drop rate decreased?

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since the 106 update i get no legs or sets whatsoever ... in 12 a3 runs i get 1 leg max and that is a cincercoat or w/e 60 leg item... i got 500 mf % and in 105 i had decent drops like 3 4 legs per run...don't tell me its bad luck :) i did like 30 runs a3 and in those runs i got exactly 4 legs ..on mp5 ...i don't know if this is a bug but this thing is NOT OK ... i dont know if i wanna play your game when i invested everything in magic find , and others with 200 mf get better drops legs /sets/ then i get with 500 ... am i crazy or unlucky? i don't think so....
and another 3 runs a3 mp 8 = 575% mf ... no leg or set...bad luck? crazy? dumb?
can u check if there is something wrong? :) please? not to point that several creeps are invisible and hit me and i can't do anything about that...
I'm finding the same thing. Even rare drops seem to be bugged. Many elites only give one rare some none at all and this is with a full stack of NV. Lenendaries use to drop 1 every 3-5 hours for me (pretty bad but hey) now they are dropping 1 every 10 hours or so.

At first I thought it was bad luck, but I am becoming convinced there is a bug with 106.

My friends are reporting the same thing. Plus I watched two live streams over the weekend with people who normally get 10-20 legendaries a 5 hour session and what did they get? 1 legendary each.

I hope Blizz checks to see if there is a bug going on because this is very unmotivating.
Im guessing the more that join the server the crappier the drops will get for the new people?
Same here!!i played 5 hours last night just drop 1 legendary!!im level 87 and mf is nearly full.im sure something wrong
exactly like Frederov27 pointed...i feed like this is very unmotivating...
ofc there is something wrong i used to get 4 5 legs per run (decent legs all sorts of levels 58-63 or sets ) and now exactly same patern ...once every 2 3 days i get exactly 3 same item drops : ivory tower , cindercoat , and firewalkers .. and i find all those 3 items very unimportant...i don't even look at them i just salvage and go on with rare drops....3 ivory towers 2 firewalkers and 2 cindercoats...this game keeps me playng cuz it addicted me...but i don't think that this will go much more...sorry if bad eng...i have a slight idea that this is because i sell items on rmah and get them on paypal and mb blizz is not so pleased with that...but this sounds 2 much of conspiracy and here i might bet i'm crazy...but all the rest i think not...cheers :)
Got 3 legendary drops in 2 hours yesterday.

Guess that means they buffed the drop rate while I played, only to stealth nerf it after I logged out for the rest of you.
nah its been nurfed...Ive havent gotten a legendary for 2 days and i used to get nearly one a run
I played about 3 hours last night on MP7 and found 2 set items and 3 legendaries. I'd say it is nothing more than just bad luck, sometimes we all go through streaks where we don't find much, but it all evens out in the end. :)
Solid proof, where did you earn your doctorate?
Just badluck dude. I got like 3 legendaries in 1 hour last night on MP0.

Hope your luck improves.
Omgzzzzzz stealth drop rate nerfsssss....

Get real people. Bad luck is bad luck.
Kill stuff faster IMO, do quick runs with in heavily dense areas. I dont have much MF but i get drops everyday. Sometimes I have like 20 minutes before school, I run through keeps and bridge to korsik. Do that like three 3 times almost guaranteed a leg.
my drop rates have been buffed. i got 7 in 2 runs today. on mp1
it's not the drop rate that sucks, it's the drop quality that does.
well thx for the info. maybe it is just bad luck
Every day with this nonsense. Every day.
You have to find the right loot server bro.

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