Acid Cloud - Working as Intended?

Witch Doctor
when elite packs wallers wall you in, is the Acid Cloud designed to be blocked?

It seems kind of silly that a spell like that can be blocked by a 5 feet wall.
yeh its pretty much always been like that, requires line of sight or whatever the d3 equiv is
In addition to AC, I use Rain of Toads. RoT is *not* blocked by walls of any kind :)
Don't talk about AC its fine the way it is!
Don't nerf my proc rate !
Seems silly to me too that the WD can't see over that tiny wall to cast acid cloud. But that's the way it works right now.
yah but it does actually go under the wall and hit stuff on the side with it's radius effect.
but i want to dump ALL the acid on their heads!!! not just the raidus bits....
Yeah seems kind of silly with a spell that originates from above, and very suspect considering it doesn't stop RoT

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