Echoing Fury sold for 7,500 euros

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Pay to win. Going to be difficult to find much fun in competing against players with a lot more disposable income than the rest of us.

Sounds like you're blaming the RMAH, but the item was sold for 40 billion gold on a website that existed in D2.
nice weapon... I prefer a car over this anyday though.
11/30/2012 02:27 PMPosted by Curly
I do not reply to topics but the last part of yours needs a response. This is a game, I do not understand people who whine about players who may be better off or have more disposable income. Do you want every player to have access to the same income pool? Or maybe, you can work harder and earn more income. So what if someone else can buy godly gear and you can't, just play the game and have fun. I do not know how old you are but the younger gerneration needs to quit whining about so much. Also, it does not matter how well off you are, there is always someone who has more. So just play, have fun, and don't worry so much.

Couldn't have put it better myself, and I've tried many times.

Read carefully kids, exactly this ^^.
this game is horrible.
11/30/2012 04:42 PMPosted by MisterAjikko
It's Learn to buy and Sell to win.

Flip to win.
^^ then quit
12/02/2012 10:28 AMPosted by Nemesis

All you need is common sense. This game is not hard. People need having these delusions of grandeur about Diablo 3. For the love of God, Torchlight 2 is slightly harder game than this.

Ready? Heres how you play the auction house. Ready? Cus theres some really hard MATH TYPE STUFF ahead. ROCKET SCIENCE! Ready? Ok.

Open the AH. Still with me?
Find a trifecta item thats posted WAY to low compared to the other items.
Buy that item.
Resell it for what other people sell theirs for.

I know i know. Its a little hard to follow.

You dont need to be an economics major to know when an item is selling for way less then it should.

If you look at buyouts/bids of all similar weapons and see;

10000000g / 100000000g
10000000g / 100000000g
10000000g / 100000000g
10000000g / 100000000g
100g / 1000g
10000000g / 100000000g

Which one do you bid on? Not that hard people.

Oh yeah. I can tell from ur statistics ur strategies working very well too.

lol@ the notion that acrimony doesnt buy gear.
you've all been punk'd
it's sad imo
will blues consider this?
Thing is this guy circumvented the sale outside of Blizzard terms and it should be deleted from his account or have him banned. The game is pay to win but Blizzard needs a cut too. Bots dont hurt the game in this sense because profit is made off them by blizzard. He should have traded in game gold for the item in a trade window or 2 and payed the 1-2 thousand dollars extra as insurance to not getting a roll back. Also this 'perfect roll will happen again and most likely Echoing Fury will not be best in slot in the future with nerfs/buffs and a expansion

Ultimately his loss for most likely 10k dps boost
this guy is rich, so to him 7k euro is like redbull drink for us :)
Acrimony I respect you and all, but I just can't see why you feel it's necessary and obligated to "compete" with those guys. It's gonna be hard to be the absolutely best geared player on the server, just like it's hard to be the best football player. People with money will have advantage, period. Even if RMAH doesn't exist, a rich player could still pay money to get best gears in black market. Even if all the gears are account-bound and cannot be traded, a rich player can hire a team to farm all the gears for himself. The privileged has advantages over the under-privileged, in and out of the game. That's just how the universe works.

By the end of the day it's just a video game. It's not even a game designed for competitive play like SC2.

It's not how the universe works, it's how silly little humans on a planet called earth work.

The universe does not care if you are alive, dead, rich poor etc. As far as the universe is concerned we are just a rock with things growing on it.
Insane. I will never spend 7.5k euro on a game. I dont think i spend that much in my 20yrs of game play
It all comes down to how much money you have, personally i would rather spend 7500 on an echoing fury than the same amount on some luxury prostitute.

Before you say its a lot think that your iphone/pc/tv/whatever could feed a small tribe in africa for weeks...i`m sure they would feel the same way about 95% of this forums posters as you guys feel about the guy that bought the EF.

Stop being jelly and focus on your life not others
The only thing I got out of this thread is that the RMAH and GAH caps need to be raised.

Having a cap pushes high-end items into the black market sites - which is what Blizzard supposedly wanted to prevent in the first place by making a 'safe' place to buy and trade.
12/03/2012 12:19 AMPosted by Krankenstien
Thing is this guy circumvented the sale outside of Blizzard terms and it should be deleted from his account or have him banned.

I sense so much jelly and butt hurt.

The thread just confirms how many people live their entire lives envying and being jealous of everyone around them. So much delicious rage.


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