Enhancement : Trading Window

Bug Report
I was a recent victim of a trading scam and yes that second delay to double check your item should be enough, it wasn't in my case.

It was the old switch aroo tactic:

I place gold in trade window, other party places item he said was for sale, I confirm that's the correct item, other trader states, I have the wrong amount of cash in the trade and cancels the trade,

We trade again but this time, he puts the same "graphic" of item in the trade windows, but it's a different item, before I check the item, i confirm and the trade is complete.

I'm wondering if we could possibly put a couple more safe guards in place?

1. Put Comma's in the trade window, so we know if we're talking about 1m, 1k or 1hundred gold

2. Secondly, Once we both hit confirm, could we have a small pop up that shows the item being trade for a 2nd last look to confirm that items being traded and or sold can be confirmed, just so that, that was no last switch aroo due to someone saying something about the trade and then causing a 2nd trade to happen much faster then the 1st.



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