt care if my character was deleted over night though.
Love it.
Your question assumes people have liked it from the beginning.


if i interpret from the anthusiasm of many people before it release, yes many like it since beta or maybe before beta
For me? Not really.

If I knew this game would be as lousy as it is I probably wouldn't have bought it much less the CE edition.

Still is lack of endgame imo, legendary item system is poorly designed, no pvp, lack of monster density or ambushes, lack of randomization, replayability is horrible, itemization is restricted, build diversity is a joke, no ladder, crafting sucks, lack of exploration.

For me the overall hype and my own imagination on what this would've looked like pretty much destroyed any possibility of this game being good.
same for me, I play on&off and it's not that bad, but if I play for a long period strait, I have a huge feeling of wasting my time :-( since the game is not very rewarding imo
You know that feeling when you play 10 hours in the day and you get 0 good items, notting to sell on the Ah and you've just found cheap gems, tome of secrets and a little gold. It's depressing to put so much time for so little.. lol

Haven't liked it yet. They're still a couple patches worth of overhauls before this game is release ready. Think of it like Final Fantasy XIV's A Realm Reborn.
I forget how long since I played.
I wonder if they banned my account for botting. I keep doing the same nothing over and over real fast.

Guess I'll log in.
I'm enjoying it. I've managed to get all five classes to 60 and now have to decide which one will be my main. Plus there are my hardcore characters.
11/19/2012 09:49 PMPosted by Ziggro
Im loving the game but this dude got it right

Thanks :)

Instead of Blizzard adding more content (which is nice) they should really fix the content that is already there.
Not any more.
Cricital chance/damage is overpower, everyone searches for the same items, leave others to vendor. They need to redesign affixes to make play style variable.
Also, the map is not random, which makes game play repeatable, over and over again. More like a job, not fun.
Plus, item design is poorly, why players pick up only 63's drops, think more blizzard.
I feel sorry for D3 dev team. They made many progresses, but the game is still broken.

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