Workarounds for Next Gen "Cloud' Gaming

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So I was just reading a few rumours about the next generation of consoles and there seems to be a consensus, or as much of one as can exist regarding rumours, that the games will run a la` Steam to kill of second hand game sales. (Crazy because the reason people trade in games is to buy new ones) Essentially meaning your games are tied to your account.

What are some workarounds to this? Have any been developed yet? Off the top of my head I would think simply a separate account for each game would suffice for people will a reasonably small number of games. IE for Diablo my account would be MifkinD3 and for Portal 2 my account name would be MifkinP2 etc etc.
Assuming next generation consoles are based on this method of games delivery of downloading direct to your console, just like the game we are playing now, what would your opinions be?

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