drop rate decreased?

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I see the problem is that people are doing full runs which is meaningless for leg drops. Better to do short runs, keep lvl 1-3, rakkis crossing bridge and last arreat crate and repeat rather than doing a full run... If I don't get a leg in keep lvl 1-3 I will just reset and repeat. Also I do MP2-4 as the additional MF is necessary, as I use my enchantress as well to get to 300MF at any level... Also, I had 3 days of no legs and days with multiple legs, so just wish that RNG would be kind to you. I just upgraded my wizard with self gear drop after 20 levels of paragon while upgrading other gear through GAH. People expect upgrades every 5 runs or something so it will never happen. My advise is to keep grinding and one day your upgrade will arrive
Statistically speaking, events tend to clump together more meaning getting a heads and then a tails over and over again isn't very normal. I got two legendaries last night (one was a perfect manticore in terms of the stats rolled, not in the magnitude of the stats rolled, 1021 DPS, 11% IAS 189 dex, 680 loh, 73% crit dmg 2 sockets) and I have far less MF than you. It's luck. Crappy luck. The other was a blackthorn's ammy. I gave the manticore to my brother.

If it's any consolation I seem to get double the legendaries my brother does. But even then, we he gets them, they appear to come in streaks. Just keep playing and maxing paragon, eventually they'll come.
I think you'll find that nothing has changed as they state.
I haven't had a legendary drop since the the patch, but people I have been playing in the same party as have. 2 mates got 3 legendaries each. Both with the same MF as me during the same run of Act 3 mp 5.
It's just bad luck.

Consider the odds of getting a drop. less then 1% or there abouts. Think of it the opposite way you have a 99% chance that you don't get a legendary.
drop rates suck and whats even better is that when you find a legendary or set its a crappy one. O and when you do find something thats suppose to be godly its gets the worst roll you can possibly get. SAD!!!!!
Wait til you get to Paragon 100. When I got there, I wasnt able to get any decent loot for 3 weeks. Only legs that I came across during those 3 weeks were legendaries none would care for like Ivory Tower, Firewalkers, some worthless polearm and a certain ilvl 60 Spirit Stone. I dont know the reason but it's just something I experienced. Tried to re-roll another character of the same class but it became very boring doing the same thing over and over without getting any good loot. Made me almost quit. But my love for the game held me back. Though Im playing way less than what I used to because of the crappy loots. Only time I was able to sell items was when I was leveling my WD to 60. Oh well.
Another run at 375% MF, only 1 low rolled wiz legendary. I feel like I get more legendaries at lower MF.

Rares drop at a higher rate at higher MF - but I think it has zero effect on legendary drop rate. Rares that drop are still complete garbage that I can't use or won't sell - a.k.a. vendor trash.
12/03/2012 05:45 PMPosted by Sylak
[quote="71991072754"]Since patch 1.0.6 did not change any of the drop rates I would say what you are experiencing is, unfortunately, simply a bad luck streak. :( I know it can be hard to believe after a very long run of previously great luck, but we truly didn’t lower the drop rates of Legendary items.

Just like the other post on this subject, there are way too many players that don't believe you because they want to believe only what they want. You can post this until you are blue in the face.

Stick and move
Boogie fever![/quote
yes 1.06 seems to have nerfed drop rate no legendary 3 days of azmodon runs so blue just repeat garbage there told and dont know anything either!!
ok dont wanna rant too much...but if the drop rates did not decrease then explain why having paragon levels and stacking mf, 5 NV stacks and going on for more then 5 runs MP3 a day and not a single leg or set drops..i dont believe in luck...spent 1 week on farming and still nothing till today...does that seem weird..i thought paragon levels and NV stacks should yield better drops..well it says INCREASES CHANCE of magic drops ..that measn the chances of legendarys are close by to drop...just before the patch...5 runs with MP3 a reasonable amount of mf stacks with 5 stack NVand low paragon level yields 3 legs 2 sets...and i havent even hit 5 stacks...got that amount in 1 run...and the awesome thing was 1 leg and 1 set was worth selling the others were useless...but still the excitement when a legendary drops always keeps me at the edge of my chair...but now it seems useless to farm for legs or sets...so i just Plvl and farm gold...its just weird knowing the changes were drastic and unpredictable..

im done ranting...
i dont believe hes just having a bad luck same !@#$ happens to me after the patch and every other players too maybe there was a glitch a bug or something that affect the legendary drops.. are you guys telling us its a coincidence that almost many players are having a bad luck now after the patch that impossible...
Well, either I had some extremely good luck at the first 3-4 weeks of patch 1.0.5 (averaging 4-5 legends/sets per run, paragon 30-40ish) or I have crap luck thereafter (1-2 legend/set per week with the same amount of time put into the game. Now at paragon 54, and my MF only increased).

Oh and while I am at it. MP7, 5 runs, and no keys? Blame everything on RNG again right?

I do enjoy the game. I want to keep enjoying the game even though most of my RL friends moved onto other games. But Blizzard, you guys seems to discourage the rest of your player base and want us to move on to.

how come everytime theres a new patch ill find awesome legendaries the first day or two, then drop rates noticeably decline from there on? these are the only times i believe the drop rates are tweaked, a few days after patch. i really doubt it was a coincidence that every patch just happened to be like that...
WHY EVEN BOTHER TO REPLY ???????. One would think that when you stop and look at page after page after page after page of complains regading diablo 3, BLIZZARD just sits back and laughs,Its very obvious that this game is all about real money being involved after your initial purchase of the game..... Sorry I urchased the game.
Anyone that's not finding much legendaries and is doing higher mp lvls, you should be doing runs on lower levels for more speed and efficiency (unless you just have really good gear). Also, do monster packed areas like the alkizer run (I actually like to add rakikks crossing, but that's just me). And if you're still not finding many legendaries, then you're just unlucky unfortunately. However, nowadays a lot of legs you'll find will only be worth a brimstone, so just finding them isn't necessarily that great.
I feel like I need to have a say in this. Yes I also feel like the drops have been nerfed drastically. We was happy in 1.05. Drops were nice. Lgendary drops were doubled. YAY!. Okay now 1.06. What the INFERNO happened?! I'm not the only one feeling this way. ALOT of people are feeling the effect. Whats up guys? Whats going on up there? Luck is when you find the perfect job. Luck is when you go to the store and hitting the lottery. Luck is when you find your soulmate. This here... is not alll luck. Theres a switch button you guys got back there. LEGENDARY Drops x 2 [On/Off.]
turn that ish back on.

still love you guys though. thank you and have a nice day.
guess what~ i got 4 ivory towers and a stormshield in 2 A3 mp4 runs.. what the f.. i was gonna punch my screen when i see the ivory tower drops

and they are all brimstones
I really don't believe in bad luck. I mean, if that were true. What's the point of Paragon and boosting mf with gear and mp levels?

Whatever the reason for the dearth of legs/sets. The implementation of the RMAH is truly the source of all "evil" in this game. I know Blizz has to make money, but not this way. You satisfy the customer and the money will come without much effort.

Since 1.06 I haven't had a leg/set drop. While prior to that. I had at least one per run (Keeps 1-3, Korsikk, Stonefort and Azmo route). So the blue's statement about bad luck is bull!@#$ for me.
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and another 3 runs a3 mp 8 = 575% mf ... no leg or set...bad luck? crazy? dumb?
can u check if there is something wrong? :) please? not to point that several creeps are invisible and hit me and i can't do anything about that...

Since patch 1.0.6 did not change any of the drop rates I would say what you are experiencing is, unfortunately, simply a bad luck streak. :( I know it can be hard to believe after a very long run of previously great luck, but we truly didn’t lower the drop rates of Legendary items.

That said, our [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/5386229/"]Bug Report[/url] forum would be a great place to post about those invisible monster attacks.

Can you please respond to something useful instead of responding to the same retarded threads over and over again... i mean all i ever see you replying to are threads about drop rates changing even though every answer is RNG whats the point in responding to those threads over and over again if the answer is always the same.

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