MP 10 WW BARB (giving help/advice today)

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any tips???

I want your offhand :P

Hmm.. You actually counter balance your nat boot's and inna pant's LOW EHP with a pretty nice bracer there instead of standard lacuni. Not bad.

Echo doesn't make a good main hand due to fear proc. You might want to consider swapping a LS main hand like me?

Anyway, get some CD for ammy instead of the huge LOH there. You don't need that at all. Priorities Average damage, 130str+, 70CD+, 7cc for ammy at least. Anything more is a bonus.
I could use some advice on upgrades.. Not sure which piece to do next..
Can I know which piece of gear should I upgrade nex for my barb? Currently I can do mp5 perma wotb. Looking to up my damage but only have 7mfor now.


I need some advice with gear, im not sure what direction to go at the moment, so far I have pretty much just winged it to this point.

Im stuck around 96k damage at the moment.

Hey man,

Well you got ton of hp so that means you have a lot of room to work around.

-bump MS by 12%
-All else looks keep upgrading in the same balanced way you have.

Now, for dps...

-bring your AS pass 2.00%

I quick fix to your AS/DPS is upgrading to an Echo Fury...I can see about 10-20k dps boost happening. Echo stats combos to look for,


Keep in mind that higer dps on main hand is going to help you a lot on your WW/nados. So given your budget browes the Ah with different combos of those stats and find the one that maximizes your dps for your budget.

Last, there are several different options for MS but i will just point Tyraels option out. Just because they are a great option if you don't want to go Lacunis or Inna's pants route.

edit: ur oh is solid. higher dps would be nice but keep that one for a while for now.
I seems to be having problems dealing with molten mobs (esp of they have high ms). The fire dmg is crazy pain.
Mass mobs are fine but when its like single mob or mobs that have high ms, i cant seems to sustain the WOTB.

anyway is there a ideal benchmark for hp , ll/LOH ?

oh was thinking of trying out skorn ? any advice on that ?

would be useful to know my next upgrade too !
thanks in advance
Hey guys thanks for taking the time to answer these. Anyways, I have just come back to this game after a long break and am getting back into my barb. I have about 50mil currently and am trying to get the best bang for my buck when it comes to DPS upgrades and also EHP. I know my pants need replacing but any other tips? Thanks fellas.
Thanks King for the help, I very much appreciate it.

Take care.

One last thing, Should the EF go on my main hand?

12/04/2012 12:27 PMPosted by GetItIn
I've been stuck on what to do with my barb for a while now. Building my dps while trying to keep my vit at a reasonable level has proven to be pretty difficult (and expensive) I'd really appreciate any insight as to what I should upgrade next or certain things I can tweak. Thanks!

Not to bad man...

Yeah your Hp is a bit low...however not horrible. If you can add 5k more you will be set. anymore and just would be nice.

Overall you have build a rounded barb besides the hp. So when you upgrade make sure you keep things as balanced as you have.


-Top priority...your ammy. gather all your resources and upgrade it. Get something like this,

Str can vary
CC above 7.5
CD above 55

On these stats you have to find best fit for budget,

Avrg dmg, 20-50, 30-60
AS, no less than 6%

and if you can find one with,


Priority as must have on ammy are first set of stats. the second set you should have at least one. the third set of stats is a "buy it now" if you find it with all the other stats and can afford it.

Second upgrade would be your IK glove to have either CD or AS.

Third is your MH. just make sure it has base CD of above 50%. current one is nice but when you get around it don't ditch the CD.

Echo is good. but there is a lot of room for improvement as far as dps goes. Instead of Dex get CD, AS, or LS, Vit. go lower on dps if you have to...but any of those stats will benefit you a lot.

Start with ammy first.
Thanks King for the help, I very much appreciate it.

Take care.

One last thing, Should the EF go on my main hand?

all depends what you end up using along side with the Echo.

Meaning, whichever weapon (assuming the other is axe/mace, if sword or dagger, Echo def on MH) has the better Weapon Range. i.e., 600-900 example.

thanks bud
Any tips on my build?

My buddy and I just started rolling a WW barb and we did MP5 alright. We still have problems with certain elites when they have poison and molten together.

We are currently trying to farm some better hellfire rings but it is tough on MP6 ubers for us.

We have the exact same build so if you can give me some tips on where we are going wrong...Tht would be great.

I still have about 300mil in the piggy bank for upgrades and possibly more if I sell my own items for upgrades.

Hi KingBenjamin,

Been following this thread, I say you are definitely giving good insights and very proper way. Just one quick question for now, how do I know if my Barb last swing is offhand (I am having mace for MH and dagger for OH) thus I would like to have the APS for offhand for my tornado.
@Ckay, hold shift and swing with bash/frenzy etc once with your details tab open... you'll see your APS change (only thing that does)

I was thinking about starting a thread for advice so perfect timing that I saw yours and just posting here instead. So I recently sold my first 100m item, close to 90m gold right now and have never had more than 15m prior to this. What gear should I buy?

Last night I was considering getting an IK chest armor and belt for around 40m each but might price them for a few days to get the best stats. I don't think buying several lower priced items will help me and I'd rather not waste all my gold on 1 item.. but 2 is fine.

I know talking about upgrading is the easy part. When it gets to actually spending gold is the hard part.

The upside is that you got gold to play around with so lets see where you could best use it.

In general your set up is balanced. The only stat that you really exceed on is your CC so that is good because once you upgrade other stats that CC is going to really shyne. Also, you already got 24% MS very nice.

-Get your AS above 2.00%
-Get about 150% more CD

Your EHP is solid. keep it as is as you upgrade.

One flaw i LS. You do have very nice Loh but get at least one stat of LS. This will come in great benefit as you start bumping your dps...but already would benefit at current dps level.

So where to spend your gold?...Most def i would recommend completing the IK set as you mentioned. The belt is going to gaurantee a LS stat. I'll recommend what i would look for on IK glove, chest, and belt.

Str above 150 or above 99 if sacrificing for better AS or CD
AS or CD

Str 150 min
Vit above 100

Str above 199
Vit is nice but will cost a lot just to have it there. get phy rest, fire rest, poison rest, or Dex.
All bonus stats try to max out
Fury 15
LS 3%
skill stat 14%

This IK set will be one of the biggest step up upgrade you can make for your gold.

Last, your MH is missing base CD....get one with it next time you get around it.
Hi KingBenjamin,

I've recently spent some cash upgrading my gear and I've seem to hit a wall, can you help me out? I don't think my profile has updated since my most recent gear purchases. Anyway. Please, take a look and let me know where I can improve. (I did buy an Echoing Fury, though I'm not sure I got a great one... :( )
Thanks in advance.

Would love for you to see what my weakest pieces are. Also, what items you think I should swap out for others.
Thanks in advance!

Your weakness (more of a deficiency) is low AS and CD.

All else looks good just try to get that extra 12% MS.

So how you fix that AS/CD problem....

Famous Echo Fury. The best bang for your gold. Get with it,

OS - must

Vit or LS if high enough dps (will cost more though but just look and compare prices)

try a combo of those while keeping dps as high as you can assuming it's going to go on you MH...if not then lower dps for better stats is best choice if using it on OH.

On second weapon, just make sure it has base CD preferrably above 55%, the higher the better. And also fit in LS. Other stats that would be good to have are Str, Vit, and AS.

So get the Echo first, then on second weapon complement what you left out from Echo.
Why is an Echoing Fury without CD and without LS so good? Everyone uses them and I'm not sure why you wouldn't use something else with said affixes.

Also, my barb is using alternate gear/skills atm so nothing to see... :)

Echo has the Attc speed affix. this affix helps both hands. thus it's a huge AS boost on both hands.

With high enough dps CD becomes less necessary on Echo all because of the Attc speed affix. however, if you have deep pockets having CD on a high dps Echo is just "Glorious".

LS on echo means you are neglecting possible dps...that's why you don't see many barbs choosing those, but not a bad choice if it works.
Former SnB barb trying to switch to WW on a 3m budget (well, will be around 3m I think once I get my old gear sold). Would appreciate any specific advice on gearing (reading through your posts here has already been very helpful! Thanks!) and any recommendations on videos/guides to look at on maximizing your efficiency in playing a WW barb. Switching from being a tank to a WW barb has been challenging, I find I'm making a lot of mistakes in fury generation and using the skills I've read about.
Was up everyone! so far it's been going good...takes a while to get through my reviews but i'm taking my time on each.

I'll keep browsing for "specific" questions after each review so you don't have to wait a long time for a response.

for now i'm off to hunt for food.


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