What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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id all items
Gear swap (W) like on D2.
I have something I want to add to the game


here is a link to my forum post under crafting.

Kindly check it out and add some comments. :) like it if you are feeling positive about it
I would love being able to have Blacksmith add sockets.
ladder seasons
Able to adjust skills accordingly. No need for 100+ str. Get 100 plus armor on gear easily if need be for my demon hunter.

Weapon variety... Even though it's hard to do wish they could adjust it a bit.
A LIST OF PUBLIC GAMES.....is that so hard Blizz?
Updates to crafting. namely adding sockets to items, better "unique" gems. Cheaper/better blacksmithing. Possibly something like the horadric cube even.
11/30/2012 03:51 AMPosted by Dogf
Skill points post lv60

It doesn't have to be "skill points" per se, but yeah, some sort of permanent character choices would be really nice.

So then in order to try a different build you would have no respecs so you are forced to reroll.

News flash a lot of the players here on the forums are already bored with the game. Try selling it to them. Where you tell them in order to do try out the next build you will have to slog your way through to level 60 and paragon level 100. I already know what the majority would say, are you crazy, we are bored to tears with the content as it is. And you would want us to do the same thing hundreds of times just to try out a new build.
I would love to player created games and a lobby put back into the game.

The problem I am running into right now with the game is that I don't have many people that I play with, and none of them play frequently. I think it is extremely annoying that there is no interaction inside the D3 battle.net system. No chat channels, no lobby, no player created games.

The option I do have is to select a quest and hope that the people there are interested in playing. I get no idea of what the people on that quest are shooting for, no idea of how long they are playing for, if they have any particular goals. Player created games had all of that. You could have titles like "act 1 to 4," "Starting again," "Trist Runs," "Baal runs," "Cows 5345123." Tiny bits of information that tell you so much of the intent of the group of players inside that game. That is important.

It could work so well here with the varied ways to play. Games for different MP, games for key farming, experience farming, messing around with different characters. Also I think that the waypoint system in D2 crushed the system we have in place now. You could go through all of the acts seemlessly, that is the way it should be.
I would have to say:

1.) Make the spells/abilities more independent of gear so that player skill actually matters again.

I personally like skill trees for this very fact- you get to choose what spells/skills to beef up to accomplish what you want. It also makes the choices permanent so you have to really think and decide what you want to do... weigh the pros/cons of your build.

2.) Give us stat point allocation to build a character the way we want to.
Definitely more things to place in gear sockets, like more gems, skulls, jewels, that kinda thing. I'm enjoying the RNG aspect, and even though many rares and magic items aren't mindblowing in quality, it's still nice to see such a wide variety. So seeing a wider variety in gems and socketable items would be amazing. In fact, not just sapphires and diamonds to be added, but also other less common gems, like garnets, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, etc. Different species of skulls, like human skull, angel skull, demon skull. That'd be really great.

Also, like others have said, definitely better crafting system, or at least a crafting system that lends itself to much better possible results. Even if that means more crafting recipes and doubling the rate at which crafting recipes drop, more crafting would be a huge plus.
Better Crafting.

Commas in the AH.

New items that does not work with the "ilvl63" but with "plvl" (To give a reason to get to plvl 100)

and allow us to play 2 types of public games.. Passive and Agressive.. up to 8 players.. and in the agressive game.. you can kill the other chars.. and in the private rooms you could also decide if you want to create it in both ways.. (Yes.. thats "pvp" but Blizzard wants to do a Perfect Arena PvP.. well.. if its taking so long.. just give us that while we wait for the full stuff)

Oh.. and allow us to collect a Leg, an eye.. something like the "ear" of D2..

Those are my "#1"

I'd like to see them add fun into the game
Guilds - alot of people I used to play with IRL have quit the game now, and with the lack of being able to see who is online besides my friends, makes the game seem dead.

more endgame content is def needed as well.
11/30/2012 07:51 AMPosted by pichapiegal
to be able to leave comments in AH items. would love to have a couple of words with some item owners

Hahahahaha. Most items would have one reply: "Seriously?"

Woops forgot to actually request a feature I won't see. Character to Equipment ratio overhaul. Don't like the idea 100% of my character's power lies in their equipment.

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