Garage sale - New Idea, LMK what u think!

Witch Doctor
I was thinking about this idea but a risky one.

Collecting all items in stash and AH that is 100k and below and dropping it all on the floor. Inviting two people per visit to look thru all the stuff on the floor and if they want to buy something, they can pay either me or my partner.

This is risky because we would have to trust they won't pick up everything but it'll be an easy way to get rid of all our stash. Of course i will research each person prior to invite into the room.

Let me know what u guys think. My stash is filling up quick.
main thing ofcourse is that someone is gonna take all ur stuff... other thing is that most people you would trust is someone who has been around a while in the forums/ingame so that they have refrences that they are trustworthy, the odds are that these people have all the low end gear they need and wouldnt be interested in the lower end items since they have had plenty of time to farm aswell =/
@Kwikee, very good point. i guess a i can start with a small stash and just invite random players in from trade channel.. hahaha
I REALLY like this idea, but I dont know if it would work. It's jut too easy to steal everything, it also would be a lot better (at least from a "garage sale" standpoint) if people could just drop the gold on the ground too.

If only the internet had morals :/
You should just sell to vendor if you cant AH for 100k.

Just saying, unless your stuff is super cheap, AH provides the lazy man a search feature.... searching on the ground doesnt!
so u want to trust strangers online.

cuz trusting strangers irl isnt scary at all. lol.

people online are ruthless, it doesnt matter if they benefit or not as long as they piss u off. trolls are everywhere, they live on the internet. TRUST NO ONE.

if u dont know this by now, u better get to knowing son.
11/28/2012 01:59 PMPosted by Xarkar
You should just sell to vendor if you cant AH for 100k.

Yeah, this is what I do too. It isn't worth your time to fool with cheap junk.

A lot of the time I will mark something down to 50,000 and give it an hour or two, then if nobody wants it, cancel the auction and sell the item to the vendor.

If you think something is worth keeping for a Newb then you might save it, otherwise clean the junk up and sell it to the vendor and move on.

Use your valuable sale slots for good items.

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