drop rate decreased?

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I just finished another run just now and I've given up for the day (or night since I'm in Asia). It's been legendless/setless since 1.06. Last leg I got was a Vile Ward the night before 1.06. Since then, nothing.
Moar deep breaths!!! It's TRUE, I swear!
The unknowen factor is the AH, based on that with less people playing and buying gear there is less good drops.
Blizzard can you confirm that the droprates off legendarys, as they were on releaseday of 1.0.5, did not change till now ?
I haven't seen a legendary since they buffed the drop rates a few patches back, and I found those with 0 magic find.

I now have 220% on virtually all my characters and I haven't seen a single orange since the buff, my bad luck has been going on longer than virtually everyone elses here, yet you'd all agree that legendaries have dropped more often since the patch right (look at the AH before and after if you disagree, the change is obvious)?

The RNG is on a server, so it's much easier to get a billion low rolls in a row since other people are landing on the good ones. in single player games the RNG isn't so global, and your local copy will rarely return the same values more than a few times.
Some food for thought:

We don't know the actual chance of a legendary dropping, but let's pretend that the drop rate is .01% chance across the board for all enemies and we have no MF. The magic of math tells us that, given that drop rate and 1000 item drops, we have a 90.48% chance of getting zero legendaries. That gives us a 9.05% chance of getting one legendary in that run, a 0.4% chance of getting 2, and so forth.

Using that same number, with max MF and 5 stacks of NV, your chance of getting zero legendaries on 1000 drops is still 62%.

This is, of course, extremely simplifed, and 1000 drops =/= 1000 kills, as I remember seeing somewhere that enemies have some fairly high chance to not drop anything at all, and then there are some types of enemies that will always drop more than one item. On top of which, your chance of getting a legendary from any given white enemy is likely much lower than your chance of getting one from any given elite, so your actual odds of getting a legendary from 1,000 drops is lower than estimated, and on 1,000 kills lower still.

So, really, we should be less amazed at the fact that folks get zero legendaries in a run than the fact that some folks get four or five. Although I tend to believe that the devs aren't secretly switching around drop rates to mess with us, I do acknowledge that there isn't really enough evidence to say there's not. On the other hand, the anecdotal evidence of the several dozen, or even several hundred, people posting here doesn't really take the math outside the margin of error.
Drop rates are fine with me. I do get bad luck streaks ... it happens but i also get good luck streaks. I have gone threw 2-3 days without getting a single crappy legendary but then again i have gotten 2legendary and 1 set item on the same level in a matter of 3 minutes. Just tell yourself it won't be Christmas everyday. RNG is RNG

You may want to ask Bashiok about the so called not lowering of the drop rates, re-think your stance, then come back and post something different.

Some advice for yourself, and the rest of the CM's... start telling the truth before the community's trust in everyone of you completely vanishes.

You'll gain more respect coming on here and stating "well there are "X" number of items available on the AH and/or RMAH, and until those are snatched up, we are unfortunately lowering the drop rates"

You'll gain a lot more respect in the end.
I agree that Legs and Sets drop way less after about 2 weeks after 1.05. But I think Blue is very PR about their responses. Either they are giving bits of info that are true or they are wording things to sound like things haven't changed. I have been in Sales and Recruiting for years and there are ways of addressing an issue without truly addressing it, but it sounds good. Just call your Cell provider you can get some of the best PR responses. The fact is AH prices are going back up, which means items are becoming more rare. So yeah drops have weakened, no tin foil hat needed. Just common sense.
Yea i wish the set/legendaries would not be so random stats just like making the hell fire rings, i hate how i got 14 legendaries but the stats on them are such crap that i had to salvage them for brimestones, so effing annoying salvaging legendaries... n i hope blizzard didn't intend on doing this so we can buy gold and they make moneYYY... hint hint
They have either fixed the drop rates or i was extremely lucky yesterday.
I have 315% MF.

Yesterday i only did one A3 Run on MP4. Only for about half an hour or so and didnt do the full run, mainly just cleared the Depths and Arreat. However on my second Elite pack in the run, i got a double legendary drop at the same time when i killed the second Elite giving me 2 stacks.

I thought it was strange, but kept going because they were both really average.

Another 20 minutes later i had found 3 more legendary items in the same game. Totalling 5 legendaries within about half an hour. 4 of them were absolute rubbish. and then the last one was the IK Armour im using. I was really stoked to find it, but there was something definitely up with the legendary drop rate in that game. I rarely find 5 legendaries in weeks, let alone 5 in one game that i was playing for 30 minutes.

I am not complaining at all....... i hope the luck keeps up!
12/03/2012 06:32 PMPosted by Nilrem
The less leg drops, the more people will spend real $ on gold or the leg they want. This is Bliz business model. Once they sold you the game this is the only way they can make more $ off of you. Fact: 1 out of 10 leg drops that you get will be somehow useful to your character. 9 will be useless leg crap. Even better for Bliz business model.

Then why did they double the Legendary drop rates? They never had to even bring it up nor even mention they were considering it. If it was their business model, they would have refrained from doing so.

Well that would be understandable but how is it when it seems one person is all of a sudden on a so called bad luck streak. 15+ other people just went on a bad luck streak too? No they was stealth nerfed end of story in the future just mention things when you do it you can't tweak the drop rate and expect it not to be noticeable but fact is when enough people come forward and notice it too its clear something is up. Also I find it funny how I seem to notice things not seeming even remotely close to how the drops where when 1.0.5 first came out and come on here to find several post on forums asking if drops where nerfed. A bad luck streak don't just add up.

People feel the need to explain what happens. This has been occurring since essentially, ancient times. Even the Greeks and Romans came up with Gods to explain the weather, death, life, and even their bad luck (the gods are not happy so worship them).

So, we have a situation where people need to explain why they have a streak of bad luck. Luck is difficult to be blame since it is not something that can be seen or even represented, thus, blaming Blizzard is far easier.

the other aspect that is going on is peoples natural desire to relate. So, when one sees a post such as these, they have a tendency to think, "oh that is happening to me as well!" when the notion does not really come up to begin with.

If wanting real life examples, one can just look at many of the common conspiracy theories out there. Even the notion of being abducted by aliens comes up often. People relate and generally will come together to explain why X, Y, or Z has occurred. Pretty easy to see this sort of mentality occurring.

This is a good point.

However, often with conspiracy theories, there is an official explanation that people choose not to believe.

To my knowledge, Blizzard have not anwywhere stated completely how drops work. There has not been a definative answer (that i am aware of, please correct me if i am wrong) to the question:

Is the chance that any one player (with same mf etc.) finds a particular item at a certain time, the same as at any other time? i.e are drop rates constant and not effected by any other factors?
just this week i have found 6 legendaries and 4 set items, and i only play for a couple hours a day...so sorry to say OP you just have very bad luck.
Bad luck op .. However that said i just happened to change quest to Act 4 im currently solo playin mp 3 n 4 ..
I hadnt visited Act 4 in a month since my last visit was to get the plan for infernal machine .. So day before i happened to login to Act 4 for a change and i got 2 legendary and one set item ( green drop) my 1st acutally green drop since may 15th ..
And after i killed diablo . I started act 1 from beginning just for fun and just before i got into the royal crypt to kill skelton king i got another green item and 2 legendary within a span of 10 min of 2 elite mobs ..

So 2 green set items and 4 legendary drops in 1 hr ..must be my luckiest streak ever .. I dont think ill c another legendary drop for a month

Now i hadnt done act 1 skeleton king quest in a month as well .. So i guess u need to try quests of levels u havnt tried in a while and may be u might get lucky

My next quest is gonna be Act 4 from the begining all the way to diablo .. tired of killin key wardens in act 1,2 & 3
Do more runs on less MP and find more legendaries, duh? MP was the biggest troll, high MP isn't worth the extra MF. MP for farming is only viable if you can 1 hit trash mobs in that MP, otherwise your odds of getting an item that's not garbage are decreased.

I can get 30% MF from a follower, which basically turns a3 mp0 inferno into a3 mp3 inferno. The efficiency in which you could farm a3 mp0 inf with a followers 30%, makes farming a3 mp3 inf in comparison without, retarded.

Changing MP to higher than 0-1 for farming gear/xp is something 99% of us shouldn't do.

Do the math.
so much QQ , its called Luck folks... you aren't just gonna get AWESOME legend drops 24/7... get the !@#$ over it.
Sorry but RNG is RNG. I played MP4 and got end gear for my wizard: Lacuni bracers with 56AR, 9% attack increase speed, 4.5CC and some nicely GF affix. I had 3 days of no drops and some days with drops, so it just comes and goes...
I must be having the worst of luck. I've done several runs at different levels for keys and not only have I not gotten any but my legendary items have dried up as well. Not that I was getting a lot but at least i had one drop every two runs now there are no keys and no legendary items please help could win the lotto before finding a legendary lately.

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