stats needed to do mp10 ubers for SNS

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union membership closed, second post has some guys who are capable of doin ubers and carryin others while they r doing it

Union Member Requirements
700-1000 loh depends on ur mitigation

350k+ ehp (500k ideally)/750 allres/50+ cc in the following flavors :
(please don't use dprog as it uses dodge and has a different calc system, i would suggest or as ones ive used)

* 3.0+ aps /120-150k dps
* 2.74 aps /150k-220k dps
* 2.5 aps /250k+ dps

APoC requirements @ 2.73 aps

20APoC - 50%cc
19APoC - 52%cc
18APoC - 55%cc
17APoC - 59%cc
16APoC - 63%cc

-1 to apoc requirement if at 3.0 aps, e.g. 19apoc at 50cc and 3.0aps

-50kdps requirement if u can run shocknado and/or sns in mp10

If u need to know what an mp10 wiz capable of doing dps while locking down ubers please take a look at the next post
the atk spd breakpoint of each wizard can be found after that wizards bnet tag in the brackets

Disclaimer: wizards running shocknado do 6x their sheet dps
wizards running SNS (shocknado shards) do 8x their sheet dps
wizards running pinpoint shards do 4-5x time their sheet dps

it is no longer possible for wizards to prevent seigebreaker from pickin up someone in front of him
my recommendation is that u give carry a shield so that he stays alive whiles hes hanging out with seige
EST members
Hales #1991 (2.73)
SteelPhantom#1820 (2.73)
BDF #1838 (2.73 or 3.0 depends on gear choices)
lameboi#1117 (may not have have cm gear anymore)
Loroese #1415 (2.73)
VenusDoom#1720 (3.0)
Blazers#1185 (2.73 and 3.01)
yodatoy#1838 (2.73)
bburgguy1226 #1971 (2.73)
JellzRoc#1514 (2.73)
TekkZero #1963 (2.73 or 3.0)
Vikesfan353 #1980 (2.73)
V1powered #1919 (3.0)
StareDevil #1743 (2.73)
Void #1872 (2.73)
Melkor #1521 (2.73)

CST members
ReaVer #1305 (2.73)
PuddingHead #1779 (3.0)
sickness #1926 (2.73 warning has lowish armor)
Diesel323 #1300 (3.0)
zaksa#1312 (3.0)
Carnac#1372 (3.0)
dboy#1704 (3.0)
Jobewan #1365 (2.73)
BeerMan #1244 (2.73)
Azodeus #1244 (3.0)
AmishLou #1197 (2.73)
Dmaster #1735 (3.0)
taco#1638 (2.73)

MST members
Crstisalie #1316 (2.73, 3.0 with time bubble)

PST members
Darshu #1802 (3.0)
Veda #1190 (2.73, 3.0 w/bubble)
Finnien #1846 (3.33)
Diabolicman #1965 (2.73)
Addicted #1627(3.01)
Monsta #1979 (2.73)
snickerers #1190 (2.73)
Neuron #1807 (2.74)

Euro Members
RobertVarga #1345 (3.0)

European server
Molitro#2566 (aps???)
Ged #1199 (2.73)
Skiring#2307 (2.73 or 3.0 depends on gear choices)
HolyTedMan #2257 (2.73)
ximae #1789 (2.73)
Hexxy #2455 (2.73)
Mushin#2197 (2.73, 3.0 with bubble)
Numerian #2850 (2.73)
Niko #2983 (2.73)

Asia/Oceania Members
CoXyZ #6568 (2.73)
BotakZhang #1920 (2.73) (limited availability)
Ozquickee #6169 (2.73)
sky75#6923 (3.33)
AgentX #1890 (2.73)
merv #1349(aps???)
Sanguinius #1113 (3.0)
DKHitoro #6321 (2.73)
MOBAjobg#6966(3.33) (south east asia)

Hawaii member
FML #1883 (2.73 or 3.0 depends on gear)
Exordium#1227 (aps???)

unknown timezone
wishbone #1282 (2.73)
DoctorDoom #1357 (2.73)
Krathozen #6652 (2.73)
All resist might be high, loh 800 Prolly does the trick, on ubers its just about surviving one shot at a time. I personally am not in this crowd yet cause kuhl can kill me with his roof drop in one shot, so I gotta Tele out and back on MP8 or higher.
how much should we charge?
should we have different rates if someone is at 3.0 atk spd?
how should i differentiate them?
are my requirements too high/low

unions are inherently evil because eventually the well being of the union itself supersedes the well being of its members, and counteract all of the benefits of a free market economy,

Just say no!

p.s. ;) ;) ;)
unions are usually evil because of union fees causing evil deeds amongst the higher ranged hierarchy within the union
this union does not require union fees, unless thats something yall would be interested in
I hit the spec, but I was being a goofball when I logged out today, so my gear is a little different now. (I usually run Blackthorne's Pants and a 1150dps/1.64 OS Chant's Wand)
This is a stupid post. We have enough problems with Unions in the real world and dont need that stupid mentality in this game.
2.73 atk spd - Check
50 cc - Check
4500 armor - Check
750 all resist - 650 :(
900 loh - 1300
100k dps - 99 :(
@azodeus im doing this just to consolidate looking for cm requests that still occur with great frequency in this forum.
This way ppl can just add union members from their time zone (b/c theres a higher likelihood someone in the same time zone will be on at the same time as those seeking help with ubers)
I hit the spec, but I was being a goofball when I logged out today, so my gear is a little different now. (I usually run Blackthorne's Pants and a 1150dps/1.64 OS Chant's Wand)

add me!!!
I am available for ubers anytime. I just require that you provide the machines. I can carry through MP10

My stats very from 3+ APS using time bubble to wormholing or meteoring at 2.73 APS. Sheet DPS can range as low as 145K all the way up 200K+ depending on what Im doing

In general for ubers I will be unbuffed:
~165K DPS
~450K EHP
~900 all resist
~5300 Armor
~2.77 APS
~58 CC
@darshu which timezone should i throw u in
Central us to. I dOnt have the AR but do have 500k in buffed ehp.

140k dps
500k ehp
2.74 aps

I'm eastern and vary between 2.84aps with my socketed wand (167k dps with blackthorne legs) and 3.08aps with m IAS wand(128k dps with blackthorne legs).

~1400 LoH
~39k hp
~61% crit
Pacific Time, btw :)

Also I'm at 3.3 breakpoint in my profile today -- still manage ~350k ehp too. And it's useless, please nobody ever run this, there's not really any improvement over 3.0, imo.
I think i qualify to this.

~ 750 AR
~ 4500 Armor
~ 2.79 Atk Speed
~ 128k dps
~ 36k hp
~ 58.50 CC
~ 1000 loh

Im from the asian time zone by the way. I don't charge for uber runs, i even sometimes sponsor the machines.. :)
lookin for cm wiz

add me if you got the stats
I fulfil most requirements. Did a few MP10 with my team.

2.74 atk spd
48 cc
4650 armor
720-820 all resist
668 loh
128k dps
36k life

Asian timezone. Can only play during specific time during the night as I have a girl under one to look after :)

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