Will D3 run well on a 2006-07 Mac Pro

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Thinking of buying a used Mac Pro, quad core 2.6 or so, will this be ok for the game?
I have a 2006 Macbook Pro, and it cannot run the game due to the graphics card in it.
Can run games like WoW and such...but just unable to even install D3.
Would be best to upgrade that, or just get one that is at least a 2009 model.
The OP said Mac Pro, not Macbook Pro. Yes, Diablo 3 will run just fine on your Mac Pro. You and I have the exact same machine. You will need an AMD 5770 or 5870 video card, as well as at least 4 GB RAM to play, but it should work great.

I recommend the 5870 if you can get one for a decent price - it's about twice as powerful as the 5770, however the 5770 is no slouch either (for its time that is) and is much cheaper. I also recommend getting at least 6 GB RAM to give yourself lots of breathing room, as well as running Diablo 3 from an SSD to minimize any stuttering.

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