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A classmate played FF9 years ago and used this username(reverse for 'zidane' for a mmorpg named Jerrath Online). He eventually gave that account to me and I've used the name for almost all games I play so far.
Mine started way back in 2004 when I played my first MMORPG, World of Warcraft, while in Elementary school. My 3 older brothers and I all shared the same computer and they made the name of the account which I have continued to use for about 8 years now. The account name was Gaming_Unlimited...unfortunately that was too big for a btag.
My school XD
The machine I run
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what i am and when i was born

reminds me of .... well, me :) Nice monk ... we should play sometime.
me being convicted.
Crimsonumbra - blood red eclipse.
Ausric Krell was a Knight of Takhisis serving under the late Dragon Highlord Ariakan. Historically, Krell is known, as the Betrayer for the hand that he played in Ariakan's death. As punishment, Zeboim, Ariakan's mother, imprisoned him on Storm's Keep, a former island stronghold for the Knights of Takhisis during the Chaos Wars. There she repeatedly tortured and killed the knight, eventually turning him into a death knight

an old favorite D&D character from the Dragon Lance Series
A underground artist that died in 2010, and has impacted my life greatly, so I just use his name if it's available.
Always liked the books from David Eddings, my battletag is the main protagonist. All my character names are derived from the books.
i did !@#$
I stole a OneWay sign way back in 87 and got the nickname then... started using it in all my PC games.. then online with Tribes 1.... never stopped using it.
The name of my Shaman from WoW...many memories.
i am THE elusive sasquatch
My Battletag is PwndBot.

Which stems from PwnBot. I used to use it as my battlenet account name back in the days of the good old Warcraft 3 and even in Starcraft. I needed a new name since I long forgot my old name I used to go by. I was going to start up a LAN with 2 of my buddies and all of us were thinking up names. I noticed there was a Computer or "BOT" for the game. I made the best kind of bot period, one that pwns!

Turns out I was quite terrible at "pwn"ing and added a D since I knew I would get my !@#$ kicked in the game.

Thus, PwndBot was born.
Auriana is a name I created myself. It is derived from "Aurora Borealis" (the northern lights), and it means (to me, anyways) The Light That Loves To Dance.
My wife and I flew up to Maryland to for the birth of our first Grand Daughter. My son in law was playing a new game called Diablo. I bought a copy while we were there and when we returned to our home in Florida, I started my first Warrior, Skulbane. The rest is history.
In 1997 my wife and I flew up to Maryland for the birth of our first grand daughter. My son in law was playing a new game called Diablo. I got hooked of course and bought a copy. When we returned to our home in Florida, I started my first warrior, Skulbane. The rest is history.
My battletag : Jambone

It's a long while ago that I chose this name.

Jambon in french = Ham

My character was a girl, in french, every word that is for a girl, you add ''e''

So it is :


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