Rebirth by Lee Kang-Woo. Tokyopop's death....

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Does anybody else besides me really miss Tokyopop? I miss getting all of those great series from overseas that are no longer translated for the U.S... Especially Rebirth! They made it too the 23 book in the series right as the final battle to end the series began, but then Tokyopop shut down. Its such a sad thing to see the series continued in Italian and Japanese and know that I cannot read it :'(. Its really made me consider buying books from other countries and just putting everything into google translator as I read them. haha
Tokyopop is actually back. Unfortunately they haven't started releasing Rebirth again though. I messaged them about it and they told me "We're not looking to do more of it right now, maybe if we know there's enough demand for the series we can try!"

So if you want more...tweet them at @TOKYOPOPManga or email them or somehow let Tokyopop know and tell anyone else who enjoys Rebirth to do the same because I want more.
ahhh! where can i find the volumes 23-26 , i know they exist , but not translated, i cant find them anywhere, any links i've found have been dead :/

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