What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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A "Refund All" button
Here are a few features I'd like to see implemented into Diablo 3. I'm sure some or all of these have already been mentioned earlier in the thread.

Gameplay features

  • The ability to socket items that don't have sockets already at a risk of destroying the item during the process.
  • Enchanter that can imbue items with extra magical properties or effects at a risk of destroying the item during the process. Each enchant added increases the chance of destroying the item.
  • A version of softcore that does not include the RMAH. Perhaps with Ladder implemented?
  • Follower inventory. Followers can be sent to town to vendor items.
  • Item comparison while at the auction house. No more spamming trade channel with a link to the item, zoning into the game, and clicking on the chat link.

Developer features

  • Loot filters and alerts equal to the features found in the 3rd party application Loot Alert.
  • Extensible developer API that would allow third party applications such as D3Bit and Loot Alert to hook into Diablo 3 natively.
  • Map editor?
1. ---2 more passive skilles for permanent use (have to chose only once, would be opened with quests)
2. --- more powerfull char-skills that can be triggered from specialized items (example: bersek on mightly wapon, or archon from wizard-stuff) - "30% chance of 2 mins berseker after 3 killed enemys at once" or "30% chance of archon after crits")
3. --- some of the buffs of shrines should stay about 45 mins like nephalems
4. --- 1 more active skill/ 1 more rune of same skill that can be triggered with other active skill permanently like combo. example: i use thunder strike with monk and hundred fists strike follows without mouse clicks (can be released by any quests and as adds to skill-tree)
5. --- option: dont show white or magic items at all / dont pick any items or corpses during the battle
6. --- better pathfinding: chars hang on sometimes on angles...
7. --- to leave hot places should be improved... (but relaesing of 2 more passive skilles would help too)
8. --- charging of damage skilles should be more various: some skills could have more damage by 1% from every hit until 100% or you make break for 3 seconds
9. --- some passive skills like less damage if you will be killed on next hit and only one time in 90 sec are absolutly useless
10. --- chars should be more and more resistent to the same kind of mind control effects like monster do it too in same battle
11. --- magic items should be possible to get 3x more value of damage, intelligence or strong (like str 1000 but no other things) or anything else more different from legendarys or rares - like in d2.
12. --- waiting for bersek or archon etc should be reduced to 30 sec
13. --- wichdoctor should be able to be any monster for short time like 1 min and deal more dmg
14. --- barb skill - throw corpse should be faster and long distance skill
15. --- time slow skill of wizard should be able to move with wizard on one rune
16. --- wicher should be able to get a monster army like necro in d2 for 2 mins
17. --- wizard should be able to teleport many times until monster are in sight - so better in fields where the most of monster are killed and you serch only for treassure or one boss
18. --- adding of 1-2 magic things by crafting should be possible for any item
19. --- slot for fast change shild and 2nd weapon in battle. (now i have to click "I" then right click shild then "I" - :-(---)
20. --- magic shild-skills like pala/smiter in d2 for barb or monk
21. --- cold aura wizard should have at least 90% cold resist, thunder - 90% thunder resist...
22. --- monk revenge/ reflect dmg matra should reflect mind control effect in large areal and disable monster reflect dmg ability
23. --- belts should be able to be soceted too and there jewels could have more effects like stun or blinding or block chance...
24. --- damage mantra from monk should have more damage effect
25. --- evasion manra of monk should have less evasion penalty (6-7 % more evasion instead of promised 15% - why?)
26. --- some active skills like mantras/cries/auras could be a new kind of passive skills, that can trigger on hit or other for at least 5 mins...
27. --- withchers coloss should have an attack and move slowing aura/ or slower shooting at one rune
28. --- wizard should be able to heal from element damaging monster like fire or thunder
with auras...
29. --- haedric eamon should be able to change 1 of item feature kind like 160 intelligence to 160 str...
30. --- monster should be only stronger if players are in battle, if some of players are staying in town they should be less powerfull like if the waiting in town means: players are not in game
#1 - Endless dungeon with high density monster population,
#2 - A cool new crafting system that made it worth salvaging items to upgrade/improve existing items (use gems, increase material types, whatever ... think horadric cube recipes),
#3 - Permanent skill bonus allocation system for Paragon levels, don't have to be game changing,
#4 - Open play mode that allows you to get 5 stacks then jump around all the portals and Acts smashing bosses as you like ... honestly guys once you've played through 20 times (5 characters 4 difficulty levels) you really couldn't care less about the quests or the cut scenes you just want to brain stuff.

As an aside I would like to see a reduction in emphasis on gear and an increase in weighting to character skills/choices but I realise that this is a fundamental change to the game and is never going to happen ... but if we had the above 4 things I reckon the game would be awesome (but then I love it now so maybe I am easy to please).
ENFO's style survival and spawn thing you can do on teams of 4v4
Make inspiring presence's life regen permanent when this passive is chosen,or att least make the regen active as long as you have a shout on. Not this 1 minutes after using shout.. in HC some dc last for more than a min and this will make a difference.

Thats my no.1
Hell, truly random maps and offline mode would do it for me.
Offline/LAN would be sweet.

Identify All.

Gems that add All Resist.

I don't agree with everything on the list but that's a good place to start the community response to that post was overwhelmingly positive
a few examples I personally really liked are to balance weapon gems, 100% crit just overpowers all the other options right now
Leave 60+ legendary drop rate where it's at. But also allow below-60 legendaries to drop as well. The emotional beauty of D2 drops was that top uniques were very few and you'd spend years hunting for a zod. But compensating for that was a RAIN of colorful loot. Yes, most of it was Sigon and isenhart breastplates, but that excited players. It inspired them to start new characters using this low-level loot. It gave morale. Next time a legendary helm drops, I'll get excited wondering if it's mempo. If I have to wait a day or two for another legendary helm, I'll probably shoot myself. But if I get another one within the next 30min and it turns out to be some lvl 20 helm, I'll still retain that thrill of the hunt.
Offline mode.

Or, at least, admit officially that D3 is a MMO (AH/RMAH makes it that, even without PvP).
PVP FLAG in game / turn ON or OFF PVP ingame / 'Hostile Button'

8 Player (like D2)

Random Maps

"Player A has allowed you to loot his corpse." This would be really useful on hardcore D2 has it why did they remove it in D3 I have no idea. It might provoke more pk but the benefit that it comes with outweight it by a mile.
8 players multiplayer!!4 players is too little!!
Honestly, the #1 feature I want added is Randomization. Really, it's non existent for maps in D3.

3/4's of all act maps are static. it's sad and makes the game extremely boring and repetitive.

This. Must. Change. BLIZZARD!!!
Please blizzard offer an AUCTION APP while I am at the office. I can't get enough of shopping :)

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