dps ammy ias cc cd. dont miss out!

Items and Crafting
+31 dmg
+91 str
+141 dex
+55 vit
+6 ias
+93 cd
+8.5 cc

Make me an offer
20 nil.
30 mil
40 mil

Would love to know when you plan to end this.
60 mil
Are you still looking for bids or what? I'm serious about this ammy, so throw an offer out there if the bidding isn't going how you like. But 60 is a good offer...
K...waited long enough. Good luck selling!
lol come on guys.. 60m isnt even worth selling this can totally sell so fast for 100m on ah i knwo its worth way more.
I could see that going for 300M on the AH. Lol at lowballers on these forums.
I would've upped my bid, but nobody was answering so I started thinking the OP was gone. Was I supposed to have just kept going until I hit the magic number? And yeah, I know what it's worth, but I'm not going to start the bid at 250 mil or 300 mil...

OP, if you propose a BIN that is reasonable, I'll buy it right now.
In fact, I'll up my offer to 125m right now.
OP, what are you thinking? Waiting for more bids, or have you not checked in a while?
lol someone wants that ammy
Yeah, maybe I should calm down a little lol! I've been trying really trying to gear up the last few days with gold I've been saving up forever. So I'm in "shopping mode" lol. Anyway, I'll keep checking back...

But hey, at least I'm bumping it for you ;)

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