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Demon Hunter
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12/04/2012 09:29 AMPosted by Hifonics
Changed the gem in your helm and I suggest shoulders. Vile wards with vit. If your looking for dmg, you will get the most out of a better amulet

this is my MF setup for fast mp2 clears.... rather play at max MF than grind our paragon levels in the little playing time i have each evening :P

plus i have a full gear swap to farm keys and fight ubers at mp7.

i dunno if you have prob with dyeing but you could swap your strong arms for ones with 80 all resist opposed to 80 vitality.
@ hmk21

I am working on better bracers soon, but atm I don't die in MP9 ubers. Having 60k health is nice but while doing ubers I sometimes get myself to 75k HP and roughly 400AR. The items I'm looking for most is a very nice amulet and a nice nats ring. Both would give me a nice DPS buff. Currently, I feel my DPS is too low until I get lucky and get a nice 1300+dmg manticore with 2 OS.

I used to be a 290ish mf DH before paragon levels and was at 68kdps unbuffed and I noticed that MF sucks if your not killling things fast enough. By that I mean elites die in no more than 10 seconds. Now you get more experience and MF the higher the MP so better DPS/Survival gear easily is more useful than MF gear. You will level faster and Get more/better loot.

Also When MP came out, I was max MF that day and everyone I played with got more and better legendaries than I did and all I got was more 63s due to mf allowing me to get more rares and therefore more 63s.

Also RNG hates me so I stopped caring about MF. All that matters now is leveling and the gear will eventually drop.

As per my opinion on your gear, if your dieing on MP7 Ubers or anything higher it's because your HP is very low. No one can be under 40k HP anymore and avoid dieing on the higher MP lvls. It is definitely worth it buying gear with vitality as there's no diminishing returns there. As a DH once you hit 60% on Dmg reduction from resistance and armor and get some melee reduction as well, then your pretty much set to just focus on DPS and Vit. Just making sure to stay at around 60%. (I'm not at 60% yet and I feel pretty tanky. Can do MP10 Ubers as well.)
post- will edit with upgrade advice
@ nooby

I'd say upgrade your belt with either a innas or WH
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@ nooby

I'd say upgrade your belt with either a innas or WH

im thinking of witching hour too!

can i get stats of an upgrade for 48m?

something i can search for of course, but if its a deal on ah then id do a lil research and go fr it

edit: thanks
You should be able to get a WH for 48 or less. Try to get vit if u can but if not. Get 9as and as much CD as u can. Happy hunting :)

Gear is pretty nice, i would get a better ammy, one with average damage. also would ditch the strong arm bracers but thats just my preference. maybe lacunis if u could work them in. also u could get an andariels with lower fire damage or get a mempho if u can afford.
@JJAY - Your gear is obviously great. So let me just say that I wonder how Loaded For Bear does with Steady Aim: One encourages you to be relatively close and the other encourages you to be relatively far away.

As for myself - can anyone suggest a relatively cheap upgrade? I alternate between a pretty good (40avg dam, 247DEX, 4.5CC) Unity and the SoJ.
get a soj with the skill u use
perhaps Bracer with Attack speed and and Crit

Any suggestions on mine? :S
gloves with higher dex and amulet with crit chance instead of attack speed. also i want to get lacunis but im trying to keep my unbuffed ehp around 400k so i gotta work some stuff around
Ice climbers :P
Upgrade to a Calamity.

Unless your willing to give up all res your next I would upgrade would be a nats mark with cc or cd.
Gloves with more dex and stronger crit / cd
seeyle consider strongarms or upgrading amulet?
12/04/2012 06:19 PMPosted by Snifflets
seeyle consider strongarms or upgrading amulet?

Glove for more CD or up your Manticore gems?

I'd say an Inna's Temperance with Vitality.
Upgrade all gems.

Edit: The DH I currently use is my softcore one.
It may not show my actual setup (I have my magic find pants/bracers on), but any advice would be appreciated

@roo, you should look into getting different bracers with a little bit more crit chance on them (if they're not ridiculously overpriced), and a natty's sight with some all resist and/or crit chance wouldn't hurt either
@ Yaners

Yea your MF gear is still showing.

I would go for a Mempo with a socket (and crit of course if you can get a deal).

Cheaper option:
I would try and get more dex on your cloak since that's what the new Nat's Set is about.

I would also upgrade that last gem in your Manticore.

What about me?
I use my softcore DH.

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