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Just noticed you got skipped. Don't know what should I say. Just so jealous of your HC WD.
Sheila, not much to say aside from get your damage up. 61.5k health is useless is you're only pushing 30k damage. Good build though. +1
@Death: IAS on gloves, more CC on head, more int on lacuni, 9% IAS belt and completely different pants. Nice LoH though.


6/10. Need an improvement on all your gear all around including gems. I would replace your DD's with Blackthorne Jousting Mail pronto though. Go for 2 sockets and al res. Your survivabiity could use a nice boost :)
Awesome gear all around, I feel your pain on the price of upgrades. :)
@Moniker nice gear, sick dps. i would just say a witching hour with vit same with vile wards 9.5/10 :)

Really nice, i don't like that much the bears build tought.

a little more base DPS on the weapon for upgrade, perphaps?
good job
@Aso 7/10(Though i know you're a main barb)
More armor and vit would help also completing zuni set as well.
@jimbob 7/10 only beacause ur weapon does not have Crit dmg before the socket other than that not too bad
Enchatin 7/10 ...but why the wall?
Rate Plz, Thanks for any comments
@ flawlesspain


Low armor, need to improve a little especially if going for higher MP
Blackthorne pants would be nice for some EHP
Please put a 100% gem in that nice knife

Decent life and good DPS...doing good so far
Still learning so I do not wish to rate the wd above me and show my ignorance. I try to model after gear choices of fellow wd. Finding I. Ant run bears yet with rd mobs. Any comments on build or gear is appreciated.

Excellent WD, Great gear all around with good EHP.

Are you mainly farming lower MP? If not how are you sustaining life at higher MP? (Unless that weapon you're using is just to flex your DPS Epeen)


I dont use life steal or loh unless I go higher than mp8 (I rely on health globes on lower mps). My build is all about killing things fast enough that globes and GI sustain me. When farming mp10 I have an axe - 1025 dps (black), +150 intel, +60% cd, OS. I prefer to challenge of farming without life steal though :)

@Barryboy - Pretty much perfect gear there...there's not much to say. Maybe drop a bit of armor for some more all res (it's more effective at damage reduction). Also that Manajumas is damn nice...you could get a great price for it and upgrade to a black dmg weapon to fully utilise yours boots and ammy. Nothing you do will be a massive upgrade though... 10/10

@Bahkul - Your intel is amazing but your crit chance is lacking. Crit chance is by far the best way of increasing your dps from where you are. You may have to sacrifice some intel along the way. Also, you have a massive bonus to life (57%) but not much vitality (so most of your bonus to life is wasted). If you switched from life% on items to higher vitality rolls you'd get more hp.

No need to review me. I was just responding to a previous post.

Good looking WD you got there, How many attempts are you at for trying to craft a hellfire?
You could really get a nice damage boost with a higher average damage TotD, thought that int roll is insane on that thing!


Good dps, even if I dont really like andy visage, probably is for farming low mp lvl. I would suggest a bit more ar.

Your hf ring is nice :)

@Seugrof 7/10
5/10 for a pvp build I assume
If you are going to bottom out your DPS for survivability I would personally:
Storm shield with 30+block chance and -7 Elite, even better if it has -5/6 Ranged and melee damage. + Helm of the command + justice lantern
Blackthorn surcoat with -elite/-ranged Litany for -7elite.
Consider string of ears(-20 melee damage) Immortal kings irons (-6 melee damage) Prowlers -6melee/-ranged blackthorn cross(-4-5?melee)

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