Guess how much the DH above you is worth

Demon Hunter
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Around 547 gold. Nice pants and rings!
I think those gears are worth 700m~900m O_O
nice gear 900m + atleast
awesome main hand

btw i play on EU accs..

thats my DH :)
@Sharnor: i think your gear is well over 1 billion.
Someone put a value on my Demon Hunter. :D
@Thrawn nice hand crossbow. 15 gold?
@blinkhme: not sure about the ring....looks very expensive! i would put the whole set around 500-600m?

think 200m+

think 200m+

um...the manti alone costs around that lol




way higher than that bro :)

Everything is so cheap now...



You have some nicely rolled stuff.

700 mil or so
Interested to see what you guys think about mine, lol
Pay attention to the stats though! I'm a hybrid.
250-300m? :D

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