Ok, now this no Australian server thing.

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With a quick read of the article you can see that Diablo 3 was Australia's Best selling title, to date,
Jay Wilson posted a tweet on his twitter account saying

"Jay Wilson ‏@Angryrobotics
Thanks to all our awesome players in Australia!"

Ahh why don't we have any servers?
i know the answer it's because you really just haven't been bothered, we show you love, the numbers say it, stop being so damn lazy.
they give us no !@#$ing support but when it comes to being praised.. blizzard is first in line to take credit
never going to happen, they didn't do it for WoW they won't do it for D3
Costs costs costs, even if it is a high selling game in Aus it is still a tiny portion of there total playerbase.

Not that I too don't pray for an Aussie server.
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
We more then deserve it we are getting a sub par version, our experience in the game is altered because we have to connect to west coast, in Pvp It will more then likely be a disadvantage, the amount of money we spent on the game and continue to do so and will do in the future, we are more then warranted servers.
Australian internet is incredibly sub-par. There are developing countries with less than a 75% education rate that have better internet than we do. The National Broadband Network (NBN) is currently being rolled out, and is due in the next DECADE, when it is already several years overdue.

This compounds the fact that Australian servers are over-priced for piss-poor, slow, little (or no) local customer support, connections.

Blizzard just isn't going to make the profit, nor are we going to reap the big rewards of 16ms connections, by introducing Australian servers (it just won't work like we want it to, with our terrible internet services).

I don't blame them at all, and being realistic neither should you. They have to take care of their economic responsiblity as well as their customer responsibilities. They are a company after all...

From Blizzard's point of view, they are probably meeting 95% of their consumer needs in terms of connections/servers (America, Europe etc), so us whining over the state of our lag isn't going to change much. Saying we deserve servers or deserve equality for PVP is also a lost cause, because I look forward to competing with other AUS players in the same environment.

Personally, the only thing lag does to me is keep me away from hardcore, that's about it. I, and many other people, deal with the rubber bannding and lag time to time. If dealing with the lag ensures Blizzard makes a profit, continues to make awesome games, continues to punch out patches and pay their employees than that's fine. Aus servers aren't off the cards, but don't expect them soon.
so what you're saying is that you're willing to put up with this lackluster quality because you are such a fanboi that you put blizzard ahead of yourself? you do realize that you owe blizzard nothing right? you paid an inflated price for a game which you should be able to play at its optimal performance, yet cant because they dont provide you with the service to make that possible. they sold you a car without an engine and you're thanking them.
some people are all too happy to just kiss the !@# :P
They have done just that, sold you a product. That is the game, they are not selling you a server. You buy the game knowing that there are 3 servers US. EU. Asia. You bought it, all they did was put it out there. You knew the car had no engine to begin with, and you still bought it. It's not blizzards falt you bought their game.
That is a rather bad analogy considering a car with no engine wouldn't work at all.
WOW, some people are just way too keen to bend over and take whatever blizzard give you.
Stems back to the title, we should get them, it's about quality for a gamer, don't even try and swing costs at me, because our game sales would pay for a server for the rest of our playing days, quite easily, with huge profits, i asked Jay Wilson about it on twitter, not only did he say "it's not up to me. I'm just a game designer." quote, fair enough Jay -.-, i then asked who i could get in contact with to push the issue more, no response.
Comes down to decency I really think, at least reply to me, jesus.
12/01/2012 07:02 PMPosted by Sly
Australian internet is incredibly sub-par.

1. It's not true in general, most location have quite decent inet servives available for the amount of traffic needed to play d3.
2. Ever heard that distance plays an issue in latency?
One problem I do see with us getting our own server, the AH would likely suck in comparison to the US one. Just try switching between the US and AU RMAH for an idea of the difference. It'd be worse if we were truly an isolated server.

Admittedly it'd force us to list things just on an Aussie AH, but we'd lose access to the millions of items listed by other people round the world.

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