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I have so many so I'll just do blizz game related moments:

1. Leading a high-end raiding guild I just joined through the servers first successful Undercity raid (before achievements made this easy to do).

2. Ensnaring ally players into cutthroat alley in Stormwind with my warlock's Imp. He'd start on the road and then return back to me (i used an eye of killrogg to see when the players were around and curious). The player would follow the imp and I'd kill them by the time they got to the alley.

3. Doing the same thing as #2 but in the cathedral of light and also making doom guards out of the npc's in the churches catacombs and releasing him on the bishop from the catacombs below. I was pretty RP about my warlock haha...

4. Winning an amazingly long FFA against 4 other players (I used Humans) in wc3

5. Testing my wc3 map when I had successfully finished the storyline.
5: finishing grinding out my first wargods in Legend of Dragoon

4: Watching the CG in FF8 where Squall and whats her face are dancing and thinking graphics couldnt get much better than this

3: Falling asleep playin Tales of Destiny on ps and waking up having gained lvls and tons of loot (guess i was playing in my sleep)

2: running into the blood moor with my druid Cormach after buying my first battle chest and clubbing the head off a zombie (OMFG THE SOUND IT MADE!!!)

1: my first fight against Regnier on Kingdom Under Fire for xbox
1. Getting to lv 99 amazon in diablo2, before the patch was out. (It was simply just lvling in cow level)

2. Getting scared when playing Elvira 2 when i was young, it was really impossible to complete it. Almost a decade later, managed to download in again and cleared it with a walkthrough!

3. Winning 10 straight challenges in the arcade game samurai shodown 2 with charlotte. Until the 11th challenger came and used hanzo. He used a hidden skill which i have never seen before and thus lost to him.

4. Being strong enough in diablo2 to rush people for forge, using a sorc (anyone rem?)

5. In the last level dungeon in diablo 1, then my bro's friend exited my game when i am away for a while. I have to start all over again.
5. Saying "Shake it baby!" to the strippers in Duke Nukem 3D, and watching them get naked. I was like 10 so this was GOLD.
4. Playing the first Unreal with a 16MB Riva TNT2 on max settings in 1024x768... wow.
3. My "ITH" sword and 1.08 Arkains Valor and Shako on my lvl 91 HC Barbarian in D2 not being deleted in the mass dupe deletion of 1.09
2. Realizing that the rocket launcher on the original Doom had more (and lower) bass than any gun in the history of gaming (and still does) and hooking up my PC to two 18" subs and proceeding to knock everything off the walls in my house.
1. Winning a Quake 3 deathmatch 30 to -1 using only the railgun on the floating platform map (DM17??), against real human opponents.
1. zeldas theme song. will never be able to get that outta my head
2. up up down down left right left right b a select start
3. MK. scorpion "get over here"
4. Doom
5. Quake CTF
5. Final Fantasy XII - Opening Menu/Title. Tribue to original Final Fantasy (I) music and theme.

4. Final Fantasy VI (III) - Ending Sequence. In particular, the in-game cast credit roll as it plays through their music themes and shows a cutscene of their escape. Locke and Celes' part gets me, every time.

3. World of Warcraft - First group kill of Onyxia (Classic 40man pre-Blacking Lair).

2. Final Fantasy X - Ending Sequence. When Tidus hugs Yuna, then walks through her. Also Suteki Da Ne (final music track during credit roll).

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Ending Sequence. In particular, when Young Link is walking away from the Master Sword and the bells are chiming, and it says "Presented by Nintendo".
#5: Using force choke to crush storm trooper skulls into the ceiling in Jedi Outcast. Physics engine for the win.
#4: Discovering the throat-cutting kill-cam for the first time in Skyrim. I might just be a psychopath.
#3: Driving the Warthog in Halo with my buddy on the gun in the back, running over everything. I could not stop laughing.
#2: Cutting off a man's arm and beating them to death with it in Rune. Most underrated game of all time.
#1: Finally beating the 45 minute baron run with my guild team. We had NO raid gear, only blues.
1) getting my !@# kicked by my older brother in super street fighter 2 on sega mega drive, now he cant touch me on ssf4 on 360

2) carting my pc over to a mates place to play d2 lan and getting it to work lol

3) playing half life counter strike

4) zelda ocarina of time when you finaly grow up, such a good game

5) its gotta be halo/master cheif who doesnt like being a super soldier one of a kind world saving hero.
When Princess Ovelia stabbed Delita at the very end of FFT!
1. Finding out Moxxi is Scooter's mom.
2. Special noises after doing "cheats" in SNES games (up Down Left Right X B Y A - in Power Rangers) LOL
3. Seeing Wirt's Leg and Griswold in Diablo 2 (go figure)
4. Getting Legendary drops from Treasure Goblins
5. Rescuing Princess Peach for the 1st time
When my buddy fell out the windows while playing a video game. Jumped up and got an awesome kill and tripped over the cable and fell out a 4 foot high window.
1) A MUD called Abandoned Realms. Taught me how to type on a computer. I was 22 and went from never having never used/owned a computer to dominating this MUD as a pk'er for a few years. To this day, the only reason I can type with the speed I do is because of the endless hours spent practicing on that. Then someone taught me what a macro was. Wow.

2) Beating Super Mario Bros on the NES for the first time. Beating Zelda 2: the Adventures of Link ranks right up there but you always remember the first real game you beat.

3) I had a job as a securit guard for an NHL team back in the early 90s. When the game was over, I went across the street to rent an N64 and hooked it up to this massive television in their private office and played all night. I was never caught.

4) First video game system I ever bought with my own money was the first colour hand held system called a Turbo Grafix 16. There was a game called Military Madness. A 14 year old me washed a lot of dishes at $4.50/hr to save up the $450 for that. And boy did I play the snot out of it.

5) Civilization. The very first one. Blew me away. So many days/weeks/months wasted. The little facts they would give about the various technologies you would achieve forms a large part of my present knowledge base. School failed me, and I failed it. I'm a medic now working in trauma rooms in a hospital. I wonder how much more fear the patients would have if they knew that?

**Honourable mention: Getting scared silly by that dog that jumps through the window in Resident Evil.
First thread I've seen worth responding to in months.

5) Flipping the score in Galaga (1981, actual arcade console, no fast-shoot hack) and being annoyed that it killed your high score submission.

4) Running over the drug-crazed clowns and watching them bounce in NARC (1988 arcade console) with the Bond-esque cop car.

3) Setting cultists on fire with the flare gun in Blood.

2) Beating my friend's Chmmr Avatar with an Androsynth Guardian (playing together on a single keyboard on his 486) in Star Control II-The Ur-Quan Masters....and then doing it repeatedly after he claimed it was a fluke.

1) Calculating and executing an 8-move combination that included a queen sacrifice. There is nothing like that cold calm that washes over you when you know that the person sitting across from you is toast even if he doesn't know it yet.

Honorable mentions: Civilization (the original and still best) and Heroes of Might and Magic II and III for the ultimates in time-wasting, turn-based geekdom. Also, original Dungeon Keeper (still installed on my archaic laptop somewhere) was everything I had hoped for in a computer game at the time. "Evil is good." Ah...yes, yes it was.
1. Age of Empires - 1st place in the family tournament, aww yeah!
2. 1080` Snowboarding - First time I played an N64
3. Civilization II "Uh.. yeah mom, I'm sick I can't go to school."
4. Oblivion - So many late nights
5. Diablo II / LoD - First time I saw this game I was hooked, and for a good many years. I loved planning out characters just how I wanted with Stats and Skill Trees, the gears were sweet too, elemental damage was awesome, I thought poison was so cool. Rune words added a lot too, Online experience was bomb up til the last few years when bots came.
Playing CoD 4 in Afghanistan on laptops while mortars landed outside of our tent... Was pretty BA.

Legend of Zelda on N64... Hearing the "Sun's Song". Just something about the tune of it was kind of dark, but still joyous. I used to run him into the windmill where that one crazy guy was, and the Sun's Song looped, and turn up my TV, and just have it as ambient music.

Diablo 1 music, to this day... The first couple of chords, that glassy shimmer of that guitar, just ridiculous. Still invokes that mixed feeling of tension and calm at the same time.

Mass Effect 2, watching Kelly Chambers get liquidated because I messed up the order, and actually feeling panicked and wanting to punch my screen to break the glass and save her.

Soul Calibur on Dreamcast. SO MANY memories... so much frustration. Saw a controller obliterated every week because of it. Stomped to death, swung at the wall by the cord, smashed in by someone's angry and vengeful forehead... So many good memories though, me and my home-boy Mitsurugi. And my Russian friend Boris would flip out and kick his bed out of anger, and then his dog barked, and that woke up his angry Russian mom, and that woke up his dad, and then his sister woke up, and then the dog barked louder, and it always cascaded into a huge maelstrom of screaming and anger... In closing, screw you, Taki.

Screw you.
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1) Being there when rainz killed lord british with fire field


11/23/2012 07:39 PMPosted by Nidhogg
4) Running over the drug-crazed clowns and watching them bounce in NARC (1988 arcade console) with the Bond-esque cop car.

Haha, I loved that game! I think of it every time I play a Loaded for Bear DH in D3...

You're busted.
5 - Leisure Larry - feeling jipped when the cut scenes....were...well.......

4. (Atari 800) - learning to beat donkey kong while reading the "guide" book and then attempting the same strategy in the arcades....spending upwards of $10 in quarters (keep in mind I am ancient)...because I was that horrible at it

3. Everquest - getting setup with friends online, making sure I had enough smokes, cokes, and close enough to the bathroom - we were going on my first extended hours raid through FEAR...ironic part...NECRO (sadly just now put 2 and 2 together)

2. Playing Duke Nuk'em 3D...watching the pigs exploded, the strippers never face me but gladly take the cash, and to this day best line still in video game "I'm here to kick !@# and chew bubblegum.....and I'm all out of gum".....finishing the game....then finding cheats online (1996 era? - see ancient comment)

1. Leaving this one undecided - commitment issues...i just cannot marry my opinion to a single #1
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**Honourable mention: Getting scared silly by that dog that jumps through the window in Resident Evil.
Wow, this thread took off since I replied. Spent like an hour reading through all the various responses just now. Man, gives me goose-bumps hearing other people's top moments. Many games I've never even heard of, but you can still hear the conviction and emotions in their... voice?

Soooooooo many games I've played and had completely forgotten about. I could probably write a "top-10,000 moments" post after the flood of memories I have now.

This may be best thread on the boards, EVER!!

Thanks OP!
11/23/2012 12:09 AMPosted by MuckFe
So many amazing stories, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every single one. For me the wonderful thing is it doesnt seem to matter so much what gaming genre or the age of the player - the common thread is how all dedicted gamers find something special and personally unique that just stays with each of us. And even though their game or magic moment may be different from mine - I can really connect with the intensity of the moment - that sheer burst or adrenaline, dopamine and perhaps endorphins that only deep immersion in a game we love can bring.


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