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its hard to give numbers for me so i ll just list the 5 moments i remember

- Final Fantasy 9 Entering the endboss flying island with air ship support from cid and everyone you helped in the game against hordes of silverdragons

- Diablo I open the little butchers room filled with blood and body parts for the first time
and hearing the sound: Ahh fresh meat

- Lufia snes finished the Origins Cave with 99 lvls and killed the endboss within four rounds for a key maaaan this took so unbelivably long back in the days without emulator and speed button^^

- of course Diablo 2 the first time online (i had a green 56k modem), first time batering and communicating live in english was amazing for me and to be honest i believe without the english communication in diablo 2 today my english would suck totally i guess so thx blizzard for this master piece of a game

- Smash Brothers 64 huge fun with 3 friends back in the days when i was younger
1. The ****** ****** Yeti in SKI FREE for my ancient Windows Game.

2. Horned Reaper in Dungeon Keeper 95'

3. "AHH FRESH MEAT!" - Diablo 1

4. Fighting Illidan Stormrage - You are not prepared...

5. Diablo 2 : Transformation Cinematic from when Dark Wanderer turns into Diablo and walks through portal infront of Mephisto.
5 - Using the "hero" units in WC2 tides of Darkness, especially the last orc mission
4 - The secrets in Super Mario 3 for NES
3 - Sniper Wolf scene in MGS
2 - Last fight scene in MGS 3
1 - FF3 - the world destruction/second half of the game
1. Someone already mentioned this, and it was HUGE for me back in the day; Beating Emerald and Ruby weapons in Final Fantasy VII. It took FOREVER. It's been a long time, so my memory may not be accurate, but I had Knights of the Round, along with Quad, and a bunch of Mimes, and I just kept casting Knights of the Round over and over again. The animation for it was really long, with no way to skip it.

2. Mega Man 2! This game came out in 89. I was 13. My parents got it for me for Christmas. I snooped. I found it. I'd play it every day after school before my parents came home from work (I STILL feel guilt about this). On Christmas day, when I opened it, I had already very nearly beaten it. I spent all afternoon Christmas day beating the final level. What an accomplishment, what a game, what a memory.

3. A Link to the Past. I was "stuck" in that game for weeks. One day, purely by accident, my brother found the village hidden under the trees (you had to cut down trees with your axe before it was visible. My mind was blown, even my parents (who had no interest in gaming) were excited.

4. Street Fighter 2 in my local arcade. I grew up in a small town. We had a "Billiard Shop" with pool tables in the back, and about 8 arcade games in the front. It was known as a seedy place, which made it that much more exciting to go to. I could hold my own against ANYBODY dumb enough to put quarters in that machine.

5. Half-Life and all that came with it. The campaign, Counter Strike, Death-match, and my favorite of all, Team Fortress Classic. How many hours? I couldn't say

Honorable mention (ok, my #6), my fist time playing World of Warcraft. So good. I was giddy on my first flight from Darnassus.
In no particular order:

Playing nearly all of the final fantasies to conclusion (except 2 and 8). Favorite is 6, Kefka all day long. You know a game is good when you think the bad guy wins. Played 10 the most, maxing the sphere grid with all chars, which is actually much easier than one would think.

I got into gaming late. My parents wouldn't let me get a console until the PS2 came out. That being said, my first game was Magic Carpet for PC, which came bundled with our old Compaq. Later learned that it was designed in part by Peter Molyneux, which in retrospect explains why it was such an amazing concept but was horrifically flawed in execution (the game is unbeatable in its original form due to a bug on the last level). I still think it's one of the best FPS out there. Flying around, slinging fireballs, ripping the earth apart, calling down meteors, raising volcanoes, good times. Worth keeping an old Windows 95 machine around.

Beating the original Super Mario in one life with my cousins.

The one thing I'll never forget in a game was the tension and anxiety when calling in my first nuke in MW2 (360). Total exhilaration. Getting one is a complete waste of time, and I swear it's best to run 3-4-7, but it was fun trying. My cousins and I bathing in the tears of everyone in the lobby... just wonderful.

Really jaded on games here lately. So many games are just becoming bland, tasteless rehashes and sequels (looking at you Assassin's Creed 1, 2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3, plus spin-offs). The last game that truly wow'ed me was Fallout 3. Having never played the prequels, I found myself lost in the post-apocalypse. It was an awesome compromise between Oblivion and... something with guns. And mini-nukes.

Edit: Honorable mentions: Diablo 1 - Butcher. Halo 2 lan parties. N64 Smash, 4 players, 99 lives, well over 2 hours of craziness.
- Demon's Crest on SNES : beating the dark demon

- Getting M-m-monster kill online on Unreal Tournament original

- Vampire : the masquerade - bloodlines : Ocean house (If you haven't played this game, do it, it's one of the best PC RPGs ever made ! )

- Terranigma on the SNES : meeting Beruga

- Half life 2 : Ravenholm
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*When the "Epic weapon" was new on Everquest and only a handful of people had them, my wife was getting hers(Druid).

Sniff ... I never got my Epic on my druid - played EQ for 5 years .. Quad kiting (with Spirit of the Wolf) .. loved it. Glad your wife got hers though :)

Thanks for bringing up old, fond memories.
OMG... this is awesome, I'm gonna leave some out I know...

1. By far... me and a friend (this was like 1991) had the very first 56k modems that split data and voice and played 1 v. 1 on the original Doom for like 8 hours straight - him in his house, me in mine. I remember sitting in a pool of my own sweat at 1 am talking to him and saying, "you have no idea where I am, do you", and him saying, "no". My responses - "Here I am, and put a rocket in his back".

2. Loading up pong in black and white for the first time ever on tv. The first video game ever. It was madness.

3. Playing Unreal Tournament on a Friday night at a friends networked office on hard-core CAD computers. Eating coffee beans and kicking everyones !@#.

4. Duke Nukem tournaments at another office over the network. 8 guys in offices with the doors closed all laughing hysterically as the screen lit up, "Killed by... HIV+ASSFUK". Trying to get a funny name inside of 8 or 10 letters or whatever they allowed.

5. Intellivision sub-battle or sub-hunt or whatever it was. The pt boat "skinch-play". You could run any boat into the land. Man intellivision rocked.
I need to double post because I forget to mention the feeling when you first play Freebird in guitar hero 2:

Seriously, you really want to do this ?

Then you realise you knew that song, but never really listen to it, then ur hand get SMASHED.
Then you explode in joy !

Thats the last time I felt something truly epic playing a video game since Im more then 20 years old.

5. Shining Force 2. I played through that turn-based RPG game so many times.

same. bought a sega saturn just because of shining force 3 only have have the first of 3 senarios released in the US. sadface.
1. Samus is a girl?!?! Yeah, I can actually say I beat Metroid back in the 80s before it was common knowledge that the silent, badass bounty hunter was actually a girl. It sounds so 'meh' these days, but it's one of those things you had to experience first hand (and during the proper time period) to get the full effect.

2. When Crono died in Chrono Trigger. I had never played a game in which the main character not only dies, but dies in the middle of the story. Sure, you could do a quest and revive him (if you wanted) but it was a huge WTF!?! moment when he got disintegrated by the game's final boss/ultimate evil well before the end of the game.

3. First time fighting Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid. I had a memory card with several appropriate saves for him to "read" as well as a controller he could make shake. It was such a surreal experience and even though it wasn't something difficult to do from a technical standpoint, it wasn't something that had been done before (afaik).

4. "Would you Kindly" from Bioshock. Holy hell was that effective. I was completely oblivious to how it was a trigger phrase to get the protagonist to do something. It created a nice illusion of freewill while not actually having a choice. When it finally dawned on me that I was being controlled, I just went slack jawed.

5. Aerith's death in FF7. Yeah...I cried.

Honorable mention: One time in Halo 2 multiplayer, we had a big ol' fight on that one level that's a bunch of bridges where you die if you fall off (sorry I can't remember the name). The guy I was trying to kill jumped off the edge. I dropped a grenade at my feet as I went over after him, killing the folks behind me and killing the suicidal guy in front of me before the fall claimed him. Was just a big !@#$ YEAH!! moment.
1. Being a kid and shooting my first duck in Duck Hunt.
2. Beating SF2 on the arcade for the first time while other kids watched.
3. Playing Killer Instinct in the arcade for the very first time.
4. Playing Resident Evil 2 and having the damn zombies grab through the windows early in the game.
5. "Not even death can save you from me."
5: Aeris' Death - yes it's cliche, but it has always stuck with me.
4: The final scene of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Oh My God that game was amazing, and I just could NOT believe how it ended. It tore me up inside to see that ending.
3: The first time I stepped into Archaedes room in Uldaman in WoW. That room is the personification of 'epic'.
2: Beating Rayman Origins - and no, I don't mean the 'ending' I mean the secret ending at the end of the land of the dead. The sense of accomplishment for beating that is just unrivaled.
1: Super Metroid: When the baby metroid sacrifices itself to save you from Mother Brain.

This is off the top of my head, but that's what comes to mind.
#1 of All time, First time playing X-com Ufo defense with newly just installed on-board sound on my really really old 286. *ps I hate Chyssalid's!*

#2 Playing my very first ever RTS Warcraft Orc's vs Human's in multiplayer against my brother using dial-up modems, tying up both house phones in the process.

#3 Playing my second ever RTS Starcraft In my first ever lan event and winning in a slaughter fashion with over 150 built hydra's on Big game hunters in a FFA match.

#4 Playing Half-life for the first time

#5 Getting a Perfect (yeah Im a little bit OCD, level 99 every item possible)
Final Fantasy 3//6
Final Fantasy 2//4
Final Fantasy 5
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 12
Diavlo 2 Solo farmed ATMA mule Account with 0 dupes detected, + every single unique, +my level 99 Hardcore Energy shield infinite tank sorc.
4. Little League Championship Series baseball on NES. Possibly the most fun sports game of all time.

This. A thousand times over. That game was amazing. Best sports game ever.
Not really moments but favorite games that have serious memories, no order and top 10 (so shot me):

Dragon Warrior - NES
Mortal Kombat - Genesis
FF7 - PS
Resident Evil - PS
Soul Reaver - PS
War Craft 2 - PC
Diablo 2 - PC
Guild Wars - PC
Skyrim - X-Box
Diablo 3 - PC
It was mentioned above but FF7: getting Knights of the Round and using it against Emerald and Ruby. I almost wept at the sheer destruction.

FF7 again: Setting up Cloud to (its been awhile) Sneak Attack,counter attack,counter attack deathblow, protect ally etc etc, so he would just start every fight by killing everyone. 9999 9999 9999 9999, if you played it, you know what I mean.

Having all the high scores on the MK3 machine at my local video store be my initials.

Had a recent one with Red Orchestra 2. I just made it to the Barracks before a barrage hit the majority of my team and wiped them out. I'm outside, huddled against some stairs, while the Axis team is taking position to hit any survivors. I can hear their MG34 shredding up the leftovers and I was able to get in, clear the entry and flank the MG with a nade. Really I've had a lot of great moments in that game.

A lot of moments in the Doom series as well. Man, there are so many moments in so many games. I could go on for awhile.

Cool thread.
1) The first time I saw FF2 (4j). Still my favorite game.

2) Team Fortress Classic. I was a beast. There was a two vs ten game (my friend and I, both snipers, against an entire clan) where I ended up 274-17. They ragequit and accused me of using a headshot script.

3) Going 2/2 on Kraken Club in FFXI. Three way split, both times and one being during the huge inflation year where it sold for 400 mil. (The other selling for 65 a year later.) The funny part is that we stole LoO from gilsellers both times (because they are terribad), killing it in front of them easily and bragging to their face that it dropped. It was great.

4) The first time I saw a 3d summon (in FF7).

5) Probably a tie. Either playing my first video game RPG, Dragon Warrior. I strayed too far at level one and ran into a Magician that oneshot me with a Hurt spell or the time I maxed out my characters on the original Final Fantasy and oneshot Chaos with my master.
Aeris being stabbed by Sephiroth FF7
Finding Armor and weapon upgrades Mega Man X
Beating Poison Pond on Donkey Kong Country
Bo Jackson Tecmo Bowl and Deion Sanders Tecmo Super Bowl
Mario 64 it was ground breaking
Getting a Fort,Infinity,Ebodtz...etc D2
1 - Adding a sound card to our old 386 for the first time and playing Tie Fighter... with a logitech Wingman joystick... it was like Christmas every day. (My first modding attempt to enhance my gaming experience)

2 - My buddy and I getting into dial-up networking and figuring out how to create a virtual LAN to play Doom 2 together. Death match marathons led us into the wee hours of the night... only to be stopped after the first month by our parents bringing up Phone bill concerns. (My first true multiplayer experience on the PC)

3 - Diablo 1: Just everything. The first Butcher experience... getting Godly Plate of the Whale... finding The Grandfather from a barrel... so much.

4 - Star Craft 2: Early in the game's release, I had a 4v4 game in which I lost the rest of my team due to disconnects within the first 30 sec, but I was to pull out a massive win amidst endless "just quit, dude" taunts from the opposition. My only addition to the conversation was a simple "gg" as I rolled the last of their bases.

5 - Skyrim: My first stealth dagger kill (throat slit) in which the camera was at the perfect angle, the blade caught the torch-light just perfectly as blood sprayed in slow motion towards the floor, and I just sat there staring at the screen for a moment trying to comprehend what just happened (and how to do it again). I went on to take a week off from work to crank through this game, and I still love going back to it to get those satisfying killing blow animations. Great moments in this game, especially since it had been completely off my radar and was an excellent "surprise" release for me.

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