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————————————————————(••÷[ Druin Presents ]÷••)————————————————————
————————————(•••÷[ The Tempest Rush Compendium ]÷•••)—————————————

Welcome to my Tempest Rush guide!

Here, you should be able to find information about the monk build focusing on the skill "Tempest Rush."

I will be keeping the guide up-to-date for the foreseeable future and, in lieu of a change-log, I will simply be updating the "Current Events" section below so make sure to check back in if you want to see what's new in the world of Tempest Rush.

I also respond to any and all questions in this thread; so, if you are of a curious nature, please feel free to leave a response and I will address it as soon as I possibly can.

——————————————[ Contact Information ]—————————————
If you have specific questions about TR, Diablo III or gaming in general, please feel free to contact me:

Youtube — Youtube.com/druin13
Diablo3 — Druin#1518

———————————————[ Current Events ]——————————————
Updated: 6/28/2013
—[ I ]—
Okay, the guide is now appropriately 1.0.8 compliant.

What changed? Not much!

1.0.8 did (3) main things.
The monster density for Act 1 and 2 was increased when playing on MP1+.
This caused a specific route in Act 1 and a specific route in Act 2 to become better than the standard Act 3 routes.

Some Monster's xp per kill was reduced (scorps in Act3 Crater).
This caused the standard Act 3 route to change because Arreat2 is no longer a viable farming spot.

XP bonuses now stack multiplicitively with NV stacks.
This caused routes that are longer to become more valueable. Here is a quick demonstration of how it works.
NV is still worth it's base 15% per stack but it is ALSO worth 1.15x whatever your other bonuses are.

Let's say we have 31% from Ruby 35% from Hellfire and 25% from MP1.
Total Bonuses from non-NV sources: 31+35+25 = 91%.
Now, let's add 5 stacks of NV:
1.0.7 - 91 + 75 = 166%
1.0.8 - 91*1.75 + 75 = 234.25%

As you can see, the NV stacks are adding a whopping 143.25% total xp bonus now that they stack multiplicitively!

This means that routes which are longer and focus on getting NV stacks quickly are MUCH more impactful than routes which are quick and neglect NV stacks.

This also means that base-bonus xp% is MUCH more important than it used to be.

Things that TR monks should focus more on:
31% ruby, 35% hellfire ring, 30% leoric's (this is now a VERY viable choice), 7% from Hellfire on your follower, 5% from Leoric's on your follower

Okay, so what does this mean for my TR monk in 1.0.8?
The most important change is that getting to that magic 140k dps mark where you can TR in MP1 has become WAY more important. The value of using the Act2 route instead of the Act3 route is extremely large so most TR monks should really be pushing that DPS.

Furthermore, the good routes for Act3 have also changed due to Arreat2 no longer being as good a zone and longer runs being more favorable.
Please see the TR Routes section for more information!

Other than that, nothing much has changed! TR is still very viable as a means to get xp/hr.

Doing the Act2 route with nearly-perfect TR gear, I was able to get >135m xp/hr without using a Leroic's on my Monk or my Follower.

—[ II ]—
While I will no longer be answering questions here on a daily basis, please feel free to leave them anyways and I will do my best to answer when I can!

————————————————[ Introduction ]———————————————
Hello Dear Reader,

This guide will focus on explaining the low-Monster-Power Tempest Rush build for monks that allows for very high exp/hour, elites/hour and loot/hour.

As always, I have a lot to say on this subject so if you don't want to do some reading...
TL;DR -- By using buffs + SW + Tempest Rush, you can BLAZE through MP0 or MP1 and get really high xp/hr (or loot/hr if that is your thing)

I will also be making lots and lots of videos so that people who prefer to watch things rather than read things have a way to access this content!

Okay, ready to read? Here we go!

It all started when 1.0.4 changed Inna's set to allow for nearly free Sweeping Winds. This got me on the path to thinking about ways in which that bonus could be abused. With the help of many fellow monks, the idea of using Tempest Rush and +spir/sec gear in combination with 4 pieces of Inna's started to evolve. Eventually it culminated in an infinite TR build that uses TR + SW to kill things and drops the pretenses of using spirit generators to kill monsters all-together.

I was just starting on my Tempest Rush journey when 1.0.5 hit and the advent of Monster Power 0 really set the whole thing in motion for me. From then, until now, I have been pursuing all things Tempest Rush and I want to share them with you!

During my time leveling from plvl ~60 to plvl 100 I recorded the time taken and xp gained for every single run I did, switching between single run records and ~60minute multi-run records. I used this data to check on different builds and different run-strats to determine what gives the best possible xp/hour.

Then, after hitting plvl100, I started a new lvl60 Monk so I could keep the test data flowing!

I want this guide to be accessible for any monk who wants to get into Tempest Rush because it is, in my opinion, a ridiculously fun build to play with and, thank goodness, it isn't the cookie-cutter FoT:TC SW:Cyclone zzz spec!

You can check out the basics behind TR in Part I, the routes for TR XP farming in Part II, the various specs that make TR work in Part III, and all of the gearing choices that make sense when using TR in Part IV.


———————————————[ Table of Contents ]——————————————
Note: You can use the links provided to quickly navigate through this Guide!
  • I - The Basics: Concepts and Skills
  • The Principle Behind Using TR
  • The Concept of Damage Spread
  • Tempest Rush and Attack Speed
  • The Basic Skills That Make TR Work
  • Delving Deeper Into the TR Skillset

  • II - Routes for TR XP Runs
  • The Modified Alkaizer Route - MP0
  • Act 2 - MP1
  • Act 1 - MP1

  • III - Specs for Tempest Rush
  • Main Specs
  • Cyclone-Circ
  • Inner-Sub
  • Fire-Circ
  • Cyclone-Sub

  • IV - Gearing for Tempest Rush
  • Basic Concepts - the basic gearing philosophy for TR
  • Benchmarks - get an idea for what stat levels are "normal"
  • Individual Item Analysis - breakdown of each slot

  • V - Videos, Thanks & Misc

  • -Druin, the happy monk
    Part 1 - The Basics: Concepts and Skills
    Navigation - Back to Home Page
    Navigation - Routes for TR XP Runs
    Navigation - Specs for Tempest Rush
    Navigation - Gearing for Tempest Rush

    This section is dedicated to explaining the basics behind the Tempest Rush build by first explaining some of the backing concepts and then discussing the skills that are both core and supplementary to Tempest Rushing.

    ———————————[ The Principle Behind Using TR ]———————————
    The very first question one must ask when looking into a Tempest Rush build is: why?
    What is the point of this build over the clearly strong FoT:Thunderclap + SW:Cyclone build?

    The answer to that is, quite simply, speed. Tempest Rush allows the Monk to kill while moving which means it is one of the only monk skills that helps break passed the barrier on low Monster Power of only being able to kill monsters as fast as you can attack / move.

    For many monks, MP0 monsters have such low HP that the main constraint to kill speed isn't your paperdoll DPS, it is your ability to move to each monster and hit it with FoT.

    Furthermore, if you are able to get enough spirit regeneration, you can use the Tempest Rush rune, Tailwind. This rune gives you 25% move speed while channeling Tempest Rush and breaks the move-speed cap of 25%. Generally, Tailwind is regarded as the single fastest skill in the game and allows the Tempest Rush monk to move through a given map at incredible speeds.

    Even if the standard FoT:TC + SW:C build can out DPS a Tempest Rush build 10:1 (it can), it will still result in a lower xp/hour on MP0, if the TR build is done correctly, because more damage just doesn't translate well into more kills per minute!

    ———————————[ The Concept of Damage Spread ]———————————
    Damage spread is different from pure damage. In a pure damage scenario, your overall DPS is determined assuming you are fighting a monster with nearly infinite health (MP10 Azmodan).

    This is rarely the case and, when on MP0, almost never the case. Instead you have to use the spread of damage to find out how much DPS you are doing.

    The basic concept goes like this:
    If you have 10,000 DPS and you hit once per second for 10,000 damage and there are 10 monsters that have 1,000 HP each, you will take 10 seconds to kill them all.
    If you have 10,000 DPS and you hit 10 times per second for 1,000 damage and there are 10 monsters that have 1,000 HP each, you will take 1 second to kill them all.

    Even though case 1 and case 2 have the same "paper-doll DPS" the second case kills all the monsters in 1/10th the time.

    This is because attack speed increases your damage spread.

    On MP0 you will frequently run into the damage spread problem. A 200k dps FoT:TC SW:C Monk will clear only SLIGHTLY faster than a 100k dps Fot:TC SW:C Monk because dps isn't the constraining factor for clear speed at that point.

    Tempest rush naturally solves this problem by hitting 3x per second for every 1 attacks per second you have.

    Furthermore, skills like SW:Cyclone and MoC:Submission help spread your DPS out over lots of little hits and over a wide area.

    This skill is incredibly important for spreading out damage because of its MASSIVE range.
    One of SW's weaknesses is its relatively short 10m range which makes it hard to pick up stragglers who are low without moving on top of each and every one of them.

    With Cyclone, this issue is solved. The Tornadoes spawned by Cyclone have a gigantic range on their hits, hit 6 times over 3 seconds and move in a direction that is determined by the direction you are facing when you cast Sweeping Winds.

    These Cyclones will often clean up 6 low health monsters and, when they crit, they can kill high health monsters.

    The best part about Cyclones is that they always do their damage. If there is only 1 big monster, the Cyclone doesn't lose DPS as some AoE skills do (Bladestorm / Firestorm).

    The obvious downside to this skill is the need for Crit% and Proc Coefficient on your attack but at my crit level (40 + 6%TR crit) and because TR hits quickly and hits multiple targets, I find it is acceptable.

    This is another skill that, at first glance, seems obviously worse than MoC:Overawe.
    Making SW AND TR both do 12% more passive damage (you can't spam MoC while TRing) is pretty strong.

    It turns out, the power of MoC:Submission is in its ability to spread out your damage over a very wide area.

    MoC:Overawe does the same thing as SW:Bladestorm, it increases the damage that monsters within the 10yd radius of SW take. This is good, but it isn't THAT helpful because those monsters are the most likely to die flat out anyways. For instance, if your SW crits, the mob insta-dies, if your TR crits, the mob insta dies.

    It is the monsters that are being left behind or to the side that didn't get full exposure to SW or TR that really need some extra damage heaped on them.

    MoC:Submission is the right tool for that job. It reaches the full 20yd radius of MoC while still providing a nice 12% damage boost to your SW and TR.

    While DPS is important, it is more important to keep in mind how you are spreading out your damage in order to kill the most monsters in the least amount of time!

    ———————————[ Tempest Rush and Attack Speed ]——————————
    Attack speed is usually a Monk's best friend. It gives you more spirit regen through your attacks and it is a great way for Auto Attack monks to increase their damage SPREAD and their paper-doll DPS at the same time. Win-win right?

    For Tempest Rush, this is not the case.

    Three Hits per Second
    First off, Tempest Rush, despite what the tooltip says, hits 3 times every second for each 1 APS you have.

    If you have 1 attacks per second in your character pane, TR will hit 3 times per second.
    If you have 1.5 attacks per second in your character pane, TR will hit 4.5 times per second.

    This, on its own, doesn't mean much because it still scales with IAS gear pretty well.

    The problem is that TR also knocks back on every hit. What ends up happening is the first hit of TR knocks monsters back then the following several hits all miss as you move forward and the monsters get scattered.

    This leads to a LOT of "missed hits" or hits that could have done damage but had no monsters in range to hit.

    Because of this knockback into missed hits principle, the very first hit of TR on every mob is by far the most important. It is the only hit that will ALWAYS happen. The following hits might go off if the mob is directly in front of you or pinned to a wall, but they won't if you knock the target out of the path of TR.

    To maximize this, you generally want slow hard hitting attacks so that the 1 guaranteed attack has the most possible effect.

    It is important to note that if TR did not hit 3 times per second on its own, it's Proc Coefficient of 0.25 would be too low to support low attack speed because you would pass through mobs and you would frequently fail to get the FIRST hit which is the only guaranteed one.

    10 Spirit per Second
    What really kills attack speed as a stat for Tempest Rush is the cost.

    For every 1 Attacks per Second your Monk has, Tempest Rush costs 10 spirit per second.

    You have 1APS, TR costs 10 spirit every second.
    You have 1.4APS, TR costs 14 spirit every second.

    This is a very important mechanic because getting your spirit per second above TR's cost per second is a big part of this build.

    If you want to use Attack speed gear, you have to be willing to compensate with additional Spirit per Second and that can be really costly.

    ——————————[ The Basic Skills That Make TR Work ]—————————
    This spec outlines the basic, essential skills to a good Tempest Rush build:

    As you can see, there are a LOT of empty skills there and most of the skills don't have runes. This is because there are a LOT of different ways to Tempest Rush!

    The only things that are mandatory for this build to work:
    --Tempest Rush--
    This one is pretty self-evident. This is a Tempest Rush guide after all! ;)

    --Sweeping Winds--
    This will be a VERY large portion of your damage. Tempest rush is good for getting you from place to place, good for moving through monsters but not quite enough damage to kill things by ruinning through them. Because of this, Sweeping Winds will be there to help you do damage while you fly around the map!

    --Breath of Heaven: Blazing Wrath--
    This skill is a bit too good to pass up right now. With the removal of SW snapshotting in 1.0.7, BoH:BW has taken the place of BF:FitL as the go-to monk skill to increase your overall DPS.

    Constant, easy to maintain 15% damage increase is just wonderful. Plus, for many TR monks, sustain is an issue and having a heal at your fingertips is really useful.

    This skill will remain in every single TR build until Blizz decides that free, zero-thought DPS boosts attached to defensive skills are no longer a good idea for monks! ;)

    --Chant of Resonance--
    This passive will always see use in TR builds because you always need spirit/sec and it gives the most! It is boring but c'est la vie.

    Note: There do exist situations in which taking Exalted Soul over CoR is a viable option though they are VERY rare. Just keep your eyes open for niche cases where this might be good!

    --The Guardian's Path--
    I will only be talking about 2h Tempest Rush builds because, while TR'ing with 1h/shield is technically possible, it is FAR FAR FAR more expensive and not proven to be more efficient.

    Other than these skills, there is some freedom in what to use that are detailed below!

    ——————————[ Delving Deeper Into the TR Skillset ]—————————
    This section will focus on the various skills that you can use in a Tempest Rush build.

    Every build will include the skills listed in the "Basic Skills" section but there are quite a few choices from there that I would like to discuss.

    —[ Tempest Rush ]—
    Tempest Rush is an amazing skill, but there are really only two viable runes. It seems quite likely that they did not intend TR to ever be used as a main form of attack and thus they gave it a lot of defensive stuff that no-one in their right mind ever uses! :D

    --Northern Breeze--
    This rune reduces the spirit cost of TR from 10/sec per 1 attack speed to 8/sec per 1 attack speed.

    This can greatly reduce the cost of Tempest Rush and allow the use of far more "normal" items instead of spirit/sec items.

    While Northern Breeze is usually out-shined by its compatriot Tailwind, it certainly has a place when your gear simply doesn't support ~10-12 spirit/sec and you still want to TR your way to victory.

    When to use Northern Breeze?
    1. If you can't get enough spirit from gear/skills to use Tailwind.
    2. If you drop below 90k DPS by equipping your spirit/sec gear, use NB and equip more DPS oriented items.

    This is one of the better runes in the game of Diablo 3.

    Once your character gets to a certain strength level, it becomes very difficult to increase your monster killed per minute through DPS. This is because the monsters are spaced apart and so no matter how fast you kill them, you always have to spend time moving from one to the next.

    To combat this, higher-level characters want Movement speed. However, the move-speed stat is capped at 25% from items. To go above this cap, you have to use skills and Tailwind's 25% is one of the biggest in the game.

    Tailwind also has the advantage of being an "always on" skill if you get enough spirit regen. This means that, if done right, you can have a near-permanent 25% increased movement speed over the cap which is generally VERY powerful.

    It can be argued that the popularity of the Tempest Rush build is entirely on the shoulders of Tailwind's 25% movement speed.

    —[ Spirit Generators ]—
    Because you will spend most of your time channeling the skill Tempest Rush, spirit generators take on a whole new functionality for the TR build. While they are normally used as a monk's main source of damage, for the TR'er they are more of a helpful secondary skill.

    There are quite a few viable spirit gens at this time and they each have different uses.

    Note: once you get to a certain level of spirit/sec gained, you will no longer need a spirit generator as you will be able to kill all monsters and elites with TR and (possibly) a spirit spender.

    For most TR monks this is achieved at ~13 spirit/sec and many monks will never want to go without a spirit gen.

    --Fist of Thunder: Thunderclap--
    Thunderclap used to be the King of all monk DPS skills. It is still very good though the advent of TR, the increased effectiveness of Wave of Light and various other factors have led to its decline from a spot of complete dominance.

    Pros: high single target DPS, highest Proc Coefficient per second of all gens, teleport, quick attacks
    Cons: zero use while actually TRing, lower AoE damage, teleport is less useful for TR monks

    This skill is at its strongest when paired with Sweeping Winds: Cyclone because Cyclone benefits from Thunderclap's high Proc Coefficient. I recommend FoT:TC as the go-to spirit gen for TR monks who are running SW:C and use their spirit gen to kill elite packs.

    --Fist of Thunder: Quickening--
    Quickening used to be out shined pretty heavily by Thunderclap but with the increase in Wave of Light damage from 1.0.7, it has a new palce in the spotlight as the single best spirit generating skill Monks have.

    Pros: highest spirit/sec skill, quick attacks
    Cons: VERY low damage, no range

    I recommend FoT:Q for monks who are using Wave of Light to kill elites but don't have enough spirit from passive spir/sec gear to use WoL for every pack. This is also a good skill for monks who are using Exalted Soul as a slowly draining spirit pool for net-negative spir/sec TR'ing as FoT:Q will fill 250 spirit faster than any skill out there.

    --Deadly Reach: Strike from Beyond--
    DR:SfB is exactly like quickening but is easier to use, due to range, and less spir/sec.

    Pros: ease of use (range), AoE damage
    Cons: slow, still low DPS

    I recommend DR:SfB for monks who want the extra spirit regen but don't want to give up too much DPS. A possible synergy would be using your spirit gen to kill some elite packs AND to refuel a net-negative spir/sec + Exalted Soul build, then you Seven Sided Strike:FO the other elite packs.

    --Deadly Reach: Foresight--
    DR:F used to be the #1 spirit gen for TR monks because you could buff your SW damage and it would stick forever. However, that is no longer the case in 1.0.7 so DR:F is now just another option and not a "best in slot" skill.

    Pros: the buff is simply amazing if you can keep it up, ease of use for elite killing due to range
    Cons: low damage, slow, the buff can be extremely frustrating to keep active

    I suggest this for TR monks who just aren't QUITE there yet with their DPS to 1 shot most mobs on MP0 and could use the little boost. Remember to actually use DR:F to kill elite packs or else the buff won't be up a lot of the time.

    —[ Sweeping Winds ]—
    This is really the most class-defining skill Monks have. Many people would give that roll to Serenity but I assure you, Sweeping Winds is the true bread-winner here.

    This skill does free damage, has TONS of flexibility in its rune spectrum and can be buffed in all manner of ways. Entire builds focus around a single rune of this skill and the end-game Monk Set's final bonus is dedicated to making Sweeping Winds even stronger.

    Every rune of Sweeping Winds is viable. This statement alone should be cause for celebration as it is the pinnacle of "build diversity." That being said, viable doesn't mean efficient and not all runes are created equal.

    --Sweeping Winds: Master of Wind--
    This rune extends the duration of Sweeping Winds from 6 seconds to 20 seconds and makes it nearly infinite.

    This is the only rune that can possibly be used if you want to Tempest Rush and NOT use 4 pieces of Inna's armor. Because TR already takes a lot of spirit to maintain, if you have to re-cast the 75 spirit Sweeping Winds all the time, you will run out of spirit all the time.

    With Master of Wind you can pretty much turn it on then completely ignore it for the rest of the map. It will refresh when you hit monsters and, honestly, if you aren't hitting a monster every 20seconds you are not Tempest Rushing correctly! :D

    Pros: can be used without Inna's 4 piece
    Cons: low dps, no utility

    I would really only recommend this rune for new Tempest Rushers who haven't assembled the 4 pieces of Inna's yet but want to hop on the DPS train immediately!

    --Sweeping Winds: Bladestorm--
    This is, in my opinion, the worst of the Sweeping Winds runes for Tempest Rush monks.

    The main reason for that is it has no special job. It is worse at doing damage than Firestorm, worse at cleaning up than Cyclone, worse at providing utility than Inner Storm and worse at letting you not use Inna's than Master of Wind.

    There is no situation in which Bladestorm would be better than another rune unless ALL you care about is killing elites which is technically does better than Firestorm. (though still MUCH worse than Cyclone)

    Pros: medium DPS.
    Cons: very small range, no utiliy

    I would never recommend this rune but it is absolutely viable. If you like it, stick with it!

    --Sweeping Winds: Firestorm--
    This rune is also very powerful because, as long as you are moving, it increases the total damage done by Sweeping Winds by ~96%.

    96% may seem like a pretty huge number to throw out there, but it is true.

    While moving, Sweeping Winds is only able to do damage for as long as a monster stays within its area. This means that to increase the damage SW does, you can either increase the base damage of SW (Bladestorm), move slower, or increase the area of Sweeping Winds so that monsters stay in it longer (Firestorm).

    The thing is, when you increases the radius of a circle, its area actually increases exponentially because the formula for Area is Area = π * r^2
    The result is that a 40% increase in radius (10yards to 14yards) is actually a 96% increase to the Area!
    3.1459 * 10^2 = 314.16
    3.1459 * 14^2 = 615.75
    615.75/314.16 = 1.96 or a 96% increase

    Assuming you are always moving, this means you will deal ~96% more damage with your sweeping winds on average. Because the entire point of Tempest Rush is to move, Firestorm becomes a VERY valuable rune.

    Pros: very high DPS, good damage spread.
    Cons: Not the highest damage spread, no utility

    I recommend Firestorm for monks who want to use a non-Inner-Storm SW rune but don't like the "feel" of Cyclone.

    --Sweeping Winds: Inner Storm--
    Unlike Cyclone and Firestorm, Inner Storm actually adds "utility" to your Monk instead of Damage.

    Spirit/sec does absolutely nothing for you as a stand-alone stat and must be converted into something in order for it to increase your performance.

    For most TR monks, Inner Storm will be a great way to get to the "infinite Tempest rush" level. It does SIGNIFICANTLY less damage than Cyclone and Firestorm at all levels of Crit Chance but if you can convert 3spir/sec into good damage, that doesn't matter.

    The very best way to use Inner Storm is when you have low Crit Chance so that Cyclone isn't an option. You can use Inner Storm instead of Mantra of Healing: Circular Breathing and then that frees up your mantra slot for Mantra of Conviction: Submission for increased damage spread and DPS.

    Pros: 3spir/sec utility!
    Cons: low DPS, small range

    This is my preferred rune for <25m gold Tempest Rush builds because getting all that Crit Chance gear for Cyclone can be expensive and getting DPS through Dex/average damage/CHD and other stats is JUST as good for Inner Storm and simply less expensive.

    --Sweeping Winds: Cyclone--
    Cyclone is an extremely strong rune and is therefore used in the majority of monk builds.

    One of the reasons for Cyclone's strength is that it "super-scales" in damage with Crit Chance.
    This means that as you get more Crit Chance, Cyclone does exponentially more damage.
    The reason for this is that Crit Chance increases both the chance for Cyclones to spawn AND the damage each spawned Cyclone does by increasing their chance to crit.

    The only downside (and it is a rather large one) is that it also scales with your attack's ability to "proc" things. Each attack has a "Proc Coefficient" that determines how often things with a "chance" to happen will happen. In the case of Cyclone, when you get a crit, you will only spawn a Cyclone as often as your attack has a Proc Coefficient.

    Basic auto-attacks have a Proc C of 1.00 so every time you crit, you will spawn a Cyclone.
    TR, on the other hand, has a Proc C of 0.25 per hit. Every fourth crit you get (on average) will spawn a Cyclone.

    This means that without a LOT of crit chance, Cyclone is very hard to use with TR because, even though it is very powerful, you simply won't spawn enough Cyclones to be useful.

    Through personal testing, I have determined that ~45% chance to crit with Tempest Rush seems to be the cutoff where Cyclone starts to be clearly better than the other Sweeping Winds runes.

    One of the single biggest issues people have with Cyclone is that it doesn't "feel" very good.
    This means that when you use Cyclone in a TR build, even if you are above the required 45% chance to crit, you will often "feel" like it isn't doing very much.

    The reason for this is that Cyclone does a LOT of its work off-screen. Cyclones that are left behind are killing stray mobs left and right, but you can't see that happen so, even through you get the xp and your xp/hr goes up, you seem to noticeably kill monsters SLOWER.

    This leads a LOT of people to take Firestorm or Bladestorm when Cyclone would actually be giving them more xp/hr.

    A similar problem people have with Cyclone is that you have to leave monsters who are not dead behind if you want to maximize Cyclone's efficiency and that "feels" terrible.

    A big part of what makes Cyclone strong for Tempest Rush is that it will "clean up" after you. However, it can't do this job if you don't leave monsters behind for it to clean up.

    Getting the hang of leaving monsters behind and just trusting that Cyclone is doing its job is a truly difficult part of the Cyclone based Tempest Rush build.

    Pros: highest potential damage, highest potential xp/hr, highest potential damage spread
    Cons: requires a TON of Crit Chance (at least 45% with TR), tends to 'feel' bad

    I recommend SW:Cyclone for monks who have over a 45% chance to crit with Tempest Rush and are looking to maximize xp/hr.

    —[ The Mantras ]—
    Unfortunately, like our spirit generators, there really aren't that many choices when it comes to Mantras. I sincerely hope that Blizz will address this problem, but for now here are the only two you should ever use:

    --Mantra of Healing: Circular Breathing--
    With the advent of Bind on Account crafted ilvl63 Amulets, it is no longer ideal to use a spirit/sec ammy for the vast majority of monks. This means that every single TR monk will be using either SW:Inner Storm or MoH:Circ Breathing to get to the required ~12spir/sec.
    You only need 1 of the 2 so choose wisely.

    MoH:Circ technically gives life per second and a spammable bubble as well but both of those effects are nearly useless.

    Pros: the spirit/sec lets you use a non InnerStorm Sweeping Winds rune, some sustain
    Cons: the actual mantra effect sucks and can be mostly ignored, no damage

    I recommend Circular Breathing if you have a lot of Crit Chance because the loss of Cyclone at CHC >45% is even bigger than the loss of MoC:Submission.

    --Mantra of Conviction: Submission--
    MoC:Sub has the exact same effect as Sweeping Winds: Firestorm.

    Because MoC:Sub's radius is 2x larger than SW's (20yds vs 10yds) its damage will actually be exponentially more effective than SW's damage. This means that, even though it "only" does 12% weapon damage, that 12% is FAR more effective than you would think.

    You can see the radius to area calcs in the SW:Firestorm discussion but it's a very large boost.

    Plus, Submission increased the damage all your other skills do and with the buff to TR damage in 1.0.7, this is an even more substantial effect.

    Pros: HUGE damage, very strong damage spread
    Cons: no utility

    I recommend MoC:Submission for Monks who are using Sweeping Winds: Inner Storm to get to the ~12 spir/sec mark.

    —[ The Last Slot ]—
    You have the following skills:
    1. Spirit Gen
    2. TR
    3. Breath of Heaven: Blazing Wrath
    4. Sweeping Winds
    5. Mantra

    This leaves every TR monk with 1 "free" slot that can be any number of useful skills. I will go over the best ones here:

    --Wave of Light: Empowered Wave--
    Patch 1.0.7 increased Wave of Light's base damage to 829% damage and leapfrogged it from niche/useless to one of the most effective damage skills in the monk arsenal.

    At about 100k DPS, one single Wave of Light will have a VERY good chance of killing entire elite packs in 1 hit on MP0. Because it costs less spirit than SSS and has no cooldown, WoL is becoming a favorite for many TR monks when it comes to elite-killing.

    Empowered Wave is the rune of choice because TR monks are always starved for spirit and -20 spirit cost is HUGE.

    Pros: 1 shots elites, no cooldown, low spirit cost
    Cons: must be aimed, will kill yourself if you WoL a reflects damage pack

    I recommend WoL for almost every monk who doesn't mind that it is harder to use than SSS and who has enough mitigation to not die to reflects packs when WoL'ing them.

    --Blinding Flash: Faith in the Light--
    This skill used to be mandatory because it buffed SW damage permanently, with 1.0.7 that is no longer the case and it is no longer that great for TR monks.

    You can take this skill as a good way to kill elites quickly because it keeps them in place and has a very low spirit cost and cooldown.

    Pros: very low cooldown, lots and lots of utility, increases elite kill speed dramatically
    Cons: must be combine with a spirit gen to be effective, slower than SSS/WoL at elite killing

    I recommend Faith for monks who are using their spirit generator as their main source of elite-damage.

    I will give Serenity a token shout-out here even though I would never recommend it for a TR build.

    While it has a massive suite of benefits, MP0 really isn't the most difficult place in the world and the damage /elite kill speed gained from Blazing Wrath will generally be of more benefit than the few saved deaths from Serenity.

    That being said, if you are dying all the time, Serenity is a GREAT way to learn the TR playstyle. Keep it on your bar, and use it only when you would otherwise die. Over time, if you are improving, you will start to die less and less and eventually you can remove it from your bar without issue.

    Pros: you will never die
    Cons: it has no effect at all if you wouldn't have died anyways

    I recommend using serenity as sort of "training wheels" that help you ease into the fast-paced playstyle of low-eHP low-Monster Power TRing.
    Once you are comfortable with TR and not dying much without using it, you can switch to a more offensive skill.

    --Dashing Strike: Way of the Falling Star--
    This is a relatively new addition to the TR build skillset and credit for its introduction goes to Seaboots.

    Falling Star is really only useful once you have enough DPS through SW, TR and Submission that you no longer need the slot to kill elites or trash (SSS / Blazing Wrath) AND you have MORE than enough spirit regeneration (~2-4 spir/sec GAINED while TRing).

    Once you meet these requirements, you can use Way of the Falling Star to gain even MORE speed. It does 303% weapon damage so you can frequently 1 shot elites with it and so I generally use it as the "finishing blow" on elite packs so that I can go rushing off with the 25% extra move speed.

    Pros: technically a very efficient skill for increasing your clear-speeds
    Cons: extremely steep gear requirements, hard to use effectively

    I only recommend this skill for end-game TR'ers who are looking to eek out that extra 5-10% efficiency from their TR runs!

    --Seven Sided Strike--
    SSS is a great skill for killing elites. It is on a long cooldown which means you can't use it for much else AND it takes a lot of spirit so you actually have to GAIN spirit while TR'ing in order to use it when it is off cooldown.

    This means you need even more gear for your TR build than you otherwise would.

    If you can manage to gain ~1.4spirit/sec while TR'ing, you should be able to slot in SSS and use it on cooldown to instantly kill elite packs.

    I personally ONLY use the Fulminating Onslaught rune because it has the most "leeway" in that if it randomly decides to hit a trash mob, there is still a good chance that hit will ALSO hit the elite instead of being 100% wasted.

    My preferred use for this skill is in conjunction with DR:Foresight. DR sucks at killing elites (though it is much better than TR) and SSS makes up for that for the most part.

    SSS is also fantastic at avoiding reflects damage elites.

    If you are a lower geared monk and you don't have as much sustain or all resists or HP, think about using the Sustained Assault rune so that you have SSS up more often as a counter to the many reflects damage packs you will face.

    Pros: instantly kills elite packs, 100% invincible while SSS"ing, completely negates Relfects damage
    Cons: long cooldown means you won't get to use it for every elite pack, medium spirit cost

    I recommend SSS for monks who use DR:Foresight because you can kill one pack with SSS then, while it is on cooldown, kill the next pack with DR:F which will refresh the buff on you. Trading off this way will make the most out of both skills.

    I also recommend SSS for monks who are having some trouble with reflects damage packs because it instantly kills them without having you take ANY damage.

    --Mystic Ally: Air Ally--
    Air Ally is both free damage and free spirit.

    On MP0 you don't really need a tank and your ally is 100% invincible so it will simply run behind you cleaning up monsters.

    Because, in an ideal world, you would never stop TRing to do anything other than kill elites, you can get to a point where any skill that does extra work while you TR is good and that is exactly the utility that Air Ally provides.

    Plus, the 100 spirit boost can be really helpful sometimes!

    Pros: free damage, free spirit
    Cons: verrrry low damage, spirit is NOT spir/sec and can't be treated as such

    I recommend Air Ally for monks who are looking to drop their Spirit Generator. When you are killing every elite pack with 1 Wave of Light and you have enough spir/sec to TR forever AND gain spirit for WoL, you might look to drop your spirit generator all together and Air Ally is there to provide a bit more clean-up and help you smooth out the rough-spots in spirit generation when you fight multiple elites in a row.

    —[ Passive Slots ]—
    You should really be using Chant of Resonance and The Guardian's Path so that leaves 1 passive slot that is open for discussion.

    --Fleet Footed--
    FF is the "end-game" choice for Tempest Rush monks because it gives you even more movement speed!!!

    FF will go beyond the 25% cap from items and when combine with TR and the usual 24% from items (Inna's pants + boots) you end up with 159% run speed!

    There is nothing fancy about this passive and it does require extra DPS to make it effective because run speed actually decreases the amount of damage you do by making you move passed monsters more quickly and thus allowing SW, TR and MoC:Sub less time to deal damage.

    Pros: increased move speed can be the ONLY way to gain more xp/hr for some monks
    Cons: it does nothing if your DPS isn't high enough to accommodate it, steep gear requirements, zero suviveability stats

    I recommend FF for all end-game TR monks. It is a Best in Slot passive once you have the DPS/mitigation to support it.

    --Exalted Soul--
    The other area that monks may find themselves having issues is spirit/sec gear.

    Unfortunately, the popularity of Tempest Rush has caused spir/sec gear to skyrocket in price and getting a good Xeph ammy or SoJ can often prove difficult or even impossible.

    Exalted Soul can help by giving an additional 1 spir/sec (1.47 after Guardian's Path + Templar) and it increases your max spirit pool so that if you can't quite reach equilibrium in your spirit spent to spirit gained equation, you can still TR for a long long time before having to hit something.

    This actually works out well for monks using Cyclone + FoT:TC because you are going to hit every elite you come across and refill your spirit globe that way.

    ES also provides a bigger spirit pool for people who like using Wave of Light.

    Pros: spirit/sec that doesn't cost gold, bigger pool means more Bells or more TR without going oom
    Cons: 1 spir/sec is not much, no surviveability

    I recommend ES for monks who are either slightly net-negative in spirit/sec or monks who are using Wave of Light to kill every elite pack and just need that extra spirit/sec and spirit pool to help out. ES has very good synergy with FoT:Quickening and DR:Strike from Beyond.

    --Seize the Initiative--
    STI is the most common monk passive in the game because it is free mitigation from the single stat you were already stacking anyways (DEX).

    As a monk, you usually want to try to have a 1:10 ratio between your all-resists and armor in order to have the highest possible mitigation to dollar spent ratio.

    TR monks tend to have more all-resist than armor and STI can fix that problem.

    STI is BY FAR the best when paired with physical resist gear. The three main killers for TR monks are Reflects Damage, Fallen Maniacs and big hits from golgors and such. All three of these damage sources are Physical.

    So, you can stack phys-resist and NOT use OWE and use STI instead. By doing this, you can quite easily get to 500 phys-res and 5000 armor for <25m gold. At these levels of mitigaiton, you will be nearly invincible.

    Pros: easy to gear for, adds all-around mitigation
    Cons: less mitigation per money spent than OWE (by the numbers)

    I recommend STI for monks who have a bit of All resist gear and/or are stacking physical resist.

    --One With Everything--
    MP0 might be easy but it's not THAT easy. You will still need resists if you want to avoid dying all the time and for the majority of monks out there, All Resists Inna's items are simply out of reach.

    Dropping Fleet Footed for OWE will usually improve your xp/hr if you are in this situation because you will die less, move more slowly and thus kill more things and spend less time kiting "hard" elite packs.

    Pros: extremely high mitigation per dollar value
    Cons: annoying to gear for, can be a trap

    OWE is, by the numbers, the best mitigation passive in the game and it should be treated with respect if not Awe! :D
    I recommend using OWE for any monk who isn't geared with all-resist or stacking a combo of phys-res and all-res.
    Part 2 - Routes for Tempest Rush XP Runs
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    Here I will go over the various routes now available for TR monks.

    In patch 1.0.8 the monster density for Acts 1 and 2 were both drastically increased but ONLY when playing on MP1 or above. Because TR doesn't function well on MP1 with less than 140k dps, you will want to stick to the Act3 routes on MP0 until you can move up in DPS.

    xp/hr: 0-10; 0 being the worst possible xp/hr and 10 being the best possible
    loot/hr: 0-10; 0 being the worst possible loot/hr and 10 being the best possible
    DE's/hr: 0-10; 0 being 0 DE's per hour, 1 being very bad DE's per hour and 10 being the best possible
    (DE = Demonic essence)

    ————————————[ Modified Alkaizer's Route ]————————————
    Note: Can be done on MP0

  • xp/hr: 7
  • loot/hr: 5
  • DEs/hr: 4

  • Path
    Core of Arreat -> Tower of Damned 1 -> Rakkis Crossing -> Fields of Slaughter -> Keeps 2

  • Get checkpoint in Core of Arreat
  • Begin game right outside Azmodan's room
  • Run South-West through Core and kill elites for stacks (1-3)
  • Take WP to Tower of the Damned
  • Run a counter-clockwise circle around Tower of Damned killing all elites (1-3)
  • Take WP to Rakkis Crossing
  • Run South-West through all of Rakkis Crossing
  • Enter Fields of Slaughter
  • Run an "S" shaped patter through Fields of Slaughter starting from the North-East entrance and ending at the WP in the South
  • Take WP to The Keep Depths Level 1
  • Immediately take the stairs down to The Keep Depths Level 2
  • Try to run a path that clears the most of Keeps2 without back-tracking
  • When you run into a dead end, port back to town
  • Exit game, resume game, repeat

  • ——————————————————[ Act 2 ]—————————————————
    Note: Must be done on MP1+

  • xp/hr: 10
  • loot/hr: 6
  • DEs/hr: 3

  • Path
    VotA -> Oasis -> Forgotten Ruins -> Storm Halls

  • Get the Vault of the Assassins checkpoint in the Desolate Sands
  • Begin the game in the Vault of the Assassins
  • Move through VotA in the clockwise direction killing all elites
  • As soon as you get to 5 stacks of NV, port out
  • Take the Path to the Oasis WP
  • Run in an "S" shaped path through the Oasis until you find the dungeon "The Forgotten Ruins"
  • Enter the Forgotten Ruins as soon as you find it
  • Clear the Forgotten Ruins in a Clockwise pattern
  • When it is fully clear, port back home
  • Take the WP to "The Terminus" and run along the right edge to the "Storm Halls" enterance
  • If Storm Halls is populated with Skeletons: Clear it until you hit a dead-end and port out
  • If Storm Halls is populated with Fallen Manics and Fallen: Port home and exit game
  • Exit game, resume game, repeat

  • ——————————————————[ Act 1 ]—————————————————
    Note: Must be done on MP1+

    Note: This route is MUCH "easier" than the Act2 route and is a good stepping stone if you want more xp than MP0 Act3 but can't handle MP1 Act2.

  • xp/hr: 8
  • loot/hr: 8
  • DEs/hr: 3

  • Path
    Festering Woods -> The Weeping Hallow -> Fields of Misery -> Decaying Crypt*
    *Rare-spawn dungeon

  • WP to Festering Woods
  • Go due West until you hit a wall then move around in a circle from there killing all elites you see
  • When you find Crypt of the Ancients, enter it, clear it, zone out and continue your circle
  • When you find Warrior's Rest, enter it, clear it, zone out and continue your circle
  • When both CotA and WR are clear and you have killed AT LEAST 1 elite, move back to the WP
  • Take the WP to Cemetary of the Forsaken
  • Run South-West out of the gate into The Weeping Hallows
  • Run a circle around Weeping Hallows ending up at the Cemetary WP
  • WP to the Fields of Mistery
  • Clear FoM in a "S" shaped zig-zag pattern getting as much coverage as possible
  • If you find the entrance to the dungeon "Decaying Crypt" note its location and do not go in
  • If Decaying Crypt spawns and the FoM map is mostly clear, go into Decaying Crypt
  • Clear in a mostly strait-line and try to "complete the square" similar to how it is done in KD2 then port home
  • Exit game, resume game, repeat

  • Note: here is a very useful map of Fields of Misery that may help you pick a good path
    Credit: Iralie on the d3db.com website
    Part 3 - Specs for Tempest Rush
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    Navigation - Gearing for Tempest Rush

    In this section I break down some of the more popular Tempest Rush specs that I have personally shown to be effective and use different synergies to their advantage.

    Generally, you will want to look through these and pick the one that best fits your play style and gearing choices.

    Each spec has an accompanying video that details how the spec works and then showcases a walkthrough run and a speed run using gear that is in line with the spec's goals on a lower paragon level monk. You can watch these videos to get a feeling for how each spec functions and why you might choose one over another.

    ————————————————[ Main Specs ]————————————————
    Here you will find information on the four most popular Tempest Rush specs for low Monster Power xp/hr and loot/hr farming. The VAST majority of TR monks use one of these three specs because they have been shown to be the most efficient things out there!

    I have included some variations for each build so people can get a feel for how each build can be modified to fit specific playstyles and synergies.

    Note: the accompanying video will only cover one of the listed variations.

    ————————————————[ Cyclone-Circ ]———————————————
    This build focuses on the strength of Sweeping Winds: Cyclone in combination with lots of CHC.

    —[ Requirements ]—
  • >45% Chance to Crit with Tempest Rush
    Example: if you have 42% CHC in your character sheet and a 6% TR Crit SoJ, you have 48% chance to crit with TR and this spec should work.

  • —[ Core Spec]—

    —[ Concept ]—
    Sweeping Winds: Cyclone scales exponentially with the Critical Hit Chance stat. For a full explanation as to why, read up on the SW:Cyclone section in the "Skills" second of the general info post.

    There very few exponentially scaling skills in the game and this is one reason that SW:C is so powerful.

    Generally, you will pick this spec because at high levels of crit, Cyclone is simply the best.

    The other main benefit to Cyclone is that it has a VERY strong damage-spread. The range of the Zaps from Cyclones is much much larger than the radius of SW and it allows the TR monk to "clean up" low HP mobs who would otherwise be far out of range.

    Lastly, Cyclones also efficiently spread their damage. Unlike MoC:Submission which has good spread but does so indiscriminately, Cyclones always do their damage. If there are 6 monsters, a single Cyclone can kill all 6 by hitting each one of them once. If there is 1 big monster, a single Cyclone can kill it as well by hitting it 6 times in a row.

    This "effective and efficient damage spread" is part of what makes Cyclone one of the most competitive skills that Monks have to use.

    The main downside, and it's a big one, to Cyclone is that it can be very "spiky." Because Cyclone spawning is a chance and not a guarantee, there will be times when no Cyclones spawn at all and the TR monk will have trouble killing even a simple pack of Monsters.

    In the long run, this will even out ... but it can be frustrating and, at low CHC levels, it makes Cyclone very inefficient.

    —[ Play Style ]—
    A Cyclone-Circ monk will look to pass through groups of monsters, hitting the most dense pack possible (even if this pack is not ideal as a TR target such as a dense pack of high-HP mobs) in order to spawn as many Cyclones as possible.

    Once the Cyclones are spawned, the TR monk will simply keep running and assume that the spawned Cyclones will take care of the low-HP monsters that are left behind.

    This playstyle can be very hard to get used to because it requires "trusting" your Cyclones to do their work and it will always feel worse when most monsters don't die ON your screen.

    That being said, mathematically, Cyclone has been proven to be VERY effective at getting xp/hr.

    —[ Spec Variations ]—
    —[ I ]—
    This spec can be run with net-neutral spirit gen while TRing or even net-negative.

    The idea is to TR around with high CHC then, when you find an elite pack, BF:Faith and hit it with FoT:TC.

    FoT:TC has an extremely strong interaction with SW:C because FoT:TC has the highest Proc Coefficient of all monk skills and thus spawns the most Cyclones.

    Pros: ease of use, low spirit/sec requirement
    Cons: high CHC requirement, lower elite kill speed, lower damage spread

    I recommend this spec to monks who have high CHC but low spirit/sec. You can also use this if you have a LoH skorn because FoT:TC has VERY strong interactions with LoH.

    —[ II ]—
    This spec needs at least a net-gain of 1 spirit/sec while TRing to use.

    With this spec you will try to use SSS:FO to kill an elite pack, then use DR:Foresight to kill the next pack.

    By switching off this way, you will SSS:FO insta-kill 50% of the packs and use the other 50% to increase your DPS by DR:Foresight.

    Pros: 50% quick elite kills, high DPS through DR:F
    Cons: 50% slow elite kills, frustrating to keep the DR:F buff on all run long

    I recommend this spec to monks who have high CHC and a bit of spirit regen through SoJ and slightly lower DPS. SSS makes Reflects Damage packs easy so you can use it to avoid the need for sustain on your gear!

    —[ III ]—
    This spec requires very high spirit regen while TRing and should be considered an "end-game" TR spec.

    By completely dropping a spirit generator, you are assuming that you can make enough spirit from gear and skills to infinitely TR AND drop Wave of Light on every elite pack you encounter even if you fight two or three in a row.

    The tradeoff is that you get an additional damage spread from Air Ally AND you can instantly kill every single elite pack with WoL.

    Note: Hitting frenzy shrines with this spec will simply end your run. Don't do it.

    Pros: fastest elite kill speed, best damage spread
    Cons: very high spir/sec requirement, no way to generate spirit if you accidentally run out

    I recommend this spec for anyone who reaches the "end game" of TR builds and does so with very high CHC. This means having a 2.2+ spir/sec SoJ and a 2.2+ spir/sec Inna's Hat as well as high DPS and >45% CHC BEFORE the SoJ. You will also need high surviveability because you only have WoL to kill elites.

    ————————————————[ Inner-Sub ]———————————————
    This build focuses on spreading out your DPS smoothly over as much space as possible while offering flexibility in gear and spec.

    —[ Requirements ]—
  • At least 2.5 spirit/sec TOTAL from gear

  • —[ Core Spec]—

    —[ Concept ]—
    This is the most flexible of the TR builds because Submission works with just about everything you can think of. It scales up in damage with paperdoll DPS so you don't need to stack one specific stat in order to make the most of it and it increases the DPS of all the other skills you use.

    Because of the great flexibility and strength of Submission, this tends to be the most popular of the TR specs.

    The only real limitation is that Inner Storm has a "wind-up" phase before it reaches 3 stacks and during this time it does not generate spirit. For this reason, I do not recommend this spec for monks with net-neutral or net-negative spir/sec while TR'ing.

    The wind-up phase will re-set every time you let SW drop and that can happen for any number of reasons. This will greatly slow your run-times.

    Submission and SW both do very strong "ambient" damage and neither are subject to "spiky" DPS so increasing your DPS through any means possible is the focus of this build.

    —[ Play Style ]—
    Inner-Sub monks will typically run paths that put high-HP monsters in their direct path.

    This is because SW and Sub are both fantastic at killing low-HP mobs, but they don't do quite enough to kill high-HP mobs. To solve this, the Inner-Sub monk will try and hit each high-HP mob with TR which, at 155% weapon damage, can frequently kill even golgors on MP0.

    Aside from that, the main focus of Inner-Sub monks is to reach a DPS point where all monsters die from the steady damage of SW and Sub in the time it takes to run passed them.

    —[ Spec Variations ]—
    —[ I ]—
    This spec can be run with net-neutral spir/sec without issue.

    The idea behind this variation is to reduce the impact of the "wind-up" phase of Inner Storm and allow for maximum kill speed of elites at the same time.

    FoT:Quickening has a 1.0 Proc Coefficient on the first and second hit and a 0.75 on the third hit. This makes it a very good skill for getting SW:Inner Storm to 3 stacks ASAP.

    Furthermore, if you run out of spirit during the "wind-up" phase or because of casting Wave of Light, you can simply hit any monster once or twice and gain a massive amount of spirit back.

    Because WoL does a lot of damage and it is your main elite killing tool (FoT:Q is terrible for dps), reflects damage packs or packs that spread out and have strong damage affixes will be very hard unless you have a lot of mitigation and relatively high HP.

    Pros: fast elite kill speed, lower "wind-up" time
    Cons: very susceptible to death by reflects damage and "hard" elite packs

    I recommend this spec for monks who have good mitigation and effective HP. You need to be able to tank Reflects Damage hits as well as hard elite packs.

    —[ II ]—
    This spec needs at least a net-gain of 1 spirit/sec while TRing to use.

    Just like the Cyclone-Circ version of this spec, you are going to try and kill the first elite pack with SSS:FO and then the next one with DR:Foresight.

    This will increase your elite kill speed overall, make Reflects Damage packs a lot easier and keep the DR:Foresight buff up a lot of the time.

    Pros: 50% quick elite kills, high DPS through DR:F
    Cons: 50% slow elite kills, frustrating to keep the DR:F buff on all run long

    I recommend this spec to monks who have good DPS but lack a bit on the surviveability scale. You do need to have some spirit/sec so make sure to look out for that.

    —[ III ]—
    This spec requires very high spirit regen while TRing and should be considered an "end-game" TR spec.

    By completely dropping a spirit generator, you are assuming that you can make enough spirit from gear and skills to infinitely TR AND drop Wave of Light on every elite pack you encounter even if you fight two or three in a row.

    The tradeoff is that you get an additional damage spread from Air Ally AND you can instantly kill every single elite pack with WoL.

    Note: Hitting frenzy shrines with this spec will simply end your run. Don't do it.

    Pros: fastest elite kill speed, best damage spread
    Cons: very high spir/sec requirement, no way to generate spirit if you accidentally run out

    I recommend this spec for anyone who reaches the "end game" of TR builds and does so with very high DPS but not that much CHC. This means having a 2.2+ spir/sec SoJ and a 2.2+ spir/sec Inna's Hat. You will also need high surviveability because you only have WoL to kill elites.

    ————————————————[ Fire-Circ ]———————————————
    This build focuses on concentrating your DPS in a set area and then adjusting your play style accordingly.

    —[ Requirements ]—
  • SW damage SoJ

  • —[ Core Spec]—

    —[ Concept ]—
    Where Inner-Sub spreads out your damage evenly over a large area, Firestorm packs that damage into the more confined 14yd radius around you. It also packages your DPS neatly int a 2 skill set: TR and SW.

    This means that Fire-Circ monks get the most bang for their buck from a Sweeping Winds damage SoJ because the vast majority of their total damage done is from the raging fire around them!

    Without this niche benefit, Fire-Circ monks are generally less efficient than Inner-Sub monks so it is a requirement for the spec to "work" even though you can run Fire-Circ without the SW dmg SoJ.

    From a gearing perspective, this spec is basically the same as a Inner-Sub monk. Your damage isn't very dependent on any one stat and getting paperdoll DPS is generally good.

    It removes the need for a "wind-up" phase as MoH:Circ gives 3 spir/sec instantly upon cast so it is a bit more flexible from that angle.

    —[ Play Style ]—
    Fire-Circ monks have to constantly pay attention to where monsters are. They have no damage spread aside from the 14yd radius of Firestorm and if mobs don't pass cleanly though it they won't die.

    This means that drawing the correct path is absolutely essential when playing this spec.

    That path will generally put high-hp mobs in the dead center as often as possible for the same reason that Inner-Sub monks do which is to let TR's 155% damage do some heavy lifting and get those big HP pools down.

    —[ Spec Variations ]—
    —[ I ]—
    This spec requires a little bit of IAS on gear and the spir/sec to support it.

    The idea here is to use the extra range of Firestorm to hit elites that are also in range for DR:SfB but not in range to hit you back!

    Wave of Light also has a very long range so you can generally stay away from things and get away with having a lower defense by making up for it with more mobility.

    Unfortunately, using DR with a Skorn makes kiting very difficult. To make up for this, try adding a small amount of IAS to your gear and getting spir/sec to compensate. Just an additional 8 to 12% can really make a big difference.

    This will also DRAMATICALLY increase the DPS your SW does which fits very well with the "boost SW damage" strategy.

    Pros: good elite kill speed, higher than normal SW damage
    Cons: higher than normal spir/sec cost, very skill intensive compared to other specs

    I recommend this spec for those monks who are looking to add a little flavor to their TR experience. Adding a dimension of kiting and spirit management with IAS on gear can spice things up but you will die more if you aren't careful!

    —[ II ]—
    This spec can be played with net-neutral or net-negative spir/sec and also benefits from IAS.

    This is another take on the increased effective range that Firestorm gives you.

    By using DR:F as your only skill for killing elites, you have ensured that your elite kill speed will be a bit higher than usual. However, you will have a really strong setup for increased damage spread (Air ally) and increased SW damage.

    This spec is even better at playing with low effective HP because Air Ally can do some off-tanking while you kite with DR:F.

    Plus, because DR:F is your only attack, keeping the buff up should be super easy.

    Pros: good damage spread, low eHP requirement
    Cons: slow elite kill speed, requires some IAS to make DR feel less clunky

    I would recommend this build to monks who are looking to use a Firestorm-Circ build and enjoy the thrill of glass-cannon playstyle. The MoH active bubble and LPS both become more effective the lower your HP gets as well!

    —[ III ]—
    This spec requires very high spirit regen while TRing and should be considered an "end-game" TR spec.

    By completely dropping a spirit generator, you are assuming that you can make enough spirit from gear and skills to infinitely TR AND drop Wave of Light on every elite pack you encounter even if you fight two or three in a row.

    The tradeoff is that you get an additional damage spread from Air Ally AND you can instantly kill every single elite pack with WoL.

    Note: Hitting frenzy shrines with this spec will simply end your run. Don't do it.

    Pros: fastest elite kill speed, best damage spread
    Cons: very high spir/sec requirement, no way to generate spirit if you accidentally run out

    I recommend this spec for anyone who reaches the "end game" of TR builds and does so with a bunch of SW damage items (Helm, SoJ, Mara's). This means having a 2.2+ spir/sec SoJ and a 2.2+ spir/sec Inna's Hat. You will also need high surviveability because you only have WoL to kill elites.

    ————————————————[ Cyclone-Sub ]———————————————
    This build utilized the item "Xephirian Amulet" to get a LOT of spirit/sec from gear and then use both SW:Cyclone and MoC:Submission at the same time to achieve a very high damage spread and very efficient damage allocation.

    Note: This spec should be considered an "end-game" TR spec and only used by monks who already feel comfortable with TR.

    —[ Requirements ]—
  • TR Crit SoJ
  • >45% Chance to Crit with Tempest Rush
    Example: if you have 42% CHC in your character sheet and a 6% TR Crit SoJ, you have 48% chance to crit with TR and this spec should work.
  • >5.7 spirit/sec from gear (or 4.7 from gear if you use Exalted Soul)

  • —[ Core Spec]—

    —[ Concept ]—
    In patch 1.0.6, this was the best TR spec for xp/hr and it is still very strong in 1.0.7.

    Submission spreads out your DPS over a large area and Cyclone efficiently allocates your DPS which allows you to get more out of a lower paperdoll #.

    However, in order to get the spirit/sec required to run this build, most monks have to use an item called "Xephirian Amulet" and, because of the steep CHC requirement, the Xeph ammy has to have CHC on it.

    The extreme rarity of CHC Xeph ammys and the relative ease of strong CHC CHD Dex Bind on Account ammys in 1.0.7 has led to the decline of this spec's popularity.

    Because Xephirian Amulet is required and the fact that it can only roll 2 random stats, one of which must be CHC, means that you will always be giving up a LOT of DPS when you choose Xeph over a rare.

    This can be a good choice, but only if your Xeph is fairly good or your Rare is fairly poor.

    If you are losing 30k DPS to equip a Xeph and use this spec, it is not worth it!!

    Note: if you have a good enough SoJ and Inna's hat such that, combine, they give 4.4 spir/sec, then you use 4 pieces of Inna's for 0.33 more and Exalted Soul you can reach the 5.73 spir/sec required to run this spec without using a Xeph ammy.

    —[ Play Style ]—
    As a Cyclone-Sub monk, you will be looking to take advantage of all the amazing damage spread in your kit.

    This means doing a LOT of leaving behind weakened foes to get cleaned up by Submission, Cyclones and possibly Air Ally (depending on spec).

    A Cyclone-Sub monk will run paths that allow TR to weaken the most monsters possible and spawn the most Cyclones possible. It plays similarly to a Cyclone-Circ monk except with an even greater emphasis on ignoring monsters behind you.

    —[ Spec Variations ]—
    —[ I ]—
    This spec can be used with net-neutral or even net-negative spir/sec.

    The idea behind this spec is to provide the most damage spread that is possible with any TR spec out there.

    You have Cyclone, Air Ally and Submission ALL spreading out your DPS over lots of area.

    Because this spec can run SW:Cyclone, FoT:Thunderclap becomes very powerful for killing elites and so you don't lose much elite kill speed compared to WoL or SSS builds.

    Due to the fact that Air Ally will help you gain spirit and FoT:TC will generate spirit every time you fight an elite pack, this build can actually be used at net-neutral or net-negative spirit/sec which means you can use a lower spir/sec Xeph and SoJ.

    With FoT:TC as your only elite killing tool, this spec does require a fair amount of effective HP to be usable.

    Pros: best damage spread, relatively low spir/sec requirement
    Cons: moderate elite kill speed, high gear-cost

    I recommend this spec for monks who already have a good CHC Xeph ammy and a fairly tanky TR setup. Also for monks who happen to have a VERY strong SoJ+Inna's Hat setup.

    —[ II ]—
    This spec requires at least 1 spirit/sec gain while TRing to be used.

    This is the old 1.0.6 best spec.

    Your goal is to use SSS alternating with DR:F to kill elite packs and thereby keep DR:F up all the time.

    The Foresight buff helps increase your paperdoll DPS which will naturally be lower due to the increased spir/sec requirement imposed by SSS:FO.

    Pros: 50% quick elite kill speed, higher DPS
    Cons: 50% slow elite kill speed, very steep spir/sec requirements on gear

    I recommend this spec to monks who have a solid TR suit with enough spirit/sec but are a little lower on effective HP and need SSS:FO to take out elites.
    Part 4 - Gearing for Tempest Rush
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    In this section I go over the basic concept behind gearing for Tempest Rush then delve into each gear-slot and explain what the best items are in each case.

    ———————————————[ Basic Concepts ]———————————————
    —[ Spirit/sec ]—
    When gearing for Tempest Rush, the single most important thing is to get the right amount of spirit/sec from your items. The goal is to get your total Spirit/sec above the cost of Tempest Rush so that, while Tempest Rushing, you don't lose spirit over time.

    In order to efficiently buy items, you need to know how spirit/sec is calculated and how Tempest Rush's cost is calculated.

    Gain = [spir/sec_from_items + spir/sec_from_skills] * [1+ total_spir/sec_modifier]
    Loss = [weapon_APS] * [1+ total_IAS_on_gear] * [cost_of_Tempest_Rush]
    Net = Gain - Loss

    Example: Monk with Skorn, 4 pieces of Inna's (8% pants) no other IAS gear, 1.9 spir/sec Inna's Hat, 1.4 spir/sec SoJ, using Tailwind-Cyclone-Circ build with STI as the free-passive, using Templar as follower.

    Gain = [1.9 (Hat) + 1.4 (SoJ) + 0.33 (Set) + 3 (MoH:Circ) + 2 (ChantOfRes)] * [1+ 0.12 (Templar) + 0.35 (GuardianPath)] = 8.63 * 1.47 = 12.69 spir/sec

    Loss = [1.0 (SkornAPS)] * [1+ 0.08 (Pants)] * [10 (TailwindCost)] = 1.08 * 10 = 10.8 spir/sec

    Net = 12.69 - 10.8 = 1.89 spirit/sec gained while TRing

    Use this math to calculate your own spirit/sec and make sure that you are buying gear that gives you enough to TR forever!

    —[ DPS ]—
    Because Tempest Rush requires the use of a Skorn, and Skorn happens to be a VERY strong weapon, most TR monks will have fairly good DPS.

    The goal is to get your DPS high enough that mosters all melt around you as you run so there is no such thing as "too much" DPS.

    In order to get this DPS, TR monks have to avoid IAS gear because it makes TR cost more to use.

    This means that the trhee main sources of DPS are Dex, CHC, CHD.

    Skorn automatically comes with at least 140% CHD and a socket which can easily give another 70%. This means even an average TR monk will have >210% CHD.

    Because of this naturally high CHD, CHC ends up being a VERY strong DPS stat alongside Dex.

    —[ Effective Hit Points ]—
    Unfortunately, because TR monks are trying to get high DPS, while maintaining good spirit/sec and not using IAS gear, Effective Hit Points or eHP, tend to get left behind.

    I often build suits and realize my monk has perfect spirit regen, a solid 100k DPS and <20k HP with <300 resists!

    This is a problem.

    MP0 (where most TR monks hang out) is pretty easy but when you completely ignore eHP, even weak monsters can kill you.

    The best ways for a TR monk to get some extra eHP are to use your free passive slot on either One With Everything or Seize the Initiative.

    Beyond that, making sure to snag Vit, All-res, life%, single-res and +armor on some pieces will vastly improve your play-time by making sure you don't die as often.

    One trick to eHP stacking on MP0 is to get Physical Resist.
    The main things that cause MP0 TR monk deaths all happen to be physical damage and stacking that single resist, even without One With Everything, can be extremely effective.

    My preferred eHP strat when building sets is to get Phys Res on a couple pieces and then use Seize the Initiative so that my Monk has a good mix of resists and armor in order to not die to Reflects Damage (phys), Fallen Maniacs (phys) and golgor hits (phys).

    ———————————————[ Benchmarks ]————————————————
    Note: All tiers require 4 pieces of Inna's Grandeur. The builds do not function without this set bonus.

    —[ Low Tier ]—
    DPS: 90k+ unbuffed
    HP: 20k+
    Armor: 3000+
    All Resists: 100+
    Single Resist: 350+
    Crit Chance: n/a
    Increased Attack Speed: <9%
    Spirit/sec: <depends on spec>
    Move Speed: 12% from gear
    Sustain: n/a

    —[ Mid Tier ]—
    DPS: 110k+ unbuffed
    HP: 25k+
    Armor: 3000+
    All Resists: 200+
    Single Resist: 400+
    Crit Chance: 35%+
    Increased Attack Speed: <9%
    Spirit/sec: <depends on spec>
    Move Speed: 24% from gear
    Sustain: Pick (1): 2000+ LoK — 4%+ LS — 1000+ LoH — 12+ pickup radius & globs bonus

    —[ Top Tier ]—
    DPS: 150k+ unbuffed
    HP: 35k+
    Armor: 3500+
    All Resists: 400+
    Single Resist: n/a
    Crit Chance: 40%+
    Increased Attack Speed: <30%
    Spirit/sec: <depends on spec>
    Move Speed: 24% from gear
    Sustain: 5%+ LS

    —————————————[ Individual Item Analysis ]—————————————
    —[ Weapon ]—

    There is just no reason to get any other weapon. Technically the best TR wep in the game is a ~1500DPS Dex,CHD,LS,OS rare Doom Hammer. I spent a small fortune on the best Doom Hammer in the world that meets these requirements and it has been amazing. If you do have a chance to get one ... do it ... you won't regret it! :D

    For most monks, Skorn is widely available and so I recommend everyone who wants to TR should pick one up.

  • Min stats: 1200+DPS, 140%+CHD, Dex
  • Average stats: 1300+DPS, 140%+CHD, Dex, Pick(1): 2000+LoK, 1000+LoH, 4%+LS, 200+Dex/Vit
  • Ideal stats: 1400+DPS, 160%+CHD, 5%+LS

  • Notes: n/a

    —[ Helm ]—
    Inna's Radiance

    There are no exceptions here. You need 4 piece Inna's and spir/sec is more expensive in EVERY other slot. They aren't that expensive (~5m) and spir/sec is the ONLY stat you need to worry about.

  • Min stats: 120+Dex, 30+Vit, 1.4+spir/sec
  • Average stats: 140+Dex, 50+Vit, 1.9+spir/sec, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 150+Dex, 80+Vit, 2.2+spir/sec, Pick(1): 60+All-Res, 10%+ SWdmg

  • Notes:
    1. For Fire-Circ builds, getting +SW damage as the random roll is BiS over All-Res.

    —[ Chest ]—
    Inna's Vast Expanse

    You need Inna's 4 piece but the stat doesn't matter. This is a good place to get your All Resists if you can.

    If you can't get All-Res, pickup radius, vit or dex/vit are good.
    Armor is also a viable stat but it is simply worse than All-Res.

  • Min stats: 120+Dex, 30+Vit, 10%+life
  • Average stats: 140+Dex, 60+Vit, 10%+life, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 180+Dex, 80+Vit, 11%+life, Pick(1): 60+All-Res, 150+Vit

  • Notes: n/a

    —[ Belt ]—
    Inna's Favor

    You need Inna's but this belt has so little variance that the stats barely matter. This is another good place to get All-Resif you can.

    If you can't get All-Res, pickup radius, vit or dex/vit are good.
    Armor is also a viable stat but it is simply worse than All-Res.

  • Min stats: 90+Dex, 7%+Holy Damage
  • Average stats: 90+Dex, 7%+Holy Damage, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 90+Dex, 8%Holy Damage, Pick(1): 60+AR, 70+Dex/Vit

  • Notes: n/a

    —[ Pants ]—
    Inna's Temperance

    These pants are so good. This is the only piece of gear that has IAS that you will have to use.
    They have all the best stats in the game and complete your Inna's 4 piece.

    The pants are generally a VERY expensive place to get your All Resists because basically EVERY class wants to use these pants and All-Res is one of the most desirable stats for non-monks.

    Try to get Pickup Radius, Vit or Dex/Vit if you can't afford All-Res.
    Armor is also a viable stat but it is simply worse than All-Res.

    It is also important to note that, because TR scales inversely with Attack Speed, 9% IAS Inna's are NOT better than 8% Inna's. You get more dps from 9% and you get more spirit/sec from 8%. Up to you!

  • Min stats: 90+Dex, 8%+ IAS
  • Average stats: 90+Dex, 8%+ IAS, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 90+Dex, 9% IAS, Pick(1): 60+All-Res, 70+Dex/Vit, 150+Vit

  • Notes: n/a

    —[ Boots ]—
    —[ I ]—
    Zunimassa's Trail


    They look sexy and they have awesome stats.

    The 8% elemental damage is a LOT of added DPS and they automatically have Vit and you can roll up to 200 Dex.

    If you don't get All-Res here, you will want a very high dex and vit roll, pickup radius or +armor.

  • Min stats: 150+Dex, 30+Vit, 7%+Poison Damage
  • Average stats: 150+Dex, 60+Vit, 7%+Poison Damage, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 190+Dex, 80+Vit, 8%Poison Damage, 60+All-Res

  • Notes: n/a

    —[ II ]—
    Ice Climbers

    Because you need the random roll to be AT LEAST 10% Move Speed, these will never be cheap enough to use in a Low-Tier build.

    That being said, they have some of the highest potential in the game and come with All-Res and %life which is nice for your eHP.

  • Min stats: n/a
  • Average stats: 170+Dex, 10%+life, 71+All-res, 10%+Move Speed
  • Ideal stats: 180+Dex, 11%+life, 75+All-res, 12%Move Speed, Pick(1): 50+Dex/Vit, 90+Vit

  • Notes:
    1. You can actually make a viable end-game TR build with non-move speed ultra-high dex Ice Climbers and Lacuani Prowlers as your Bracers. It takes more spirit/sec on gear to make up for the IAS on Lacu's but it can definitely be done.

    —[ III ]—
    Natalya's Bloody Footprints

    Ah, good 'ol Nat's. Many monks have these boots as leftover from life in the cookie-cutter circuit and they are still very viable.

    The big downside to Nat's is that they aren't good without the ring and the ring takes the place of either Hellfire or SoJ, both of which are fantastic for TR monks trying to get xp/hr.

    Nat's is ideal for monks who don't care about xp/hr and can ditch Hellfire.

  • Min stats: 90+Dex, 71+All-Res
  • Average stats: 170+Dex, 71+AR, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 180+Dex, 75+AR, 70+Dex/Vit

  • Notes:
    1. Requires the use of Natalya's Reflection (ring).

    —[ IV ]—
    Immortal King's Stride

    IK's boots are my favorite boots when building <25m budget TR sets and I think they are the most undervalued of all the TR boots.

    They provide a good source of All-resist (especially when paired with the IK's gloves) and they come with Vit.

    Plus, because they are a "barbarian" item, the ones with Dex tend to be undervalued!

  • Min stats: 150+Dex, 90+Vit, 71+All-Res
  • Average stats: 170+Dex, 90+Vit, 71+All-Res
  • Ideal stats: 190+Dex, 95+Vit, 75+All-Res

  • Notes:
    1. Requires the use of Immortal King's Irons (gloves) for best effect.

    —[ Shoulders ]—
    —[ I ]—
    Vile Ward

    VW comes with all the best stats any TR monk could ask for! While BoA Shoulders can technically outshine them, VW is such a nice package that it will remain the go-to shoulders for quite some time.

  • Min stats: 170+Dex, 71+AR, <good stat>
  • Average stats: 170+Dex, 71+AR, <good stat>, Pick(1): 50+Dex/<stat>, 70+Vit
  • Ideal stats: 180+Dex, 75+AR, 70+Dex/Vit, 70+Vit

  • Notes: n/a

    —[ II ]—
    Bind on Account rare shoulders

    Technically, these shoulders can be BiS items due to their extremely high Dex roll.

  • Min stats: 200+Dex, 60+AR, <good stat>, <good stat>
  • Average stats: 200+Dex, 60+AR, 70+dex/<stat>, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 220+Dex, 70+AR, 70+Dex/Vit, 70+Vit, <good stat>

  • Notes: n/a

    —[ Gloves ]—
    —[ I ]—
    Rare Gloves

    The easiest way to get rare gloves is to craft a set of Bind on Account Dex Archon Gauntlets.
    However, simply buying dex/CHC/CHD gloves isn't that bad.

  • Min stats: 100+Dex, 8%+CHC, 35%+CHD
  • Average stats: 150+Dex, 9%+CHC, 45%+CHD, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 200+Dex, 10%+CHC, 45%+CHD, Pick(2): 70+Dex/Vit, 90+Vit, 60+All-Res, 8%+IAS

  • Notes:
    1. For Fire-Circ monks, it may be advisable to get some IAS on your gloves to increase your overall DPS and allow for DR kiting.

    —[ II ]—
    Immortal King's Irons

    These are my favorite gloves for low-budget TR monks because, when combine with the IK boots, they give a TON of All-Res for super cheap and also give the required amount of CHC to TR effectively with any TR build.

    They do have lower DPS than rare gloves, in general, so keep that in mind when building your suit.

  • Min stats: 150+Dex, 9%+CHC
  • Average stats: 150+Dex, 9%+CHC, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 190+Dex, 10%CHC, Pick(1): 45%+CHD, 70+Dex/Vit

  • Notes:
    1. Requires use of Immortal King's Stride (boots) for best effect.

    —[ Bracers ]—
    —[ I ]—
    Bind on Account rare Bracers

    These bracers are without compare for TR monks as they are the only bracers that can roll 200+Dex as a mainstat.

  • Min stats: 200+Dex, 4%+CHC, <good stat>
  • Average stats: 200+Dex, 5%+CHC, <good stat>, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 200+Dex, 6%CHC, 70+Dex/Vit, 60+All-Res, <good stat>

  • Notes: n/a

    —[ II ]—
    Strongarm Bracers

    These bracers are fantastic for beginner TR monks. They are incredibly cheap and come with the full suite of desired stats: dex, CHC, life%.

    I recommend these for anyone on a budget!

  • Min stats: 150+Dex, <good stat>
  • Average stats: 160+Dex, 60+All-Res
  • Ideal stats: n/a

  • Notes: n/a

    —[ III ]—
    Lacuni Prowlers

    These are not advised for most TR monks because they give IAS (bad for most specs) and give move speed (redundant for most specs).

    However, if you find yourself wanting IAS (end-game specs or Fire-Circ) and/or wanting more run speed, these are a candidate.

  • Min stats: 4.5%+CHC
  • Average stats: 5%+CHC, <good stat>, Pick(1): 70+Dex, 50+Dex/vit, 60+All-Res
  • Ideal stats: 5%+CHC, 70+Dex, 50+Dex/Vit, 60+All-Res

  • Notes:
    1. Only used in niche specs and not advised for new TR monks.
    2. Very expensive

    —[ Amulet ]—
    —[ I ]—
    Rare Bind on Account Dex Amulet

    This ammy is simply amazing. The chance for it to roll as something that would have cost millions of gold on the AH is extremely high and it can potentially be the best ammy in the game.

    For the vast majority of TR monks, this will be the best possible item.

  • Min stats: 200+Dex, 7%+CHC, <good stat>
  • Average stats: 200+Dex, 7%+CHC, 60%+CHD, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 200+Dex, 7%+CHC, 70%+CHD, Pick(2): 60+All-Res, 70+Dex/Vit, 150+Vit, 40+AverageDmg, 7%+IAS

  • Notes:
    1. Ammys can spawn with high Life on Kill and getting it can allow a TR monk to use a super high Dex/Vit Skorn instead of a Sustain Skorn.
    2. Only certain builds will support having IAS on your Ammy and it is not recommended for most TR monks.
    3. You can also get non BoA rare ammys with these stats.

    —[ II ]—
    Xephirian Amulet

    This is an expensive part of the build because good spirit regen Xeph ammy's are rare.
    Furthermore, this is where you would usually get a lot of CHC so you will have to pay for that as well.

    This ammy is only used for Cyclone-Sub monks and it is not advised for the majority of TR monks.

  • Min stats: n/a
  • Average stats: 1.4spirit/sec, 7%+CHC
  • Ideal stats: 2spirit/sec, 7%+CHC, <good stat>

  • Notes: n/a

    —[ III ]—
    Mara's Kaleidoscope

    Mara's has a unique place as an amulet because it has "skill stats" that allow it to far exceed any other Amulet in very specific ways.

    In this case, there are only two variations of Mara's that make sense for a TR monk.

    You can get one with good DPS stats and a high Sweeping Winds damage modifier. This can potentially be best in slot for Fire-Circ monks and Inner-Sub monks.

    You can also get a max CHC Mara's with a high Tempest Rush Crit modifier. This can potentially be best in slot for Cyclone-Circ monks and, in very rare cases, Cyclone-Sub monks.

  • Min stats: n/a
  • Average stats: 6%+ CHC, <DPS stat>, <skill mod>
  • Ideal stats: 8%CHC, 70%CHD, <DPS stat>, <skill mod>

  • Notes:
    1. This ammy is extremely rare and should only be sought once a good set of normal TR gear is acquired.

    —[ Ring ]—
    —[ I ]—
    Hellfire Ring

    For xp/hr it is virtually impossible to beat a moderately well rolled hellfire ring.

    I recommend using Hellfire Ring as a good "fill in the gaps" slot.
    Do this by doing hellfire runs until you get a CHC hellfire then build the rest of your build around that hellfire ring.

    Does your Hellfire have AR? Awesome, less AR on your main gear. Does it have Vit? less vit on your main gear ... ect.

    Generally, you want your Hellfire ring to have at least one of the following DPS stats: CHC, CHD, AvgDmg, 250+dex.

  • Min stats: 170+Dex, <good stat>
  • Average stats: 170+Dex, 4%+CHC, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 170+Dex, 5%+CHC, <DPS stat>, <good stat>, <good stat>

  • Notes:
    1. While it is possible to run a TR spec without a Hellfire ring, keep in mind that the loss of 35% bonus xp is VERY hard to make up for even with extremely large amounts of DPS and eHP.

    —[ II ]—
    Stone of Jordan

    SoJ is as near to BiS as you can get with a slot that has as much variance as rings do.
    It gives spirit/sec and is the second cheapest place to get that stat on your gear. (Inna's Hat is the cheapest)

    It can also provide unique, strong bonuses to your skills such as TR and SW.

    Lastly, the 'bonus vs elites' stat will greatly reduce the time it takes you to kill elites which can improve your run speed.

  • Min stats: 5%+EleDmg, 1.2+spir/sec, 20%+EliteDmg, Pick(1): 5%+SWdmg, 3%+TRcrit
  • Average stats: 5%+EleDmg, 1.6+spir/sec, 20%+EliteDmg, Pick(1): 8%+SWdmg, 5%+TRcrit
  • Ideal stats: 6%EleDmg, 2.2+spir/sec, 26%+EliteDmg, Pick(1): 12%SWdmg, 7%TRcrit

  • Notes:
    1. It can be a good idea to pick up an SoJ with good spir/sec and elite damage even if it doesn't have SWdmg or TRcrit, just make sure the spir/sec and elite damage are high.
    2. Fire-Circ monks heavily favor SWdmg SoJ's.
    3. Cyclone-Circ and Cyclone-Sub monks heavily favor TRcrit SoJ's.

    —[ III ]—
    Natalya's Reflection

    Even though Natalya's Reflection has IAS on it, which is usually a very undesirable stat for TR monks, it has the potential to provide so much DPS that Nat's ring will frequently make its way into TR builds.

    This ring is especially good for monks who are not looking for xp/hr and can afford to drop their Hellfire ring because Nat's/SoJ is the highest dps combo possible.

  • Min stats: 84+Dex, 8%+IAS, <good stat>
  • Average stats: 84+Dex, 8%+IAS, 3%+CHC, <good stat>
  • Ideal stats: 84+Dex, 9%IAS, 4%+CHC, <DPS stat>, <good stat>

  • Notes: n/a
    Part 5 - Videos, Thanks & Misc
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    ————————————————[ List of Videos ]———————————————
    ——————————————————[ 1.0.7 ]—————————————————
    •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• <pending> •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

    ——————————————————[ 1.0.6 ]—————————————————
    Please note that these videos were made during patch 1.0.6 and some of the information contained within is no longer accurate for patch 1.0.7!
    —[ I ]—
    •••••••••••••• End-Game - Cyclone-Sub - Tempest Rush Walkthrough ••••••••••••••
    ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• http://youtu.be/rtlpp4WyhO0 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

    In this video I do a full run of my preferred xp route with my optimized gear set-up and comment throughout so that you can understand why I am doing the things I do!

    —[ II ]—
    ••••••••••• End-Game Gear - Cyclone-Sub - Tempest Rush Speed Runs •••••••••••
    ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• http://youtu.be/27pVrEbME9s •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

    This is a video of three xp runs where I focus on the xp part and not the explaining part.
    I get progressively more xp each video topping out at 87m xp/hr.
    I skip all shrines so that I am not giving you super bias triple enlightened/fleeting shrine run xp/hr examples! ;)

    —[ III ]—
    ••••• Med Gear - Cyclone-Circ - Tempest Rush Walkthough and Speed Run •••••
    ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• http://youtu.be/owbVXgXN48c •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

    In this video, I do a walkthrough of the gear and skills I use for Spec Variant A of my budget-TR build. Then, after the commentary walkthrough, I show a speed run with music and xp/hr calcs. (67m xp/hr)

    —[ IV ]—
    •••••• Med Gear - Inner-Sub - Tempest Rush Walkthough and Speed Run •••••••
    •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• http://youtu.be/IPs9IiWRf30 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

    In this video, I do a walkthrough of the gear and skills I use for Spec Variant B of my budget-TR build. Then, after the commentary walkthrough, I show a speed run with music and xp/hr calcs. (74m xp/hr)

    —[ V ]—
    ••••• Med Gear - Cyclone-Circ - Tempest Rush Walkthough and Speed Run •••••
    ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• http://youtu.be/bjOX2mfPhk0 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

    In this video, I do a walkthrough of the gear and skills I use for Spec Variant C of my budget-TR build. Then, after the commentary walkthrough, I show a speed run with music and xp/hr calcs. (65m xp/hr)

    —[ VI ]—
    ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Skill Mechanics Video ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
    ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• http://youtu.be/eLJEHLrN3v8 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

    In this video I detail some of the mechanics of the various skills used in the Tempest Rush build.

    —————————————————[ Thanks! ]—————————————————
    When people make discoveries, they deserve credit for their work and when people are nice they deserve thanks! In this section I will give credit where credit is due.

    1. Kaho
    Kaho is a monk who made a wonderful video called "Run Like the Wind Monk" that inspired me to become a TR monk in the first place.

    He also pioneered the route that I showcase in my videos and that I recommend any aspiring plvl100 TR monk use.

    Because of his innovation, I suggest people refer to the route as "Kaho's run" similar to the way people call the run Alkaizer made popular the "Alk run."

    2. Shatterbox
    He suggested I use MoC:Submission instead of MoC:Overawe and I laughed at him.

    He was right. Thanks for being a more innovative guy than me Shatterbox! <3

    3. Vrkhyz
    This guy does SO much math! You can check out his mathematics page here:

    4. Piffle
    Piffle helped keep me sane while running the same route over and over for hours.
    Thanks Piffle for being a great guy! :D
    He is also MUCH better at the AH than me, check out his gearing guide here:

    5. Seaboots
    SB was the first Monk that I saw using Dashing Strike: Way of the Falling Star (an amazing skill for this build if you have the gear for it) with the following build:

    He was also the first Monk that I saw who suggested the Act3 - 3zone route which apparently does give higher xp/hr than Kaho's route!

    Check out his 100m xp/hr video showing both the spec and the route here:
    To everyone else who has shown support and asked good questions, thank you all for being such a great community!


    No, there's nothing to read yet, but I already know it will be good!
    ohhhhhhh sssnapp! this is Dr. Uin's motorcycle workshop!
    The tempest rush is comin'!! The british are comin'!!
    Finally! Been waiting for this for hours, refreshing the forum every 15 min or so.
    so far so good, can't wait to read the rest.
    Posting to I can get here faster when complete.
    Looking forward to this.
    Lol, you guys make me so happy!

    FINALLY! the secrets contained within the ARK of the Tempest Rush Covenant will be MINE!


    Paragon 100 - here i come! Paragon 100 by 2015!!!
    Can we start the discussion already? Specifically about the mantra and most importantly SW rune: cyclone vs blade storm/fire storm/inner storm. I might try cyclone tonight.
    Looking forward to the videos. I am fine with what I am doing but I would like to try something else... Mix it up, especially if my xp/hr goes up.

    ffs, who wouldn't like that!
    About damn time. We've been waiting for this thing. :)

    Already "Liked" this post. Would it be wrong to request sticky preemptively?
    I have to do some chores now so I will leave you guys with a sneak-peek video! ;)

    Note: I only posted this video because I happened to render and upload it first. It is actually meant for Post 2 - max gear build! This means there is no explanation for it in the thread yet so please bear with me!

    I am rendering / uploading the other content that I have atm but it only totals 3 videos for now!
    Chores are NOT important!!!
    THIS is :D~~
    Chores are NOT important!!!
    THIS is :D~~

    My wife SO disagrees with you ;)
    KingHen will do your chores! NOW - get back to work Druin! LOL

    j/k. take your time. But seriously, KingHen, help a monk brother out and clean the gutters! lol

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