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Demon Hunter
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Where is the to go with your gear? Hmmm only minor improvements can be made at costly prices, I suppose. Next? You seem to have a pretty good balance, so it's hard to say. Easiest suggestion (but not easiest executed)? Higher DPS Manticore? Or adding (somehow) average damage to your ring and amulet?

Good toon! Can't really critique you much!
@Aetherhole - very hard to find what piece of your gear should be replaced but can see you need more vit/all res. Your dmg is quite high so you may replace some dex gems with vit ones on your chest? Guess that nice trifecta ring may be replaced with similar one plus vit?

I know I need more crit chance and want pick up radius, wanting Ice climbers but not really shore what should be my next upgrade.
I guess I maybe had rushed the Inna's a little bit. I just bought those rings yesterday one for 60 mil the other for 80 mil. Maybe my profile hasn't updated yet? I also upgraded my manticore. I have another 300mil or so sitting in the bank. I got a nats ring as well as some rare ring and they are both As, CD, and CC. I also bought new gloves. I may or may not have gotten an amulet i don't remember. I also upgraded my helm to one very similar except for a socket. Hopefully this will update today.
I don't know what your resists stands at, but I would recommend you more vit, maybe on the vile ward or the embrace since your HP is kind of low.
need suggestions
Thats not how it works..
^upgrade the emeralds
12/05/2012 12:51 PMPosted by Demigod
^upgrade the emeralds

You should take your own advice! :D

Also, BOW.

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@ Demigod ^ i'd try to upgrade those pants. You're losing a lot of dex/vit gem space with no sockets.
@MadRussian - I'd either upgrade gloves to something with both CC and CD or the andy's helm to something with a socket.
@Oracle - New gem in mempo, nat's ring, gloves!
Shark I have no idea, your gear is decked.

@Oracle - Nice Calamity!
@One, you need gear. Any gear!
@reesh..and a little bit of AR dude...and u'll be up..
Me, please?

Either new DML or shoulders

I'd look for a Manticore with some combination of higher DPS, two sockets, and/or life on hit.

To whoever suggests an upgrade for me: I'm looking for the Manticore already. :) Any other suggestions?
@Vanadin Get better gloves and upgrade your gems.
Couldn't find anything, you should be in the DH hall of fame
(maybe get more armor on gear)
Get a Windy with a socket or pre rolled CD. Maybe a manti, they are pretty cheap these days and it will up your damage a lot.

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