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@Lethal: not sure I'd be comfortable with that hp, even in SC. In HC you need 3x that ...
12/06/2012 03:05 PMPosted by Lethal
@ley better hellfire ring?

I only use that ring for lvlin on mp1, I don't really care about it, my other ring I use for higher MPs is much better.

You could get a chatodos will with an open socket, a chantodos force with APoC, better hellfire ring, Boots with AR..Better bracers maybe with AR, vit, higher cc..similar gauntlets with IAS, similar amulet with LoH...

Plenty of options for upgrades.
Blackthorn Pants for LOH, then switch Storm Crow to Mempo for more DPS and IAS.
IMO I think you need rings with LOH and then a witching hour or Lacunis with ar.
new vw
IMO I think you need rings with LOH and then a witching hour or Lacunis with ar.

More or less my thoguts as well. Thank you for the confirmation.
"@ awesomo. Zuni pox 500 mill mempo 300-500 mill or a slotted version of your fury with life steal 700-1bill. :-)
@JellzRoc chantodo's will with higer dps

um. Int / Vit on that Trifecta Ring.

GG wiz tho

A nice storm crow would help you out.
Looking for a helm similar to mine but with open socket and 5-6% CC actually
@wasslainby your bracers are leagues below your other gear. whatsupwiththat
@ scottw maybe you should reconsider changing ur weapon and source to further boost ur damage ?

i have an EF that adds alot of damage at the cost of attack speed, which sorta breaks my build down. still use it for low mp archon farming though. gets me up to 150k dps. I would really like an open socket chanto wand, but they 'spensive. Nice EF/triumvirate you have there. your pants have pretty sizeable stats, but they seem bland. I advise more flare in the pants department
@Reflection you should get better vile wards. Insteead of Vit you should get one with +10% life and more int, it will probably do way more than 30 vit.

EDIT: In case you can't see my D3 profile

I'm sorry cindercoat is what you are wearing. I hate them so much. close to a nice piece of armor... but not quite. if only thorns was viable..
@ Scottw

I think your next upgrade is new boots. high int, vit, MS boots with 60+AR.

I'm looking for more help. I just geared up my CM wiz about 3 days ago, trying to get her doing 100k+ DPS. She can tank in MP10, just not really ... kill ... anything at any reasonable rates.

Your left ring followed by your belt to witching hour and bracers to lacuni and chest to tals for ias breakpoints

2.74 is important. Also remember sheet dps doesn't mean anything until your running full sns. With a is chants you need to put ias in all but 2 slots.... And all but one of those must be 9 ias. Most cms try to add sheet dps instead of more ehp so they can run full sns.... This is a common mistake.
Hi Reaver. Firstly, my Wiz is my 3rd alt. I don't think I'll be investing in a WH for this toon before I do one for my main (DH).

Can you explain why 2.74 is so important? Also, what is full sns??

excuse my noobishness. I haven't really been playing this wiz long.
tick rates for the tornadoes (due to rounding) get a disproportional "jump" at 2.73aps. aiming for that aps gives you a little more bang for your buck. instead of prismatic you should run pinpoint since your chance to crit is low still. also, consider the rune for FN that boots crit chance when you ice 5 or more enemies. Replace a ring with a hellfire too. and maybe find some more life on hit on jewelry

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