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@thunder try and get a 350+ dmg offhand some only cost a few mils
also prioritize crit dmg and crit chance over attack speed
I'm just getting back into D3.
Can you guys help me in my next items?
Any 1 handed wand with higher dps, intelligence, crit dmg, for 1million-2billlion

I think you need more AR. Lots of life but low mitigation isn't efficient.

Whoever rates me, please don't mention weapon since I use my barb's LS sword when I run my wiz.

Love the build. I'm not sure if it's worth the price to bump up a few IAS stat points.

Whoever rates me, I know, my gems suck. I'm crafting as fast as they drop.
@Hoff you need a big time CC boost, i'd say nats ring and boots are your best upgrades right now for the extra 7%cc set bonus.
@couchy I would look for a new Chantodo's Will with a socket or has CD on it to improve your damage

guessing you are an archon wiz, I'd be looking to get new gloves, pants or helm. Gloves have a nice Int roll but not much else, should look for trifecta with some CD/IAS or two of the three with AR. You can definitely drop the LOH and pick up some cheap innas or even a good pair of yellow AR/Int/Vit/Socket.

You need some more AR in there and possibly look to utilize your nice black damage weapon with a Trium and/or TR ammy
@Blazers--I'd suggest dumping the ammy, ring, pants (in exchange for innas) boots and armor in favor of 3 items from zunimassas (armor, boots and ring).

I most likely will upgrade to a better sun keeper first, then once my paragon is high enough I will invest in a black weapon and triumvirate. Actually, an echoing fury like the one you have.

Just looking at your profile, Raf, I'd have to say 17 is pretty low paragon. Assuming you care about mf on your gear (I notice you're currently wearing depth diggers), I would highly recommend getting some sort of helm with a socket and putting a radiant star ruby in it, and then farming the keep depths as much as possible, so you won't need all the magic find gear once you get up to paragon 30-40.
I still don't know enough about this class to venture a guess for you Balth. Black weapon, LS EF, OS wand? I dont even know the acronyms lol

Suggestions are appreciated on my gear however :)
Boogey I'd upgrade your tals chest. All resist/armor high vit high int
Thanks Phoenix!

Now what the hell do those acronyms mean!
@ phoenix

Your next cheapest upgrade is probably an amulet. Basically better stats with life on hit.
12/09/2012 02:46 PMPosted by Balthazar
@Blazers--I'd suggest dumping the ammy, ring, pants (in exchange for innas) boots and armor in favor of 3 items from zunimassas (armor, boots and ring).

Guess you haven't heard of the CM/WW build eh?
@Blazer I also recommend you drop your silly green wand and source for a black weap and a trium.

Also all your skills are messed up. There's a few good build guides floating around


2.92 aps is a tough place to be... 1 more ias on mempo, lacuni, cross gets you above 3.01 i believe.

Anyways I think your right ring could use some work. 200 more LoH won't make that much of an impact with 1k+ already. Maybe get AR or phys dmg or cd instead

I'm gonna go with a higher avg dmg source. That is likely going to be my next upgrade, with apoc ofc.
Just looking for a little help from the community. Let me know what you think and where I can improve the most. Really Struggling with A3 inferno

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