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@Aralyn 6/10

I would look at increasing your int and armor a bit but not a bad WD 8)
10/10 i love everything that you have and envy badly LOL! I need some help would hope somebody gives some good advice! :)
hello all, was hoping to hear back for my WD.

working on getting pieces for my hellfire ring and just want to keep getting closer to 200k :)

I think you need to focus upgrading your CHC, CHD and IAS without sacrificing much of your base stat, Life, Armor and All Resist. Well I can say this is basic to all class.

It would help if you also upgrade your gems and adding up some LS. :)
I Just hit 60 on my WD today. Not even out of Hell Act 1 LoL. I power leveled on ponies.

I took off my Cain's set so I am half naked.

Should I go Zuni's set?

What skills and passives should I use? I really like playing with my WD.

Can't comment because I can't see all your gear... As for skills/passives, it all depends on what you plan on doing.

Don't be to harsh on my WD when rating... I just recently came back to D3 after quite a long break. Lmao.
01/28/2013 09:02 PMPosted by Arbatrix
Can't comment because I can't see all your gear.

I took off my Cain set right after hitting 60.

01/28/2013 09:02 PMPosted by Arbatrix
As for skills/passives, it all depends on what you plan on doing.

I'm not sure how to build the WD.
@Thermite, you may want to just create a thread with all your questions :)

Seems like a pretty good Skorn doctor, though I'm not very knowledgeable at all about them.
I do think you should probably pick up your Life some more, 32k seems on the low side. Maybe Consider getting a skorn with life steal...but It would probably be insanely expensive to get a LS with that dps and crit damage :S

thx twin will keep your advice in mind. I have used rain dance in the past for bears and really had fun with that, but the cool down is just so high. My mana regen and gruesome feast seems to keep me going just barely right now. I agree with the boots, need better I am looking to do a zum set on chest on and boots I think for the 130+ int. I can also see what you say about the bracers. I may have to give some of my +pots there, thankfully I just picked up some better pants to make up for some of that. thx for the feedback
@GoldenSeraph I may be wrong, but I think some IAS may really help you out you are like me now you have about 1 in 3 crit chance. Increasing your speed of attack will help you get some crits till you can get that up. Maybe a better ring than the "unity" you have with some IAS, +int, and cc to maintain what you have. I wouldn't sweat the vit on that. And the same thing I am hunting for a good the witching hour belt may help you out IMHO. Also if you are worried about losing your LOH on the ring I think you can get better in an amulet you may have to give up that 3%+ fire damage but but if you look you should able to maintain the int and vit, it may be worth it?
Squish, I'm a newer WD, but I'll give you a 4/10
You need more AR & CC as well as some PUR might help
@Rak 9/10 . Really want your helm. are you interested in selling? and im curious to test a skorn like that in pvp.

Any way I just chugged a power thirst and put my wd into CHUCKNORRIS mode!!


selling that helm in this thread (old one was deleted by blizz)


and in jsp http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=66251053&f=153&o=0#p443851610
Very interesting skill setup Rakim. I'd be interested to see it in action.

In terms of gear....you have a very similar setup to mine. I presume you aim for super high dps and rely on health globes rather than life steal (just switching for reflect)? Hit me up if you want to farm high mps.

(Forgot to add rating - 10/10)

I witnessed the exact helm you're wearing sell for $105 last night @ 11:30 EST, were you the buyer, seller, or neither because its duped?
@ Azakiah Yeah I am not uber I know. I am just learning a bunch from this thread. Thx for the feed back, and I will keep that in mind. Man you are crazy uber. Its nice to be able to see peeps gear and what not here. I did not mean to sound an expert, but GoldenSeraph was pleading for help and nobody said nothing so I figured I would give my 2 cents IMHO. I think your rating is fair of me. I am really pretty humbled by a bunch of peeps here. Trying to inch my way up.
I'm pretty new to the WD, but your gear looks pretty awesomesauce to me SquishMonger... especially like the 31k on health globes!
@Jingoism Im not good with the #/10 rating system since im not really even sure where I would fit into that rating. If I had to put a number though Id say 5/10 just because you are using very little WD specific gear that gives bonus mana regen and max mana which is very helpful. It's obvious that you play other classes as well but I would suggest getting armor with sockets and get more crit chance and mana regen however you can do so. try to get att speed somewhere other than that mempo and get a good voodoo mask. Try to get a witching hour that has vit or AR.
@Hemogoblin you have a fairly good start, defensively you have decent armor and high resists but just acceptable hp's.

Your DPS is low cause you are lacking quite a bit of INT yet.

First thing I would ldo is look for find a Mojo with higher average damage higher int if possible and for good measure toss in vitality.

Your mojos average damage and int is a major source of damage, and it's vitality can be a major source of your HP's.
Use a DPS calculater as you search to see how much gain you get just from changing average damage.

On your rings ammy and gloves start searching for more crit damage & higher int to go with your chance, that is going to boost your dps bunches.

7/10 you are not doing bad but you have lots of places you can improve.
Thx for the input :). I totally overlooked vit on mojo. Int is an expensive upgrade and I am always on the lookout for a place to get more.
My gear is budget, so I'm sure I need a hundred upgrades. What about my build? Is it hilariously awful enough?

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