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Burning 3xIMs for a carry is getting a little boring. Anyone capable of doing a decent job in MP7/8 Ubers feel free to add me in-game.

I live in Sydney and I'm usually on 8pm - 12am.

Of course, everyone will contribute 1xIM. If we have 4, whoever finds Waldo in the FoM gets the free ride :)


Check out my new thread guys http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7393179520, you can find everyone that's interested in Uber farming from there now.
107k unbuffed Monk 877 AR.

I have 3 machines and only missing a couple of act II keys from having 3 more.

Add me - Cayzer#6828

My profile hasn't updated by the way.
We'll do some A2 key runs in the mean time then.

Added you in-game.
Add me if you like edzmond#1708 however, won't be on til later tonight (I live in perth).
If you guys need a spare, I'll help out!
Added you both. Hopefully get some good runs in tonight.
I currently have a few IMs and am looking for other people for MP7+ uber runs too. I am also looking for people to do the 1xIM contribution rotation stuff, so I will add you too smoke.
Good runs, get involved ppl!
Good running guys. Many, many crappy HF rings were crafted :)
Haha indeed. Think one guy made a pro one though. I should be on again tonight with 2-3 machines if people wanted to go again.
I'll be out most of today, but will probably get a couple hours later tonight too.
Was a lot of fun doing runs last night. We smashed MP8 pretty quick.

Watch out for smokeeblade though - he always finds Waldo first!

I'll try make some more machines today tinman if you're keen later.
106k unbuffed WW barb LFG - have 2 machines

Added you Rival.
If anyone is needed i'm up to 155k unbuffed dps now. I have no machines currently though. If anyone even wants to just go key hunting that'd be awesome.
Add me in the run =)

I love the idea of everyone contributing ..

I'm interested in this =D

200KDPS DH, I have around 6 IM as well...

Just to show off :)

Just to show off :)


Nice! Not trifecta, but getting there! Massive crit.
nisbne15#6601 ill add u tonight

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