High mp level monk build/gear?

I'm building a monk and need advice on how to gear for high lvls. I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate any and all advice! I'm assuming echoing fury is bis for a monk?
Being able to dual wield, do you want life steal on both weaps or is 3%ls sufficient?

Does everyone go owe and if you do, which single res is best?

Is the inna set bonus worth the loss of dps vs a mempo for the sweeping wind build?

What build is best for high mps?
the answers to all of your questions depend on your budget.
I'll answer them with the assumption you're poor and want the most cost-efficient setup.

Yes echoing fury is bis.
Most top monks advocate 3%ls and 500 loh
Yes everyone goes OWE (the 99% that is). Cold/poison/arcane/lightning are the cheapest ones.
Innas isnt worth the loss of dps, go 2piece + mempo + witching hour
anything involving fot-thunderclap and sw-cyclone
Lets say there is a high budget. Would the build change much or would your points remain the same?
high budget:

rare weapon is bis
3% ls is enough
dont need OWE
Innas for paragon farming, mempo/witching for ubers
same build
If you have a high budget, Wittsters gear advice is still valid, but you'll be able to afford high CC% Mempo, high stat and resist witching hour, etc....
Alright, thanks a lot for the advice. It helps a lot!
btw, by low budget i mean ~1b and by high budget i mean 20b+
so yeah, ignore my high budget tips :)
btw, by low budget i mean ~1b and by high budget i mean 20b+
so yeah, ignore my high budget tips :)

lol... wow =*(
EF is best in slot not rare weapons but I like Wkl it one of our top weapons also
Why do most monks not get lacunis? I know you get move speed from innas pants but wouldn't a cc all res lacuni still be better than a rare? There is no cutoff for attack speed right?
Even the high lvl monks on diablo progress do not use lacunis. Is there a reason for not wanting a lot of ias?
I can do any mp in the game 205k unbuffed Lacunis is not good for monk ms pointless attack speed meh better to have on gloves and helm
Lacunis are difficult to find with good dex, vit and resists. The good ones that have those three stats tend to be a few billion and its quite a bit cheaper to get a nice bracer with 150dex/150vit, dual resists and CC.

A rare weapon can also be BIS, all depends on the roll. The top DPS guys love EF for the bonus to AS on their off hand weapon.
Reflect elites on MP 10 are a nuisance for most players. Without good sustain, they will be challenging to defeat with zero deaths. If they are an issue, separate them and take them out one by one.
Rare weapons > EF
^^. The fear is SO annoying. High dmg Butchers Sickle > imo

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