New to Diablo, what exactly do I do now?

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my suggestion... do what all the cool kids are doing now

roll a wiz,witch doctor, or Demon hunter

RMAH best in slot gear

cry endlessly on forums about reflect dmg and how you think its bugged

this will make you fit in JUST FINE
Everything you need to know about MF is there:

tldr: it helps, but the most important thing is speed at which you kill mobs.
What i expected from D3:

A cool story to get immersed in.
Fun characters to fully gear up and smash head in with.
Followers to fully equip and let them kick some !@#
Find stuff to craft with or upgrade.
A fun Gemming system where you can make some crazy fun combinations with
A random questing system where i get told to do some stuff whenever i load a new game at 60 for a fun reward.
Try out different stuff on different chars, lets see those awsome skills.
Maybe i can sell an item for €5,- or so, ill be happy.
Fill those sockets, this surely must been upgraded since D2 with lots of fun and powerfull options.

instead what i got.

Meaningless lvling to lvl 60
Log in, run your grind route.
Log out with 250K more gold.
Drool over the AH at those 2B items where i can never ever get the gold for.
Walk away from the PC.
Magic find is very important. You will not see much of a difference until you hit 250 MF, Either on gear or in combination with Nef power. Once you get a combined MF of 400+ you will likely stop picking up Rares and only work for Legendary.

Do the numbers and you will see proof that MF is critical for the success of find and selling good gear.

If you think you will ever see Legendary nirvana you are playing the wrong game, but if you don't have a healthy stack of MF, kiss the hope of finding your own upgrades goodbye.
Finding more and better magic items is critical to overcoming challenges and defeating enemies in Diablo III, particularly on higher difficulties. Magic find is a unique item property that can help you drastically improve your haul. It is tracked in the Inventory menu (Inventory > Details > Adventure).

But what does that really mean?

Magic find affects the quality of items you acquire from killing enemies (but not treasure chests, vases, weapon racks, or other environmental objects). It doesn’t give you a chance to get more items on a given kill – instead, it increases the chance that an item you find will be magical, and more potent than it would be otherwise.

When a monster drops an item, Diablo III randomly determines the item’s quality from a chart that includes item quality and the number of affixes present. The game randomly "rolls" on each property in the chart to determine which affixes your item will get. Your magic find score is applied as a bonus to these rolls.

For example, if a monster has a 4% chance to drop a 6-affix rare item and you have +50% magic find, it now has a 6% chance to drop that item.

Item quality is checked in the following order:

6-affix rare
5-affix rare
4-affix rare
2-affix rare
1-affix rare
magic item
Using the above example, when your roll ‘misses’ a higher-level item quality, the item generator proceeds to the next lowest item quality in the chain (in this case, checking to see if you got a 6-affix rare, then checking for a 5-affix rare, and so on). Your magic find bonus applies to each roll. If the same monster has a 10% chance to drop a 5-affix rare item and you have 50% magic find, you now have a 15% chance to get a 5-affix rare item.

Thank you very much for this information
dont be in a hurry. servers never up. take time to read about whatever no problem.
I've got a Witch Doctor I'm levelling up which is about in the same place as you are.

Add me ingame and I'll help you out with whatever you need. I remember when I was about your level and experience and someone did the same to me, so I always like to return the favour wherever possible.
Add up great and reliable AND honorable friends to play with

Avoid accidentally saying personal or in-game chats to the "General Chat line" or else, you will never hear the end of it!! (So much sarcasmsssss, so little time when that happens!)

Gear up for mpLeveling

Invest on ruby's and plans for making better ruby gems (for leveling)

Get a good helm/s with socket while we're at it

Fair share - when opening realm-portals with friends
Initially, difficult's up to hell were too easy... inferno act II started to get tough and from act III on you had to be well prepared.
Now, with the monster power stuff, you can literally control how strong the monsters will be... if you go with monster power 0, you can finish even inferno with self-found items only and avoid completely the AH.
People are too much concerned about "efficiency" these days... for them that translates into: farming the highest possible MP level, at the highest populated areas with the highest possible mf gear and at the highest possible speed...
For me, this is just a game... you are supposed to have fun with it, or its not working as expected... all the rest are details.
Inferno-ready (MP0)

Basic stuff

30-40k DPS is enough
Min. 30k HP recommended
All res and armor - depending on class - prefered above 400AR/ 3000A


HP comfort: life regen + LOH (combined value over 2k)
Movement speed: 12% (24% if possible)

//get dps with main stat, crit chance (gloves, amu, off-hand), crit dmg (weapon)
//1h weapon 800+ DPS, socket, 200+ main stat is enough
//fastest ways for life regen: rare chests - 500+, Vile Ward - 300+
//for loh: weapon, amu - get only if not overpriced
//HP uppers: pants (250+ vit)

Grind-ready (AIII MP0 - AI-III MP1)

Raise DPS above 50k (main stat, crit and ias)
Damage mitigation to comfort level (700AR, 40k HP, more regen/LOH)
Ruby gem - socket helm for exp


Further upgrades are class and build specific. Next target is usually 100k DPS. From that point Life Steal replaces LOH.
New to the Diablo universe? Follow these essential steps:
1) Return D3 if you have it
2) Play D1
3) Play D2 + Expansion
4) Don't buy D3, as it is not truly Diablo 3, since it deviates from the previous games in writing quality, atmosphere, music, dialogue quality, custom chat channels & moderation, pvp, player limits, ladder, custom games, freedom-to-travel-about-acts-and-areas, etc.
Once you lvl to 60 and go into inferno, you gotta first see if you can easily kill stuff with monster power 0, if you can, start upping the MP until you find one that's difficult, but doable. After that, i recommend farming act 3 in mp0 or mp1 at least. This is because once your dps and durability is high enough, the kill rate in these levels will net you with more yellow drops and experience.

The point of finding what monster power level is appropriated for you is because keys have increased chance of dropping of the key wardens in higher monster power levels and farming keys is much more effective at high mp values. Once you got 3 keys of each type AND the plan from the act 4 warden to craft the portal devices you can open up portals for the uber bosses in act 1. There you fight 3 pairs of bosses for a chance at organs. You need 1 organ of each type for the hellfire ring. That ring's gonna help you a ton for experience because it gives you +35% XP.

Lastly i also recomend running around with the biggest red gem you can afford/get in yur helmet. The XP boost in it goes a long way for those 100 paragon lvls you need to grind.

Happy hunting!
If you're gonna continue using that !@#$ing double WW build might I suggest you invest in a wrist brace and some carpel tunnel meds.
alkazier runs
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Leave before is too late.

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