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Witch Doctor
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I am not sure what i am supposed to tell you. you have an awesome gear. I would consider more health. Maybe you can get a better zunimas pox or consider a litany. very nice gear
Zuni Chest is awesome so you might want to upgrade one other Zuni you have(offhand/helm).
and maybe buy a cheap vile ward.

Well, obviously most of your gear has to go...get the 4 pieces of zunimassa (even switch your zuni boots to get a +8% poison damage).

Then, get a manajuma's carving knife with 3% life steal to avoid dying to Reflect damages..
Then, switch your gloves for crit+crit damage (6-7m is generally enough).
Then, switch your off hand for one with 250 average damage (I recommand Ukhapian Serpent for high crit and +mana pool but manajum'as gory fetch or another thing of the deep could be good).

I would try to get a better zuni pox with crit and hellfire ring with crit or as or cd.

I would give you the exact same advice as you gave me but I think you need to get some lacunis prowlers instead of strongarm for the movement speed! (and where is your 4 piece zuni!!!).

Thanks for the advice tho but as for the hellfire ring...believe me, im at my 15th ring and so far it is my best one...loll

For the it costs like 30m! And I would like to switch my weapon first to get one with a socket :S
Well I am planning on getting a pox with CC, what would be after that?

i would go for a nice AR/int Witching Hour over the Blackthorns belt

Nice gear, only upgrade from my minimal experience is adding CC to your neck. Expensive as hell i bet.

For my WD its my only HC toon and i have maybe 2 mil in the bank. Long ranged build.

Shield or mojo, please use a 1h weapon.

Zunimassas set.

Soul harvest instead of horrifiy.

I would try to start upgrading your resists and try to slowly increase you int.

Other than the resists I think you have a pretty good setup for a HC character.

The Tasker and Theo are nice but I think you can find better.
@ocko nice DPS and HP but no LS +LOH and 0 mana regen outside of 1 passive I have no idea how you stay in mana or HP. So I'd say a weapon with LS would be an upgrade.

Wow, very nice WD, like the proc gear. I guess the thing that jumps out is the Hellfire Ring - it's a solid one, but you could use a bit of crit damage and your ring would be an easy spot to get it.
Guy above me looks good..dont know what advice to give..could use some though.
@ mararon I'd say witching hour or getting Crit vision/crit pox but you really need more HP. So maybe more vit before the witching hour.

Also @ morgan (i have 5% crit chance 191 int hellfire, but its really only 1k dps for 5k HP currently and its even less dps if i swap in the topaz) Also I'd probably look into a better marrow (with higher INT/VIT values).
wish to get some advice on gear, currently got 30mil budget which item should i upgrade first?
Well, one that would make ou money rather then spend it, keep farming keys and upgrade your helfire ring till you get one with crit chance/damage. try to work on getting your crit chance/damage and resists up.

Lots of crit damage does little good if you have little chance to crit.

rings ammy helm gaunts gloves can all have crit chance and damage. your primary stat is important in combo with the crits. your weapons the biggest crit + you can get but .. the good crit carving kniveswith sockets are ridiculously expensive. something to hope to drop unless you have like a billion gold to drop.

What you do is look at what other people have done and shoot for some of the items they are using.
I just started WD but I would swap all Vit gems for Int gems resulting in more dps. as I said i only started WD, getting tired of spinning hopelessly on barb....
I just started WD but I would swap all Vit gems for Int gems resulting in more dps. as I said i only started WD, getting tired of spinning hopelessly on barb....

your next upgrade is very obviously the non-pox ring lol.
@Toology: pretty much everything you have is amazing, I would still think the next upgrade would be a Pox with crit chance.

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