What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

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Increase the speed of the characters so that the games will feel faster. Even at 25% speed bonus, it still feels slow
I'm sure it's already been said, but Item compare feature in the AH.
I have serval things I would love to see.

1) up the movement speed cap

2) a lot more random properties to ALL items.

3) dont force certain properties to 1 type of item like lifesteal on weapons and mighty belts for barbs only

4) new gems. Give us gems that add movement speed, life steal, or give us new plans where if you mix certain gems the cooldown of a skill goes down or the cost to use it goes down... just give us things we can experiment with +58 vit/int/str/dex is just so... dry...

5) for the love of god identify all please I'll even pay a merchant gold to have everything identified at once! (talk about a win win, we are happy since we dont have to do it + you got a new gold sink altough it'll probably be tiny)

6) set items and their bonuses... the bonusses are again pretty dry (+str/vit/... for most). The complete set bonusses for almost all sets are outright sad

these are just the ones I can come up with right now I'm sure there is more :)
I wanted to respond to this blue in another post and it seems relevant here:

There's also changes made to drop rates, Legendary items, reducing repair costs, reducing the challenge gap between monster types, removing Invulnerable Minions, removing enrage timers, revising CC, improving resource spenders, improving how item affixes roll, adding Paragon, adding new shrines, giving more benefit to in-game events and Resplendent Chests, AH features, and more.

I don't see fixing the itemization on that list. That's been the single biggest problem with the game highlighted by more players (and even outside game designers!) yet it hasn't been touched yet. You'll have to forgive us if we think you're being selective when among the biggest problem isn't addressed.

I want to see items fun and interesting again that really makes gearing choices unique and exciting. Raw number increases aren't engaging.
I had some good ideas on more customization. The thread died fast. I suspect it had to do with it being constructive and lacking lots of crying and name calling and a flashy title like "blue didnt do skillz rite!". Here it is for anyone interested: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6794032897

I also would like to see ilvl 63 blacksmith recipes and more gem types.

More... LOTS and LOTS more!

The room "Holy Sanctum" in Act IV is probably the most fun room in the entire game to me... Or at least close to the most fun... Actually, yeah! The most fun...

Maybe it's the coolness of the stream of raining enemies slamming down from the sky above... Maybe it's the fact that I can imagine more rooms like this that offer endless streams of enemies with the possibility of a great upgrade to a piece of my gear...

One thing is for certain, the "interactive" design of the area is a freakin' BLAST! Even though it's short lived and the chest at the end is the farthest thing from a reward. If we could have more "interactive" rooms like this that allow us to interact with the world around us while fighting hordes of enemies that keep pouring in on us, that would be fantastic!

Although, at least 1 out of 50 to 100 runs at this needs to offer an upgrade, even if it's in the slightest way... Nothing is more annoying or bitter feeling than spending hundreds of hours farming and plowing away to not get a single upgrade to our gear drop. Tons of work, no payoff or tons of play, no reward - sucks!

So as long as an upgrade or rewards of some kind is offered in exchange for beating down the hordes in the interactive world around us, rooms like this would be the most fun areas to play in... I'm excited just thinking about more rooms like this coming out in future patches.

Thanks in Advance for the consideration..!
First: Program upgrades to our gear in to the drops that occur. At least 1 every 20-50 hours of gameplay... Even if it's in the slightest bump here and there...

Second: Give upgrade drops their own cool "Beam of Light" and sound effect like the Legendaries do. Think about it - rares are yellow, and of course the ultra rare but still crap quality legendaries that drop have a cool orange "beam of light" that shoots up from the drop...

Now Imagine if the even more rare - actual upgraded - equipment drops had their own kick butt, super cool visual effect that. These effects should also be displayed permanently on the minimap, until you pick it up... That way, you don't lose such a good drop due to some knuckle-head player running off to a seperate part of the map like some solo superhero, which normally causes you to miss out on a lot of drops.

SERIOUSLY! Upgrade Drop Visual Effects = Ice cold cool!
Hire Blizzard North and play D2 for yourself to see that this game is nothing of what it's supposed to be.
Identify all and create all (at least for Covetus).
I wish there was a "Sell Lot" button where you press it and make a square over the items you wanna npc and then click "Sell"
Runewords- D2 thing. look it up if you aren't familiar with it and you'll want it also.

High density elite zones. Could be an optional zone like pony-land or the new infernal machine area, but crammed with nothing but elites and maybe a boss or two.

The purple mobs like Digger (most people know this one if none of the others by name) should be more difficult and drop elite type loot. IDC if it stacks a nephalim valor buff or not just want them to not be such push overs.

I recently came back to this game after leaving for MoP and I'm happier with it now than I was after getting to inferno diablo. Gearing up after being gone for a couple of months was a ton easier than it was at launch.

The 1-10 monster level system is similar to the way you could increase the player count in a d2 game to adjust difficulty. I like how you can scale it to how fast you want to move through. It would be nice to see this option available from within the game, instead of having to start a new game to adjust difficulty for friends you wish to play with. Even if nothing other than bug fixes gets changed with this system, it's a good system.

The infernal machine keys are reason to move through a couple of zones in each act, but after farming up a few machines I don't do much else. Start new game, get 5stack, kill keymaster, start new game. I started killing the last boss as well but i think the keymasters are a good model to repeat for similar events. maybe a couple of those purple mini-boss dudes (that could use a little tweak to be more difficult) could drop something useful often enough that you really want to look for them before starting a new game.
I have four I can't decide between.

1. Identify All
2. Auction House items show dps/health/defense increases/decreases against your gear.
3. More gems, and making the current ones comparable to the potency of Emeralds
4. An endless dungeon; Act III Alkaizer runs are getting old
1. Get rid of unlogic loot stat combinations
2. Drop more usefull loot instead of 99.9% salvage crap loot.
3. Make the AH really into something you feel is not needed to get good gear.
4. Get rid of the rmah
5. dungeon with 100 floors.
6. more events to make it less repetitive
7. randomize open area's in layout also
"PvP arena and world pvp (world pvp being just like diablo2 so you can do team matches if pking is a problem make it so you have to accept to someone's hostility/duel request before it is active)"


Being able to run around and fight while viewing the full map at the same time
Randomized maps
Creating game rooms and naming them (so people who join your game are in it for the same purpose as you are)
skulls runes and rune words (add more sockets to items like d2 had)
New legendaries
Endless dungeon
Being able to compare stats from ah items to your items without leaving the ah
AN EXPANSION!!! (or two, or three)
Everyone reaches a point where playing the game is about gathering gold so you can buy the next best thing, but when you reach this point, the 'fun' is gone. You've made some attempts to address this--paragon leveling, monster level, infernal machine--but this doesn't really add much to the overall game.
And I don't want an expansion that adds an act or two, I want one the builds on the acts already in the game AND adds another three or four acts.
Offline play.

Not trolling or anything like that. It is the #1 feature I would like to see.
Kill the cool down timer for switching active skills during dungeon play.
Also, +1 to more movement speed.
Endless Dungeon.

One easy addition to make D3 one of the best games of all time.
The option to upgrade the base stats on an item through crafting; so for example you could have a Buriza-Do Kyanon or a Scourge or Moonlight Ward with endgame stats (the level req would scale too).

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