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So I've been reading the forums and learning about great builds and what gear to buy, etc etc. First of all, there are mostly really nice, helpful people here. I pretty much only know one build - circle of life/sacrifice - fueling bears. looking into 0 dogs but seems a bit pricey.

ANYWAY, my main problem is honestly trying to figure out all this WD lingo. What are ALL the abbreviations for WD? Please send me a list as I'm confused. I know a lot of the talk is in context so yea, I have to figure it out sometime but it would be nice to know the base abbreviations. Like what is OOM? To me AR= all resist, CC = critical chance, CD = critical damage. but not here. I just learned CD = cool down. Are we that lazy in typing? I guess I am too. WTF OMG Please give me a list!

Out of Mana - OOM

RoT - Rain of Toads

All passive are abbreviated with 2 letters unless there is an of in the middle.

RoE - Rush of Essence passive

BR - Blood Ritual passive

AS, IAS - Attack Speed, Increased Attack Speed

CD - Crit damage or Cool Down

CC - Crit chance

AC - Acid Cloud

AR = All Resist

ZB - Zombie Bears

ZC - Zombie Charger

SW - Spirit Walk

SV - Spirit Vessel passive

GL- Good Luck
11/29/2012 01:03 PMPosted by skywalkerfx
GL- Good Luck

Lol. Love it.
GG - Good Game.

Skywalker - you are the FIRST person I think of in terms of helpful people in the WD forums. Thanks again - I'll probably have a bunch more questions later. =)

Oh and apparently people write GF/GI a lot which i've learned is gruesome feast/grave injustice.

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