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In my opinion when I see people on forums cry about other players botting, I can see a few things going wrong. Legit players who play often (Streamers) are now paranoid their accounts may get banned due to them playing many games and doing large gold transactions. Players like athena who stream online and give away daily gold/free uber runs/runs are now more likely to get categorized with the botter due to high activity. Modz was talking about this today on his stream and he sounded paranoid lol so any thoughts about this?

Please reply with your opinions and don't troll like a noob.
high activity is not equal to bots.

bots is less "intelligent" or "random" as a human player.

Furthermore, Blizzard only banned players that is confirmed a bot with hard non-disputable botting evidence.

If this still get the wrong player is ban, they can appeal.
Er wut? Is he playing over 20 hours per day? Many bots are doing that so they're easy to identify.
New thread: people crying about people crying about botting....

Look, if a company makes close to a billion fracking dollars off a cheap game that cost a mere fraction of that to develop cant they be accountable for supporting the game and policing the bots/cheaters/scammers???

Not this bunch of lackluster slackers thats for sure... They figured out how to make digital crack and they are going to milk it for every penny.

I get your point OP, you are saying as per usual acti/blizz will overreact and screw legit players, of course they will, becaues, once again, they are.....

SLACKERS... $$ before customers..
Just for kicks... imagine:
Bot: Farms in-game 20 hours with mediocre equipment. Makes 200k gold and 10-15mill exp per hour. (counting crashes/breaks) [4mill gold per day, 250mill exp per day]
Player: Farms 8-10 hours a day with great gear. Makes 350k gold and 27mill exp per hour. (counting breaks) [3mill gold per day, 245mill exp per day]

Hard to tell apart. I'm not sure how bots work but I imagine this is how they usually do in terms of gold and exp.

Simple solution is to ban accounts who have multiple IP's associated with them and other accounts in similar with same IP's. So botters who are running like 5+ accounts at the same time get banned. This is the best way to ban botters. It shouldn't have to do with how many hours they play. It needs to be dealt with through IP checks and multiple account checks.
11/19/2012 09:04 PMPosted by hampster
Er wut? Is he playing over 20 hours per day? Many bots are doing that so they're easy to identify.

Some players stay logged in-game afk. (While taking breaks/chatting on stream)
the root of the problem is the bot program itself

is there no way/hope of blizzard detecting this proggie running in the background!?

Bots bot most of the day and they also can be programmed to pick up set/legenday/rare...

So bot farms with GF/MF in mp0 inferno or better (not hard at all with some bot millions),makes 200k+++ gold per hour and set/legenday items..

Bots use VPN, like "hide my !@#".. it changes your IP all the time form russia to geneva to etc etc..

Bots own standard players in everything but high MP content which really means nothing.. its about getting beyond the borefest of the low roll rate (IE lottery) for standard players, bots dont have that.. just roll in and check your stash every 24 hours to id the mass of set/legendary you collected..

The real solution is to make good drops come from content bots cant handle, and as i posted in another thread, the playerbase already clammored for "easier inferno" then blizzard responded and did such... oh boy did the bots love this, now instead of a low end bot stuck in hell they can roll right into inferno where the best drops occur based on how much you play (and luck of course but this is overcome by being able to play 24/7)..

Meanwhile, we all know how easy it is to check profiles and see - wow - dude collected 240m gold in 1900 hours since relase and killed 90k elites.. there is just no farking way.. I mean just use some simple math to determine how much one person can stay awake, it is far less than the above numbers suggest..

So the bottom line is that this greedy shat stain of a company is just trying to milk this horrendous game for every penny they can get.

Also, we cant add commas to the AH due to regions... HAHAHAHHAHA!

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