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9/10 get a CC mempo (no small feat I know) and you are there.

Could use some advice on my barb as he's only a couple weeks old. Any inexpensive upgrade advice is welcome!
No need to even bother to rate mine, my dps owns all of you chumps.
12/03/2012 02:21 PMPosted by silverfire
No need to even bother to rate mine, my dps owns all of you chumps.

very nice. the skorn must be the biggest help.
12/03/2012 02:57 PMPosted by KingBenjamin
No need to even bother to rate mine, my dps owns all of you chumps.

very nice. the skorn must be the biggest help.

nice IK set, might want to swap out rings
On a serious note, the next purchase I make will probably be a strength/ias Litany. It's not the best for DPS, but the elite damage reduction and AR are really appealing to me. I think my biggest weakness is just an overall lack of strength in all of my gear, so I'm probably going to prioritize just getting better rolled helm/chest/pants/boots even before trying to add CD, as at the moment it'd be cheaper for me and most effective. As I'm sure you all know, it used to be pretty hard to get high rolls of the good stuff even a few weeks ago...not that it's inexpensive by any means even today by my standards.

@Shadrak, your hf ring is probably the most obvious weakness. I also feel like you could get better rolled lacunis (with str, vit, ar or possibly a combo of the 2) if you sacrifice a little bit of CC on them, and get a better rolled hf or a rare to replace it. Your weapons are really solid, as is most of your other gear.

@Oboetoke you'd know far better than me with all that nicely dps-oriented gear, but I'd still think your low level of AR would be a liability in higher MP's? At the least more would give you more build flexibility.

8/10 decent gear would upgrade lacuni, boots, shoulders, and ring
@Reasoning get a mace for mainhand so you can get 10% more CC from weapons master. You aren't going to be generating enough fury with only 34% CC
Mighty wep with wep master gives fury gen equivalent to 20% extra CC.

I like the dps but your EHP and sustain are real low so you are forced to use Bloodthirst passive.

Good for farming low MP quickly but if that's your goal you should definitely get 24 MS.

12/03/2012 03:59 PMPosted by xen0n
@Reasoning get a mace for mainhand so you can get 10% more CC from weapons master. You aren't going to be generating enough fury with only 34% CC

Believe it or not, or a mighty weapon is better for generating fury alongside weapons master than a mace/axe. The downside is lower paper dps, but it's superior for speed farming/keeping wotb up.

Solid build...very nice EF....I'm guessing your high armor is offsetting your all res? Does the damage mitigation feel about the same?
silverfire how much was that Skorn?

to future poster below- skip me =)
250m, probably overpaid slightly, but I've grown to become pretty impatient with the ah after sitting through sniping and bidding for so many months now.
@Aracknid I don't know what your definition of low MP is but I can easily solo MP8-9. I choose not to over pay for LS on weapons because I can just use a belt + passive. Sure if I had billions of gold I'd definitely get it on a weapon but until then I'm going to use the passive. Also, what is sustain?
Ye LS weapons have been at a real premium since the proc coefficient nerf of RltW, especially on EFs. Sustain is LS/LoH/healing from skills.

I'd be curious to see how easily you solo MP8-9. Not saying I don't believe you but looking at your stats I could think of a lot of elite pack combos that would repeatedly insta kill you.

Health Link or RD can be big problems when you go with the high dps/low defense/mid LS approach, when Health Link/RD are combined on a high enough MP they can be nigh unkillable especially when combined with things like fire chains/molten/electrified.
@xen0n sustain is the ability to stay in a fight while constantly being hit and living throughout the whole fight life stealing/loh. Molten+Arcane+Poison while Succubus is hitting you is a good situation
I don't think xen0n would get insta-killed but anything past MP6 looks like it'd be pretty uncomfy in that gear. Better question is, how often do you need health pots. If the answer is any higher than 0, it means you're not regenerating health quickly enough for the MP. If you're fighting with a lot of care and popping pots a lot then high MP's would be doable, but certainly not comfortable.
@Arack You may be judging my survivability based off the WW spec in my profile but I never solo WW on mp8 or 9 because the only time I play on MP8-9 is ubers or key farming and then I use HoTA because it kills faster. I can solo SB in MP9 pretty easily with SB but if zolton throws the rocks one me or w.e and then SB hits me I'm basically !@#$ed. I wouldn't say my 6% is mid LS because most of the other classes are only allowed 3-6% LS. How ever I will work on my EHP once I get some more gold.
@Silver on MP9 with HoTA I never die and never need to use potions. Even in arcane and desecrator huge skeleton packs in warriors rest for example.

D3rawr says my EHP is higher than Diablo Progress does. Which one is correct? http://min.us/lskhFmzgHY4lH
Also, if I need higher EHP, what should I get first to do that.
Well yea if you weren't a barb 6 LS wouldn't be mid, but you are so it is.

EHP is actually a much bigger deal with HotA builds since you are standing still much more often, though most HotA setups use Rend-Bloodlust so that is diminished somewhat, less so with DW.

Get some vit on that belt and if you can, a better IK chest.

TY Affinity =)

Still learning how to gear a Barb properly. I realize some pieces are not ideal. Any help is appreciated!

^Arack, that Skorn is gooooood.

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