blizzard needs to make a blog about bots

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and what they are doing to combat them. this should include the following:

1) sales made from bots

2) bots that buy the game again after they are banned

3) how bots manipulate the economy

4) what programs the bots use, their behavior, and how they single out bots from real players

5) further procedures to enforce "no botting" a simple "report spam" is not effective enough

6) implement a captcha system to quell bots

7) flag accounts that have made 500mil+ gold or $500+ from the rmah

8) hire more GMs to actively seek out bots when they are reported

9) disable IPs and/or users from purchasing at least 4 copies of the game

10) listen to the community

bump or "like" this post if you agree. we need a real response from blizz.
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