My friend tried logging into his account..

Technical Support
for me to see his equipment at my place, then the account was locked. He bought it online and now he can't remember his Security Answer, nor does he remembering a key.

How do I go about resolving this? He cannot even login into his battlenet account now, that's the main issue.

This system is put in place to protect you from people trying to log in from other locations. It detects a change in the access pattern (there are several factors including IP) and will lock the account and send an email. To get back in you need to reset your password using your secret question. This is working as intended. The system SHOULD learn your usual login patterns and accommodate them. For example I can log in from home and work and have no issues once it learned my patterns.

Why would it happen?

1. You logged in from a new location (the obvious answer)
2. You are using software that changes your IP. People do this to lower thier ping and latency but it can trigger the lockout system.
3. You are playing somewhere with a very dynamic IP
4. A hacker is trying to get into your account but does not have access to your email/secret question so can't get in.
5. You logged in from a different PC

If you are unable to remember your secret question then you will have to contact Billing and Account Support

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