What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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I would like to see who has been bidding on my items and what the final price of the auction if I didn't win an auction.
I would like to have something what could change 1 stat on item , that I dont want for random anotherone ... it could be done for example by adding item with this efect ( and with drop chance similar to legendaries )
I would love to see more monsters. There are very few rooms where you open the door and say "Oh crap! thats a lot of skeletons!"
Find a way to make white items useful.

The game should give a +1000% chance to drop legendaries if you are wearing all white items. Or something similar to NV stacks for each white item equipped.
Craft all for JC
or Craft XX (where xx represents how many)
I want to be able to hide white trash items, every other game can do this. They are useless, why can I not filter them out to not clutter my screen?!
Streaker valor system.

Taking down elite packs while totally naked turns your toon into a progressively better endowed succubus.

No improvement to magic find though- what would be the point???
i want more variety in level design, not talking artstyles here.
for the most part of the game the levels are flat, thats kinda boring and unrealistic. just look out of the window, nothing is flat in nature.
i know that might be so the spells work better but you did it in wc3 so why not now?
more customization...

simply let us use the vast amount of dyes available on legendary items.

ive seen alot of great other ideas regarding further customization of items to let players further diverisfy the appearance of their char during late to end game.

every late game DH looks like a painter cuz they have Nats on. The helm is sick, but come on plz let us dye!!! =)
A skill tree...
Dye for legendaries. I look like a clown, just like everyone else, because there is a single best in slot item for too many items.

Let us at least have different colours!

i second this! different colors.. or the the invisible dye!! would be cool if we could use two dyes to come up with differnt combinations. use of invisible dye plus a colored would dye base cloths.
skill points and the ability to travel between acts via waypoint like in D2. It would make farming so much better. There should be a mode where all bosses are spawned and people can farm what they want. Id love to be able to kill Diablo, and then go kill Leoric or whatever. That would make things cool
I want to see devs working, doesnt matter if the game sucks, just wanna see they are trying hard.
12/05/2012 05:20 AMPosted by Evolution
Dye for legendaries.

I really am seeing this one a lot here, and sounds like a great idea to me.
- more zoom out and increase range of wiz/wd/dh skills. The current range right now is pathetic. One step and monster is already in your face. This might compensate for melee dmg reduction.

- weapon gems:
red +crit chance
yellow +atk speed
purple +loh and life steal

- new class: samurai (strength primary)

Awesome suggestion !!
Fixed graphics without glitches freezes etc.
I want the ability to weapon swap in Diablo 3, we had it in Diablo 2 and it was an amazing feature that i'm sad to see that the new Diablo team failed to understand.

This isn't really a feature but I want the new Diablo team to get off (or Jay to) their lazy !@#' and remove the worthless affixes such as Life on Kill.

For the love of god can we please have a default pick up radius of 5 yards?

Life on kill works pretty good for archon, or any low mp build i would imagine... And default 5 radius would invalidate the stat on items except for with witch doctors. A default of 1 would be nice so its not so difficult to pick up gold piles sometimes.

Weapon swap with 2 new mouse skills was a good direction they were headed to before, dont know why they decided against that. Maybe there just arent enough skills per class.
1. Double amount of plays in game. 8! Something substantial rather than just +1/2.

2. More/ items affects not necessarily rune words just something more to think about when building a character rather than simply stack said amount of critical etc. Things like deadly strike in d2 Their are literally dozens of possibilities. If you can't give us character skill distribution at least give us more to work with.

3. More customization in terms of skills. I will say this has come on but even though certain builds work you still feel pigeon holed into using specific skills. Lets say I was completely new to the game, I would like to be able to open my skills and say I would like to use this skill this skill and that skill and be able to then make it work. Kind of coming back to 2 again but basically, I'd like you to give us more to think about in general when thinking about how you can finely optimise your hero rather than just infinitely farm. Right now the only thing that that ones strength is based on it the amount of time paying the game. (Items) The mere thought of this I feel puts allot off, me included. It'd be cool to have other things to think about other than just items so us the players feel like we can have a signification impact on how powerful we feel via a well refined build and simply by being smart.

4. Endless dungeon. Or at least something similar, maybe a tower you can climb with friends? You can get pretty high by your self but working as a group makes a significant difference to how high one gets.

5. More team boss fights. More bosses that are so powerful you are required to team up no matter how strong you are. Make one so hard you have to have some sorta clan/strategy/plan going in a group. So people actually feel obligated to take a certain role e.g. to heal others/use certain skills to buff the group while they have collected certain powerful items that could help with such a hard boss. Buff scrolls? Rejuvi potions? Forcing everyone to work together and engage in actual conversation.
Failing all this buff the crap out of inferno diablo and up the drops on him MASSIVELY. To the point where there's a 1/10 chance drop of legendaries. For the same reasons as mentioned above.

6. Probably me just being picky, but I'd like some spells to take a longer animation effect, for example spells like the witch doctors 'Acid cloud' I feel would feel allot more like an actual spell if the acid kinda stayed around for abit longer making the animation more appealing and like you've had more of a significant effect on the screen from a simple click, another example would be bears they disappear so fast it's like am I summoning bears or some sort or retarded bear ghost thang. Failing that working on the fading animation would be nice. Same goes for loads of spells as well as blood. Some of the spells feel allot more 'bland' or 'light' I feel because of this.
12/05/2012 09:10 AMPosted by Slicendie
Fixed graphics without glitches freezes etc.

Almost certainly due to hardware on your end. I don't have such freezes and I am running at 1600x1200 at full graphics settings across the board.
- more zoom out and increase range of wiz/wd/dh skills. The current range right now is pathetic. One step and monster is already in your face. This might compensate for melee dmg reduction.

- weapon gems:
red +crit chance
yellow +atk speed
purple +loh and life steal

- new class: samurai (strength primary)

Re: Purple gems.

Since weapons can already come stock with loh & lifesteal, how does everyone feel about life regeneration instead? But as a % rather than how it appears on gear currently, as a non linear number?

Making it scale by the percentage of available life should make it viable all through the campaign to PL 100.

Or maybe not. I dunno

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