Good Inferno Monk Build


Here is the link i prefer Mantra of Conviction For its damage plus since there are defences
for blinding flash i have that certain rune because it give a higher percentage of damage
for a short amount of time =)
I just finished Inferno with this one,, about two weeks ago. From what I can see, you should be fine, as your stats are even higher than mine. What helped for me was the weapon that I have (critical damage was crazy high at times), Seven Sided Strike, and Seize the Initiative. That being said, it wasn't easy, especially Act 4. But in the end, I don't think I died more than 7 or 8 times per Act. Also, find equipment that gives you extra health with orbs.

So just be patient, run away if you have to and can, and don't rush at mobs, especially elites during Act 3 and 4 as you'll be constantly surrounded by them.

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