Rate my WD

Witch Doctor
Help me improve my WD. (items & Skills)

You need a socketed weapon

A bunch more crit chance and damage

And all new gear

How much money do you have to work with?
Here are some suggestions I could give:
Zunimassa's Armor boots and ring (whatever you can afford)
Vile Ward
Manajuma's knife with a socket (it helps damage a lot and I am selling one on the AH)
Manajuma's gory fetch with critical hit
Zunimasa's vision with Critical hit.
Belt Tal Rasha or Witching hour

If you have any questions feel free to add me as a friend and I can try to help you out.

If anyone has any suggestions for me I'd greatly appreciate them
@OverlordEvan, thanks for helping, what about my skills, what you reccomend?
This is all my opinion:
Left Mouse: Firebomb for large packs (either flash fire or ghost bomb), or corpse spiders (jumping or blazing spiders) if you want to focus on one enemy. A lot of people use Rain of toads because you can shoot it over walls so you can use barriers for protections.

Right Mouse: This is where you want a skill that uses mana. My favorite are acid cloud (lob blob bomb or acid rain) if you want to attack from a distance or Zombie bears because it deals the most damage but you need to close to the monsters.

1: Zombie dogs either Burning or the poison one. If you don't feel like you need the added buffer of dogs then use grasp of the dead to slow down your enemies/ deal damage.

2. Soul Harvest: this is a must because it increases your damage a ton. I like to use vengeful spirit because it deals damage. Some people like the one that returns life if they die a lot or the one that returns mana if they are low on mana

3. Spirit Walk: This is another must. Click on spirit walk run into a pack of bad guys drop a soul harvest vengeful spirit then get out of there to attack from a safe distance. I either use jaunt or the one that heals you

4. Gargantuan, some people like bruiser, if you have things that increase your poison damage go with the poison one. I personally like restless giant.

Passives: pierce the viel for damage and jungle fortitude are my two favorite then the third varies. vision quest if you need mana, spirit walk if you have trouble staying alive, gruesome feast if you are killing things quickly at a low mp.

Try these out and see which ones you like the best.

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