What legendary drop makes your blood boil?

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All Of These.


nuff said.

All of those:

not getting any for 5hrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ageless might
Sever , 300th, firewalker, and Storm shield can roll godly, just bcuz you got 1 or 2 that are bad does not mean they all bad. The rest are true however
For a long long time it was Gladiator Gauntlets for me... however, these days I'm finding that nearly all my DINGS are wizard hats... its like they increased legendary wizard hat drop rates by 200%...
ivory tower , pus spitter, warmonger, stormcrow, dark mage sage, nailbitter or whatever its called, inna s reach and somehow i always get wkl with like 600dps. The nailbitters is always the most dissapointing, when i see legendary mace i get so excited thinking its and ef .
Why I am actually happy to get those 'lousy' legends you guys are getting?

I hardly got any, I have 2 mf characters and running mp10 hell or mp1 in inferno.

I'll be glad to get any, even if just for brimestones.

The worst legend drop for me is http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/blade-of-prophecy
with disc
I was like "WOW, NATALYA HELM!!!" ...and then I looked at stats and I was like "OH MY GOD, WHAT A LOAD OF "¤%&¤%&"
Off the top of my head -

Promise of Glory

those Barter Town Shoulders or something... they cant be good...

ya, Ivory Tower is pretty bad too...
Promise of Glory or as I call it, Promise of Brimstone.

I had two drop in Icefall Caves in the same run!

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