Next upgrade?

Obviously need many upgrades, but I'm not looking to farm MP10 anytime soon. Where to start? I like the cm/raining meteor build since I find it the most fun.

Often running out of AP. Was thinking a wand with APoC, intelligence and a socket... but most out of my price range.

Any suggestions? The more specific the better. thx in advance
Look at the ones about to end, you can usually snag them for pretty cheap. It's hard to say what your upgrade should be if I can't see your gear though.
Get a good source with APoC, Tal's aren't too much, I love mine, and got it at last minute for cheap.
Sorry I didn't realize it was using my SC2 profile and that D3 profile is not accessible.
And I do have a Tal! It's similar to the oculus i have on right now.

Here is my wiz:


damage: 38900 (with magic weapon buff)
AS: 1.50
Crit chance 33%
Crit damage +120%
Resistances 380-550
Int: 2065
Vit: 482

Embarrassed to say but only have 1.3mil gold
you already have an Apoc wand (or did you get it after posting?)

If you need more Apoc, you can change your Helm for one with CC and apoc.
That being said, you really could use more CC. You only have 21.5%CC. That won't help you trigger that Apoc enough to make a difference.

Your gear seems to include GF or MF in pretty much everything. It's not bad but I wouldn't look for it. Keep leveling your Paragon level and you won't need it anymore.
Ya I just bought the wand - found a cheap one.
Helped somewhat but still having trouble.

Maybe CC is the problem then (although my total CC is 33% actually). Perhaps I should get a new amulet?

My survivability is an issue too. Should I prioritize resist all / vitality / LOH?
well you really need more of RA,HP and LoH if you want to survive.

For CC, you can get it on you ring, helm and amulet for fairly cheap.
To what extent should I sacrifice MF/GF?

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