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Hello, I am a noob, experimenting and trying to figure things out on my own instead of just copying, so I have stayed out of forums and such for the most part, but I think I found something I like, but would like advice and what to tweak (skills/runes) and where to go from here (gear).

I suspect most people's reaction will be 'dude, teleport-no brainer', but I really don't see a use for it. Please explain if you think its better.

Also, my current build is a little slow on attack per sec. I have a chantodos and different gear to get me to 2.24, but I really don't see any difference in living lightning casting. Would it make a difference in some other way?
What is your intended goal with your wizard? It looks like you're leaning CMWW.
Looks like you're about to "discover" the CM Wizard build on your own. hehe.
I suggest getting arcane power on crit on your gear.
If the looks don't totally turn you off, Storm Crow will be a great upgrade for your helm.
IMO Storm Crow looks baller when you get used to it.

As far as attack speed is concerned, I didn't notice any difference until I hit the 2.73 breakpoint.

Also, a tip: Conflagration works with your Fire Walkers. You could try replacing evocation with it.
I kind of like what I am doing with my wizard now, but I want permafreeze or close to it. I would be nice to spam more explosions as well. I still get killed by that fire infection thing or trapped by the rotating energy lines sometimes.

I don't care about the looks, thanks for the tip.

I do have the Chantodos like I said, and another helmet that gives a total of 20 arcane power on crit, but as I am right now, I am always full anyway, so that isn't an issue unless I changed something. I am using living lightning, so that is a no-cost spell.

What would happen if I hit 2.73 hits per second? Please tell me.
I was thinking about replacing my pants with a pair of Inna's, since it has 1% crit chance and the movement, which would free up the bracer slot for something else. This is assuming there is something better than Lacuni's for bracers.

Is this a good idea, or is there something better for pants?
Is Lacuni's with crit chance worth the much much higher price?

Are there any sets worth getting for their bonuses?
2.73 is a pretty awesome point to get to for "perma"-freezing enemies, if that's what you want to move toward. All whites will be frozen. Most elites will be frozen. Single elites sometimes can be frozen....others can sometimes escape. Ubers are stutter frozen. You'll need twisters to proc CM to refresh cooldowns and APOC to keep AP full....that's keeps diamond shards/explosive blast/frost nova continuously running.

It's a tank build at heart. For the most part, you can teleport into the middle of an elite pack, freeze, and kill them off with explosive blasts and your other skills. At the higher MP's it requires alot of armor and all resist since you will find yourself sitting in the middle of a desicrator/poison pool, or inbetween 3 electrified or reflect damage enemies, or taking hits from arcane beams....all while you keep the enemies frozen. It's the CM/WW or shocknadoshards build, basically.

I am basically running the epitome of the build right now, if you want to check my profile. Add me ingame if you'd like a demonstration. Its pretty cool.

Thanks for that. I will follow your gear recommendations, which will take a week or so to get I think.

I want to keep playing around while collecting some of this gear before I take you up on your offer though.

However, I really don't like WW. I tried it once when I first got the rune, and again just a little while ago, but I didn't feel it crit hit all that much. I get many more crit hits on living lightning, and the thing that really made WW useless to me is sometimes they don't generate where I tell them to. Maybe a bug, or maybe I am doing something wrong, but that is kind of a dealbreaker for me. Why is WW superior?
Its really a pretty complex answer, and I probably can't explain it well enough. The build is really about several things:

1) Its not really about critting so much. As you increase attack speeds the twisters begin to spin faster and faster. Faster spinning means more attacks (or ticks) for that twister.....and you can have multiple twisters (usually 5 or 6 or more). You also have the ability to stack all of your twisters on a single target. This is why hitting the higher breakpoints are important (2.5 to 2.73 to 3.0 etc). So that means when you drop a twister at an attack speed of 2.5, you'll have 33 ticks across the 6s that the Energy Twister is out (5.5 ticks per second). Each tick means a chance for LoH and a chance to crit, which is useful for APoC and reducing skill cooldowns with CM. Just imagine how the math works with multiple twisters!

You are not actually going to see any crits with WW....since they tick so quickly the game just averages the regular damage and crit damage together and it pops on the screen as normal damage.

2) WW itself doesn't do a ton of damage. It's main point is to keep AP full, reset cooldowns, and restore LoH. If your AP is full, you can cast in infinite number of Explosive Blasts for huge damage. You can keep Diamond Shield always refreshed (basically, an extra pool of Hit Points). You can cast (essentially) infinite frost nova's...keeping enemies frozen. Shocking aspect does a ton of damage (tons of twisters, tons of Crits, so tons extra 35% damage).

3) tanking. Need armor and All resist and LoH to handle being in the middle of a mob. Even though most of the time they are frozen, you still have to deal with electrify, reflect damage, and the occasional arcane beam/desicrator/molten/etc that you need to deal with.

Hope this helps.
Hello again,

Well I have been upgrading attack speed, and I have noticed just a slight change with each upgrade. I now have 2.53 I think, and I can now go through Act 3 at monster power 2 no problem. Before I could go through Act 3 but with a few too many deaths, though I have sacrificed a lot of DPS and life. However, I don't know how to proceed to get the 2.73. Could you take a look now? I am thinking to get the Innas next, but that won't bring me to 2.73 I think. Suggestions?
So there is only one move you need to make to get to 2.73, actually. You need a Chant's Will with 1.73 total attack speed, like mine. Yours right now is as slow as they get, I believe, with +0.21 to AS. They go up to +0.25. You can get +5-10 IAS as well. Get whatever combination of +AS and +IAS to get to 1.73 "Attacks per Second" and that should get you perfectly to a 2.73 attack speed. If you can get one with more than 1.73 APS, great. It just gives you more leaway with upgrading your other IAS items (i.e. you get get better gloves that are less expensive with 8 IAS instead of 9.)

math: 2.73=1.58x where x=1.73

A few other things that will help with survivability will be a nice pair of ice climbers (instead of fire walkers....though it will slow you MS) and Blackthorn pants. The pants have LoH and would bring you to a total LoH of over 700.....which would be great. Switching to crystal shell instead of shards will help keep you alive as well. It adds a little damage, but not as much as shocking aspect. Try to keep that up whatever you do....its adds a ton of damage.
Thanks again.

Well, I don't have enough to get a Chantodo with extra IAS. I won't have that much for a while. I have an Andriel's Visage, so I can get 2.80 or so with this. I tried to change my rings and amulet to all be 9% so I could hopefully just squeeze the 2.73 and use the other helm with the LoH, but I am just under at 2.70 or 2.71. So, I just spent the very last of my money getting the Jousting Mail so I could have some LoH again. Actually I had a decent amount on a ring, but I replaced that as well for a little more speed.

I guess I am stuck with the Andriel's for awhile. I think I should get the Witching Hour before I try to get a Chantodo with enough IAS to equal 1.73 as you suggested. Then I can go back to the other helm with the LoH again.

I think I would like to meet with you online a bit to compare our builds, I want to see how the WW is different. Actually, my explosions now cool down fast enough to spam, but the strangest thing is I have to push the button 2, 3, sometimes 4 times before it will retrigger. This irritates me as that kind of defeats the purpose, unless I mash the buttons as rapidly as I am physically able to. Maybe this is a problem with the mapping software I am using to macro 1, 2, and 3 to one button, not sure though.

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