Waiting to revive

Bug Report
I died and... the game want me to wait.
This really is a weird bug.
Wow! It happened again. There was like tons of Fire Chain burrowing leapers jumping on my Soreceress and the next thing I knew is that I had to wait again. Please fix this bug ASAP.
I tried to get my revenge but... then these guys froze the entire screen? That must be a bug too. And there was like... pillars of flame appearing bellow me WHILE I was frozen. Maybe its because your server lagged a lot, but I have this weird "Waiting to revive" screen again. I wonder why.
It must really lag a lot on your side because now I have to wait like forever.
But I really want to get my revenge too! What an annoying bug...
It happened again! But this time a weird yellow armor appeared on the top right corner of my screen... It says my armor is damaged. After waiting like forever because of that bug again, I went into town and... GOD! These blacksmi... repairing merchants sure are greedy. I don't know how I'll pay them.
Wow! This bug is even on your forum. I had to wait like forever to post again.
I have news about the waiting bug in the game...
It looks like the more I die, the longer it takes for me to come back to life. I don't really understand why. This bug really is weird. I hope I'll be able to defeat these guys soon.
I think these monsters use a hack or something. They just run around me and I die. I don't get it- must be a bug. They never land a hit on me.
Hey guys! I finally killed them and it was totally worth it! I GOT A YELLOW ITEM.
The best thing is that this little baby can be sold for like 1235 gold at the npc.
I'm so damn lucky.
Oh man! It happened again. There was like this group of monsters right. And I thought I'd surprise them with a meteor... GUESS WHAT? I died! I have no freakin clue how! They never even saw me or even less touched me. They were like... minding their own business. And then that waiting thing again.

I guess I killed myself because I'm too awesome or something.
Or maybe my meteor kind of burned my sorceress retina... I don't know.
I thought it would feel good to be a glass canon, like a real mage should be, but I don't know anymore.

All I know is that I'm waiting
Well I may have found a way to counter my own awesomeness by using my Vampire life stealing sword but... it took me so long reaching it in my inventory that I died while trying.

Maybe if they could make these thingy that can hold two weapon set like in the old day I could switch faster...
Another bug! They never stop.
I was like killing one monster and then suddenly- some rampaging Tauros appeared out of nowhere and simply raped me. I never saw it coming! I guess he was farther than my eyes could see.

And I had to wait again.
This one is really weird. There was like another batch of Fast little monster that keep running everywhere... And this time they kept throwing really annoying mortar fireball on me like- always. I mean.. I tried to go melee and prevent them from using their little trick on me but... They just kept moving further away and in all different direction so there was like.. nowhere safe.

So well... I had to wait again.
I ran into these guys... they were like- peeing fire or something? They really never stop and it burns forever... they should see a doctor or something.
The game is now telling me that I am low on gold and that it is needed to repair.
I really think that's a bug too. Since I cannot get revenge on the game for that comment.

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