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So as we all know d3 is like gambling, of my 40k elites kills there is just one drop i have sold for 100m before tax.

anyone would like to share their winnings? i know some of you have less kills and casual gamers having that 500m worth of drop.

as im getting tired and frustrated.
Not that I have made anywhere close to what you have but, Ive found most of my Ik gear. I believe my gloves are worth a fair bit (armor and crit damage). I found them last week and I found the helm 2 days ago. By the way you hit the nail on the head in regards to it being a lotto. It makes 100's of hours of getting garbage worth it, even if its not worth 100 mil. Gives me hope that the game will one day fill the place of D2...Maybe..
Sold a witching hour for 500 mill. Made my game Ezr for sure. Act three drop from a res chest 2 nv stacks.
found a nat ring that sold for 125mil. also not really found and not quite flipping but i bought a 200mil chest and some guy looked at my profile and wanted it. he offered a lesser chest and 1.1bil. took that deal. i also have a witching hour belt that i found and it's on ah right now for 100mil. hopefully it sells cause it's the cheapest price for the stats.
First week playing 79M - Vile Ward
Third week playing 152M - OS - crit damage sword.
Roughly my second month in. 3 days ago. I found a 2.7 billion drop (estimated). C/o is at 2.4 billion on another forum and closing out tonight.

I've played for about two months so far. I've had quite a few 10M+ items and 50M+ items have been roughly 5-10 which isn't that much, but good.

Right now I'm exp hunting and saving about 3-4 billion hoping 5 billion then buying out a MP10 DH.

Saving while playing MP1 since mp4 and etc are only for keys and such. Mine as well save 5 billion so I can do MP10 rather than wasting my time with gear that is going nowhere right now.
Sold high str/crit lacunis for 400m. They sold within a couple of hours, so I probably underpriced them as well. Other than that, I've had nothing sell for 40m or so. I guess I'm not disappointed though. I wasn't too disappointed even before those lacunis dropped, either.
what frustrates me more are you guys getting awesome drop multiple times...where here i am almost to para level 100 dont even come close to your drops...

freakin hell..anyone know how much gold are my gears are worth..?? im so close in giving up on d3..
And a ik chest piece I sold for 60 mill. Several 10 mill pieces. And LOTS of CRAP!
Very early on I sold a 1h with 1170 DPS for $65. So in today's gold that would be about 200 million. That's the best I've done.
what frustrates me more are you guys getting awesome drop multiple times...where here i am almost to para level 100 dont even come close to your drops...

I highly doubt that's the case. Considering that any of your gems on their own are worth as much as one or even two of any of my armor pieces, I think you're doing all right overall, though I guess maybe that's easy for me to say with "only" 17k elite kills. The gfg drops are so incredibly rare and random that even grinding the game out for 1000 hours or more far from guarantees one. There was someone in the barb forums a month or two ago who got a high dex 1300+ DPS 2OS manticore with under 3k elite that's lucky, but it could've been anyone.
I average around 40 mil a week. Best ever sold was a 2 socket manticore for 700mil.
two nights ago i got a drop that is worth about 1 bil. (C/o is 720 mil)

27-50 dam
40ish fire res
60 all res
9% ias
25% crit dmg
6% crit chance
Sold a Unity ring with high CD for 100 mil.

Sold a Storm Crow with 5.5 CC for about 50 mil.

Sold a pair of Blackthorne pants for around 30 mil.

And a bunch of legendaries around 7-10 mil.

Kept a pair of Lacuni bracers with 3.5 CC, which I figure worth around 15-20mil.

I'd say I found a total of around 250 mil worth of stuff, which isn't much, then again, I haven't played that much either.
Sold a crit mempo for 400M. Sold in minutes, saw it trying to be flipped for 1B an hour later.
found a nats ring a while ago, sold for 1.2 bil after cut
i sold my first item for 1mil today a low dex calamity that i prob under priced since it sold so quick. still waiting on that nice drop to make my day
Bul Kathos Sword for 98 mil
Ice Climbers for 55 Mil
Inna's Radiance (+FoT) for $50
Wow, my luck really sucks compared to a lot of you in here. I would kill for big ticket items to sell so I can finally get some upgrades on my characters.

Best thing I've found is trifecta gloves that sold for 55 mil and the amulet that my Barbarian is wearing that my friend found while playing my Barbarian.

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