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Witch Doctor
Looking to break 200k unbuffed, not sure what direction I should be going to get there. My Wd is
crit + int lacunis and/or tal's amulet with crit chance, 6% damage, high int should put you over. You will probably benefit more from the tal's because of your weapon but crit chance ones run at 100m+ I think.
a better trifecta ring [ i know it's expensive], a tals amulet will work. you can pull a little bit more dmg with higher int vile wards. If you want to stick with the strong arms you can get a lot more int on it. i know it seems small but ti will add up in the end.
Yeah, Tal's with 10/65(ish) and 6% elemental bonus is probably the single item that will raise your DPS the most. I doubt that alone will push you over 200k though... will probably add around 15k dps (and cost a ton of course).

Higher end Zuni's ring would help, as would a top tier Lacuni's (also give you another 12% MS).
I would rather use a mh/oh combo but my dps drops so much when I equip those.
A trifecta intel pair of gloves could bump your dmg, although it would probably come at the sacrifice of some of the nice defensive features. It will be very expensive to upgrade your gloves from what you currently have.

A higher intel Vile Ward will no doubt be a cheaper upgrade.

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