Echoing Fury sold for 7,500 euros

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2 patches later his weapon will be worth 1/10 of the cost.

When the x-pack comes out, Brimstone.

I am assuming he is spending so much on an Echoing Fury, because he plans to dominate in PvP, because you don't need it for PvE. It would be funny to see the look on this guy's face when he finds out +crit damage probably will not be the most important stat in PvP........

Stopped right you just assume that a person with 40bil gold is stupid and would not know it? I sense lots of jelly.

nope, do I sound jealous? Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question =P

But If I was, I wouldn't even ask this rhetorical question, giving you an opportunity to answer with "yes you sound very jealous, har har har".

To be honest, I don't really care what you think. I am just speaking from my past experience playing online RPG's, and I think it would be funny when the weapon becomes useless in PvP (or become 1/10 of the value he bought it for). It's kind of like laughing at other people's bad decisions.

Just look at the short history of D3, it has already happened. I remember when this game first launched, people use to spend $250 on 1000+ DPS Blue Weapons =D Then, when the new Legendaries came out, a lot of very expensive rares became worthless.

Also speaking from what little life experience I have, people who spend thousands of dollars on a piece of gear for an online RPG, probably did not make the money themselves.
This is awsum makes me wanna play more just in hope of getting sum thing like this. Still searching for my awsum money making weapon. Lol.
AAHHA this just make me want to play more to help devaluate faster the value of this chunk of pixels ...

lol what a looser ... :D
11/30/2012 02:31 PMPosted by acrimonious
I'm just disappointed that all things being equal, a player who plays the game and plays to gear will always lose to the one who has enough disposable income to outbid everyone else. It sucks and I realize that's how the world works, but I was really hoping for a level playing field.

Not true. I could buy all the best gear in the game and would still suck. The skills I use to make money don't translate well into avoiding being killed by elite mobs.

11/30/2012 02:14 PMPosted by heyr8kb
yea I dont think its fair that Charlie Sheen gets to bang all these hookers and do all this blow and I dont just because he has mroe disposable income than me.

why not? you can have the same fun on mp5 isntead of on mp10. he invested real money, and probably will want to get out real money, nothing wrong with that. Just don#t get jealous and don't watch them playing or look out for threads like these ;D
12/03/2012 11:39 AMPosted by M3talibkweli
As I said before, he could have gotten a super godly lifesteal skorn off the RMAH for $100(vs. $10,000 for EF) and his dps would have been equal or higher than dual wielding. Also he dies alot because his ehp sucks big time and he has no sustainability. A lifesteal skorn would actually have been better and the lower damage rolls start at 25m gold, that's less than $10!

LOL he's getting almost as much DPS as a skorn just w/ his 1 hand EF. He doesn't need to have a life steal EF since he's a barb anyway. He can get LS w/ his main hand, belt, and passive.

LOL I paid a few million for my skorn and it does similar dmg to his EF costing tens of billions of gold(7500 Euros!) His only advantage is faster attack speed(both on the wep and 15% bonus for dual wield), but I do just fine with slow attack, my fury increases fast because of my high cc.
See my above post about skorn, anyone else can explain why he didn't get a skorn?
I bought a skorn with near 1400 dps(profile not yet updated) that is probably as good as his EF but I paid under 20m while he paid many billions in gold or 7500 euros! See my comments above. No one wants to discuss how a skorn is a way better deal? Again, his EF is virtually perfect for 1h, but skorns are a much better deal for 2h and own just about any 1h dps wise.
11/30/2012 02:15 PMPosted by Boneitis
This just makes me want to play more - we all have the EXACT same chance to find that echoing fury.

Do you buy a lot of lottery tickets?
Let's keep the discussion going and why didn't he get skorn?
LOL... FFS there is no competition between you and the dude who payed that ridiculous sum...

Why would someone want that annoying weapon that fears mobs all over... insane.

And it doesnt have life steal.
LOL... FFS there is no competition between you and the dude who payed that ridiculous sum...

Why would someone want that annoying weapon that fears mobs all over... insane.

And it doesnt have life steal.

Like I said before, he coulda gotten a godly ls skorn for 1% the cost.
I'm sorry to inform you all that the echoing fury is the best weapon for dealing damage due to the fact that the + attacks are added to both hands.

It's also used by the top 4 barbarians in the world in terms of damage.

Considering my playstyle and the fact that I like fast 1h weapons if I had the money or a 20.000E income/month I would buy it.
Heh, people comparing a Skorn to an EF are crazy. You have to take into account the 15% attack speed bonus from dual wielding (boost the EF's dps) plus the attack speed bonus the EF gives the other weapon(which is also sharing in the DW bonus), and the potential for up to 400% crit dmg from 2 1Hs (300 max for a skorn).

A good skorn is pretty great. A good EF + 2nd good 1h is absolutely amazing.

And it doesnt have life steal.

Like I said before, he coulda gotten a godly ls skorn for 1% the cost.

He wasn't looking for a good deal, he wanted the best of the best and had the means to get it. It might a collector's item of sorts for him. LS Skorns are decent for high MP ubers in a group, but 2/1H'rs are generally better for WW for most everything else.
The thing is his other 1h wep is "only" 1100 dps which greatly lowers the average dps. He should have at least 1300 dps on both 1h weps. 1300+1100/2=1200+15% is 1380. Skorns can get over 1500 dps. Also he would not be dying as much if he had lifesteal and more ehp...
How much is that guy making to be able to blow 7500 euros on pixels in a piece of crap game?

I have to commend for robbing some sad fool blind of 7250 euros and being perhaps the only person to ever truly "win" at diablo 3.

If I was blizzard, I would create near perfect items like these at irregular intervals in order to squeeze every last dime out of my cash cow.

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