Nightmarish bug - trigers every time

Bug Report

this is a highly and easily repeatable bug. When you encounter a nightmarish elite and it causes nightmarish effect on your hero and if at that second your hero has nowhere to run away to, you do no damage whatsoever even after the effect has worn off. You have to move away a bit before you can start doing damage again.

This isn't a problem for no other class, except monks of course. Barbs spin, others are ranged, monks are the ones that have to stand still and hold ground. I've died numerous times due to this and I now practically have to use TR because of it, since sometimes you're blocked off and CAN'T move, even if you want to, which means no mitigation, no damage, hence death.

Could you guys look into it?
I'm not sure about the latter assumption of your claim - that it triggers if you have nowhere to run (although it is plausible). I have noticed this too, nightmarish is buggy, and it will leave your character seemingly attacking mobs, when it actually does not. I also suspect that this is how the dashing strike 'stuck bug' happens, although, I have not tested it.

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